14 Best Programming Languages to Create Games

Programming languages are complicated languages that can be used to get different outputs through various directions and rules. Thousands of different programming languages exist and many others are created almost every year.

What is the use of programming languages?

Programming languages have a crucial role in developing the web and letting people interact with each other online.

Some functions of programming languages are:

  1. Programming languages can be used to develop applications on mobile phones.
  2. They are used to make web applications.
  3. They are used to write efficient programs.
  4. They are used to create something for entertainment such as games.
  5. Programming is used to measure, interpret and process data, variables, and other information.

Programming languages that can be leveraged to develop a game

Programming languages are used to make games on servers as well as mobile phones. Following are some of the languages most commonly used in the making of these games:

1. C++

C++ is one of the most commonly used languages in the making of games. If you’re planning to create games in the future, learning this language would be very helpful for you in your path. C++ is a very high-level language that is most often used in huge console and window games.

This language uses the concept of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) with its predecessor C. If you want to be part of big gaming companies, it is crucial for you to have a good grip on this language.

With this language, you can be quick. Its compilers and optimizers are solid and you will have a lot of command on the management of its memory.

C++ is great for designing and powering complicated graphics. While learning this language, you can find thousands of online resources that can be useful.

One much-needed thing in the programming of games is quick running time. C++ provides just that as it has the power to control low-level components of the system.

Though it may not be the easiest language to learn, learning it will certainly bring many rewards. Most of the advanced games people play are made by C++ codes. Xbox and PlayStation games use this language.

Games made through this programming language are simple to distribute on different platforms.

If you see yourself developing these games in the future, this language is essential to learn as it will teach you the fundamentals and make it easier for you to learn object-oriented languages such as C#.

Games built using C++

The following are some of the games built using this programming language:

2. C#

The biggest advantage of C# is in its XNA Framework. It provides the important runtime components so the game can be executed efficiently on Windows or Xbox.

It is considered one of the best languages used for programming. A good grasp of the concepts of C++ would take you a long way if you’re planning to learn C#. Many people interested in programming think of this language as their first choice because it is extremely convenient to use.

Unity3D, one of the absolute best gaming engines in the industry is supported by C#. In Unity, the core is C++, and C# is the language used for coding. In this regard, a piece of prior knowledge about C++ would prove to be very helpful.

There is no extra struggle to build any kind of architecture in games if you’re using C# and for this reason, it should be your first choice!

Games built using C#

The following are some of the games built using this programming language:

3. Cg

Cg stands for C for Graphics. This language is developed by Microsoft in collaboration with the famous GPU manufacturer. It is a high-level shading language that is used to program graphics and brings about shading effects.

This language is based on C programming and has many similar elements. Right now, this language is not highly recommended because no other updates or changes will be made.

However, if you work with GPU programming and want to learn how to tackle complicated issues, you should still explore this language and learn about it to some extent.

Games built using Cg

The following are some of the games made using this programming language:

4. ActionScript

This language is essential for an object-oriented approach to programming. It is used for games on systems that include iPhone, Adobe Air, Blackberry, and others.

ActionScript is developed by Macromedia Inc and was made based on JavaScript. This language has been used to make any flash game that you know about.

Games built using ActionScript

The following are some examples of flash games sites made using ActionScript:

5. Java

Java is an object-oriented programming language that is class-based. It is a very common language because multithreading is supported by it. When heavy processes are running, Java doesn’t block a person out because it uses minimum memory.

Games made through Java are much more simple to distribute because it works on a virtual machine. If you take this path and learn Java, there will be many different opportunities for you to take.

Games built using Java

Angry Birds is a famous game made with the use of Java.

6. Lua

Lua is a light-weight but high-level programming language. It is a multi-paradigm and was created mainly to be embedded in different applications. It is very easy to embed it in applications because it has a simple C API.

Lua is constantly becoming big in the world of gaming. It is easy in its rules, language structure, and syntax which is a big reason why has started to be considered one of the absolute best languages for programming.

Games built using Lua

The following are some games made using Lua as the programming language:

7. Clipper

Clipper is a programming language mostly used to make or extend software programs that initially worked under MS-DOM. It is used for programming’s overall purpose.

