Best Programming Languages For Automation

There are numerous programming languages available for programmers to use. Some of these are frequently used, while some are not at all used. 

This article will talk about the best programming languages for automation. 


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Python is one of the major programming languages available. It is a non-proprietary programming language used for test automation, machine learning, etc. It is a high-level language which indicates that it is easy to learn and understand. 

Python is highly popular amongst programmers and hence received a 73.1 vote in a survey conducted in 2019. 

Why should Python be used?

As mentioned before, Python is a high-level language that can quickly be learned and understood. Python’s syntax is no different from the English language, making it easier for programmers to grasp what they are writing. Due to its simple syntax, beginners are advised to use Python. 

Moreover, it executes the codes one by one, which means that even if a single code is not correct, it will tell the programmer then and save the programmer’s time. 

When using Python, programmers do not have to worry about naming their variables and data types as it is done automatically. 

The most important thing about Python is that it is free of cost, so it can easily be downloaded and used. 

Disadvantages of Python

As it finds errors in every code written and assigns the variables itself – Python can be very slow. Therefore, in cases where a process needs to be sped up, Python is not very ideal. 

Python does not save up much memory – it uses a lot of memory, due to which while making applications in which memory optimization is needed, Python does not do a good job. 


Python is an easy-to-use programming language with various other advantages. Beginners or professionals can use it with ease. 

While it does have some disadvantages – they are not significant problems. This is the reason Python was declared one of Google’s primary programming languages. 


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Java is one of the most popular programming languages in today’s time. Programmers have been using Java for more than two decades now, and many programmers have stated that it is one of the most efficient programming languages. 

Many high-end businesses use Java. Approximately 3 Billion devices are running on applications built by using Java.

Here are some java’s projects 

Pros of using Java

Java is straightforward to learn and write. Therefore, it is easy for programmers to use it without any trouble. It enables you to make reusable codes and standard programs. 

Java does not require any software to work – it can work on any device that has JVM installed. Java is a highly secure programming language as it has a built-in security manager. 

Java is excellent for memory optimization. It consists of two different parts of memory; heap and stack. Every time a variable is declared, JVM helps free up some memory. 

Cons of using Java

One of the most significant flaws in Java is that it is prolonged. It uses a garbage collector, due to which a lot of CPU time is taken up, slowing down the process. 

Java does not back up the data and instead focuses on storing the data. This is the reason why many programmers do not like Java as much. 

The codes used in Java are usually very lengthy and complex, due to which it isn’t easy to read them. 


Java has numerous advantages and disadvantages. However, even with all these disadvantages, it is one of the most used programming languages. For the last three years, Java has been on the first number on the TIOBE index. It is recommended that beginners start working by using Java. 


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JavaScript is a highly recognized programming language for automation tests. It is widely used by high-end companies for their websites. 

Programmers like to use JavaScript along with selenium for automation tests. Let us discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using JavaScript.


As JavaScript runs independently and does not require any other software – it works extremely fast. It is never slowed down because of other software. Also, for JavaScript, you do not have to compile the code before running it as it used Just In Time compilation. 

Just like Java’s syntax, JavaScript’s syntax is easy to learn and write. Moreover, as it is extremely popular, JavaScript can be learned with ease over the internet. 

JavaScript is not limited to specific web pages or applications; instead it can be used for any web page and application. 


JavaScript can be exploited for malicious purposes; due to this, users try not to use it and completely delete it from their computers. 

Sometimes different browsers, transcribe JavaScript code differently. Now, this is not a big issue until and unless you start testing all popular browsers. 


By reading about JavaScript, we can conclude that JavaScript, along with its advantages, has some disadvantages, and due to this reason solely before making the decision of using JavaScript, users should deduce why they are using it and then make the decision. 

C# or C-sharp


C sharp is created and distributed by Microsoft. In the field of test automation, it is one of the most popular programming languages. It is widely used and recognized for test automation, web development and etc. It is suited better for applications that run on Android, Windows, and IOS. 

