Best PHP Online Compilers

PHP language is trending in the programming world these days as it is very easy to learn and code. If you want to code in PHP, you will need some good compilers to help you write, debug, and execute codes in PHP. If you want to learn about good PHP online compilers, this article is surely a treat for you.

PHP is mainly a scripting language executed in a server mainly used for web development. If you don’t want to install any compiler on your PC, you can surf for any of these online compilers for PHP.  

PHP Online Compilers

Here is the list of some best online PHP compilers. is an online dark-themed compiler and an editor that can translate PHP programming Language into machine language. You can customize everything in the compiler as per your needs except the config. files. Moreover, it is also a text editor having professional hacking features. These are some features of the compiler:

  • provides its users with teletype services so they can collaborate with each other. Multiple users can interact and share knowledge by using this platform.
  • GitHub is directly attached to the text editor of’s toolbox. It has GitHub packages combined with editors making programmers’ work easier.
  • With the editor’s help, programmers can merge new conflicts and develop new branches, stages, and view pull requests.
  • The compiler has a find and search facility to help users look for any specific thing in their code.
  • You can achieve cross-platform editing by using this compiler.
  • You can also replace the text in this compiler.
  • It gives you adjustable theme modes, i.e., dark and light so that you can change them according to your choice.

To work on, you just need to sign in, change its language to PHP, and start your coding. You have to click on the link below to sign in to the compiler.

AWS Cloud 9

AWS is an IDE sponsored by cloud 9, which can be used for writing, creating, editing, and debugging codes. It is an online compiler used to interpret PHP programming language. It is a strong-featured compiler and IDE. The compiler consists of a browser-based featured editor. The compiler assists the programmers in coding faster and quicker without errors. It has some strong packaged libraries for full code completion. 

You can fully customize the look of your compiler as per your will. The drag and drop action allows you to alter the panels in any direction. It facilitates its users with integrated debuggers used for breakpoints and inspecting variables of other languages like Python, Java, C/C++, etc.

You need to sign in to the software by clicking on the link given below.

Now, follow the steps to start your journey on AWS Cloud 9 as a PHP coder. 

  • Firstly, create an account on AWS Cloud 9 to get started.
  • Then, set up your cloud 9 after selecting your required usage patterns.
  • Now, you need to form a cloud 9 environment in AWS.
  • At last, you need to set your language to PHP.
  • Finally, you can start coding your PHP program. 
  • You can also watch the basic tutorial it provides to know how to work on this compiler.


W3schools is an online compiler that can help you to edit and compile the PHP code and execute the output to the browser. You can also try writing the code on the compiler to test your skills. 

The picture mentioned above shows how it is displayed on the screen. The white screen on the left of the compiler can be edited, but the black window on the right side is not editable as it shows the output of the code. If you work on the compiler through your mobile phones, you can change the screen’s layout to horizontal or vertical. 

You can also change the compiler’s theme to dark mode. The website also provides beginners with a free tutorial to help them learn how it works. The compiler is unpaid and offers free courses related to programming languages like Java, Python, C/C++, PHP, etc. You can sign in to your account on the website and become a user of the compiler.

You can visit the website by clicking on the given link.


Another free and magical compiler that backs PHP language is One Compiler. One compiler’s most significant feature is that it supports more than 60 programming languages. You can use this compiler to run, execute, edit and even share your programs to different websites or blogs. The sharing feature makes it more flexible for the users. It is one of the features-enriched compilers operational to the most advanced version 7 of the PHP language. This compiler is prompt and relatively easy to use. Its website also provides a PHP syntax for beginners, so you can take help from there and excel in the programming world. Following are the main features of the One compiler.

  • It is a free-of-cost online compiler.
  • It consists of a toolbox used to make collaborative and potent websites and web pages.
  • Its language is similar to the C language.
  • Its PHP code can be embedded with HTML, and also it can be combined with many other databases like MySQL, Oracle, Informix, etc.

Just choose your programming language as PHP on it and get started with your work.

You can click below to have access to the One compiler’s website.


Yet another free dark-themed online compiler is Rextester which supports over 50 programming languages. Like the installed compilers, you can run your code on it by pressing the F8 key and can also save the program to your PC. The compiler’s layout is also changeable to a vertical or horizontal position. The users who are clients of this compiler can even perform live collaboration, but for that, you need to have a paid membership. 

Furthermore, you can also change the theme of the compiler to a light mode or let it remain the same. The compiler has the best privacy policies as your data is fully secured, and no third party can access it without your permission. 

You can log in to the compiler and become part of the Rextester family by clicking the link below. 


The above-mentioned list of compilers provides details about the best online PHP compilers. I hope the article will prove helpful for PHP coders. By clicking on the links, you can visit the online PHP compilers. So, let’s get our fingers crossed and hope these PHP Compilers bring ease to your coding life. Don’t forget to give your precious feedback in the comment section.