Programming games can include a lot of complicated problems of calculations. Clipper became famous because it was efficiently used to solve these complex issues.

Games built using Clipper

The games built using Clipper are given below:

8. Python

If you’re looking for a straightforward but well-rounded language to master, Python should be your first pick! Python offers matured and completely developed OOP (Object Oriented Programming) to its developers.

Python is starting to be recognized as one of the best languages to develop games because it allows users to prototype their games at a great speed.

Games built using Python

Some of the famous games built using Python include:

9. Unreal Script

Unreal Script is one of the biggest and best programming languages of the previous decade. All the major platforms for gaming are supported by Unreal Script.

It merges complicated features such as Object-Oriented Programming and multiple inheritances. If you’re planning to make your games on gaming engines such as Unreal Engine, mastering this language would be the best thing to do!

Games built using Unreal Script

Some famous games made with the use of Unreal Script are:

10. Papyrus

Papyrus is a language used for scripting for the Creation Engine. It is one of the most recently developed languages. It employs some upper-level techniques in programming. These techniques include variables, functions, objects, and others.

If you’re planning to use Creation Engine to develop games in the future, learning the concepts used in Papyrus will help you a lot!

Games built using Papyrus

The following are some games that run on this game engine:

11. AMPL (A Mathematical Programming Language)

AMPL stands for A Mathematical Programming Language. Just like its name suggests, this language was established as an algebraic modeling language.

This language gives its users the capability to solve optimization and scheduling-related issues on a large scale. Users can program in various patterns. These include linear, non-linear, quadratic, and other types of programming.

Games built using AMPL

The following are games built using AMPL:

12. HTML 5

HTML 5 is one of the most used languages used for programming games. A lot of the games played on mobile are built using this language. By merging both JavaScript and HTML 5, you can easily make extremely advanced and revolutionary games.

Using this language does not require vast theoretical knowledge of data and variables. This is a big reason why people have started to use it more and more.

Games built using HTML 5

Games made using HTML 5 are given below:

13. Squirrel

Squirrel is an important, high-level with OOP capabilities. It is also one of the programming languages made most recently.

It was developed to be a lightweight language used for scripting. It fits the size and memory requirements of many applications. It is used to solve issues in real-time that require massive levels of bandwidth.

Games built using Squirrel

Given below are games made using Squirrel as the programming language:

14. Objective C

For games with an iOS platform, Objective C is the perfect programming language. It merges the syntax of Smalltalk and C and gives suitable solutions and ways to make games for iOS.

For quicker rendering time, it provides its users the capability to program using an Object-Oriented approach. If you want to learn a programming language that is easy to understand, this should be your choice even though it is not appropriate for many modern games.


As time progresses, new programming languages are constantly being introduced. As the languages keep getting updated, some previous ones are slowly forgotten because of other replacements. When planning to learn one or more of these languages, it is essential for you to do your research and choose those that will best fit your requirements.

Certain programming languages are better to be used for mobile phones, others to be used for servers. Choosing the one that suits you best will play a great role in your success in it in the future.

1) Best programming languages used to develop smaller mobile games

Though C++ is one of the best and most commonly used languages available today, it may seem difficult for beginners to learn. People start to feel intimidated by it and decide to leave learning it in the middle and choose an easier one.

Simpler languages such as Visual Basic exist for people looking for an easy route. Other languages like Java and C# can also be used to make small console games.

If you don’t mind syntax and punctuation and are looking for an Object-Oriented language to learn that is easier than C++, Objective C is possibly what you’ll be interested in. Mostly, Objective C is used to create games for iOS.

To create games on an Android, learning Java is your best bet.

2) Best programming languages used to develop games on servers

Bigger and heavier games need better server components. Programming languages such as Java and C# are good for making games run quicker on different servers but this might cause an effect on the performance.

Knowledge of many different programming languages will prove to be extremely helpful in your programming journey. Knowing Java and C++ will be worth a great deal. Strengths and shortcomings are part of every language that exists.

Java is one of the best when it comes to programming for games on servers. This is because it was created to be efficient and simple in its rules.

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