Properties of C sharp

C sharp is considered to be a modern programming language that is easy to use and learn. While C sharp was created only for Windows with time, it is being used to develop software and applications for android and iOS. 

Features of C sharp

  • It has a fast speed
  • It is Object-oriented
  • It is Type-safe
  • It can be updated with ease. 
  • It has a rich library and is component-oriented

Pros of using C sharp

One of the biggest advantages of using C sharp is that it allows you to write reusable codes and allows you to maintain them easily. 

C sharp provides you with a built in cleaner – it collects and deletes all the data which is not needed. This does not slow down the computer and makes sure that the program runs smoothly. 

C sharp has a wide range of libraries that allow users to easily run the functions available in the program. It can be safely run and is also cost-effective – benefiting the programmer greatly. 


C sharp is a widely-used programming language with numerous advantages. Game developers all around the globe use C sharp to program their games. 

It provides programmers with some extraordinary features due to which programmers enjoy using C sharp. 


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PHP is widely used to develop web pages. In recent times however, it is gaining representation in automation tests as well. 

Unlike other programming languages, PHP is very easy to use, and hence everyone who is starting programming or is in the learning process is recommended to use PHP. 

Advantages of PHP

PHP is an extremely easy coding language that can be learnt and understood by programmers in no time. While it does sometimes require programmers to write long codes, it can easily be understood. 

As numerous people support PHP, any bugs found in it are fixed immediately. Thus programmers do not have to worry about bugs. 

PHP has a suitable security protocol due to which prevents any suspicious error and saves your computer from hacking or cracking. 

Is PHP preferred

PHP is an extremely popular programming language and is widely used to make applications, webpages, and automation tests. While the language has various advantages, it also comes with disadvantages. 

However, it is widely used as it is affordable, easy to use, and has reasonable security measures despite its disadvantages. Therefore, using PHP for automation tests is a good option. 


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Another popular programming language used for test automation is Ruby. Ruby is non-proprietary and is very easy to use; it is a high-level language. 

The coding used in Ruby can easily be learned and can be used with ease as well. Ruby’s popularity is increasing every day, making it one of the most popular programming languages. It is used to build various applications and is used for automation tests widely. 

Why should you choose Ruby?

Improvement can be seen in Ruby with every update. Each time the programming language is updated, you will notice that it has been enhanced and is working faster. 

The codes used in Ruby are very simple and quickly written and understood. This helps programmers save a lot of time as they do not have to put in much effort to remember the codes. 

Also, Ruby is a free programming language, and this means users do not have to spend any money in order to use it.

Should Ruby be used?

Ruby is an extremely popular programming language that keeps on upgrading from time to time. It helps programmers create software and carry out automation tests. It is provided to its users free of costs adding to the benefits. Therefore, Ruby is a good choice of programming language for automation tests. 

Criteria to find the best programming language for automation tests.

While choosing a programming language for automation tests, make sure it is a high-level language so that it is easy for you to run. Moreover, a high-level language will save your time on coding.

Make sure that the test case translation is easy and straightforward. Also, the code shouldn’t be too long so that you can easily maintain it. 

Also, ensure that the language has a powerful command line and has off-the-shelf packages available. 

Make sure that your programming language consists of a built-in integration. This will help you with tests and report results. 

Also, ensure that the programming language has IDE Support and is popular amongst other developers. If it is famous, it will be updated regularly, and you will get to take advantage of new features!

Keep all of these in mind while choosing a programming language!

To wrap it up!

In this article, we have tried to tell you about some of the best programming languages available for automation. While we could not list down all the programming languages for you, we choose to tell you about the most popular ones. 

By reading this article, you can easily find the most suitable programming language for you and if you still are not satisfied. Look for a programming language based on the criteria we have provided for you. 

Have fun running your automation test!