Top 6 Best RGB Keyboards for Gamers In 2021

It can be readily said that;

The desktop or RGB keyboard is one of the most vital aspects of any gaming arsenal, which is the reason you need to take a bit of time in investing in the right one

There is no doubt that RGB-proof keyboards are becoming a necessity for gamers worldwide. Besides adding aesthetics to your overall setup, they offer a tactile feel and extensive responsiveness, making or breaking any online gaming session.

So, if you are ready to blast your competition, then you definitely want to get yourself an RGB mechanical keyboard. Now just like any other gaming accessory, choosing a quality RGB keyboard might not be easy as it sounds.

Our top picks RGB keyboards for gaming-

Best RGB keyboard for gaming
Steel Series Apex
RGB keyboard for gaming
Corsair K95 RGB keyboard
RGB for gaming
Razer Huntsman Elite

There are a couple of things that you need to consider, such as build quality, performance, color customization, and the overall budget. These aspects can get a bit confusing for a general consumer. That’s why we bring you our list of top 5 RGB gaming keyboards that you can get your hands on in 2021.

These RGB keyboards are some of the best in the market and can get you the desired results. So, let’s get into reviewing them!

1)  SteelSeries Apex Pro

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  • It’s equipped with full-key customization
  • Easy access to a multi-functional OLED screen
  • One-click mute feature within the volume dial
  • Built-from Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy
  • It comes with a palm support

Starting at the number one spot, we have the Apex Pro from SteelSeries. It is currently the overall best RGB keyboard on our list. If you’re serious about your gaming and want a premium product that can deliver optimal results, you can’t go wrong picking the SteelSeries Apex Pro.

It is paired with ergonomically stable switches, top-tier RGB lightning, and industry-standard palm support that is extremely hard to find these days. Being priced under $200, you can expect some serious performance out of this beast!


The majority of RGB mechanical keyboards are pretty hefty with their construction which makes gaming a bit inconvenient. However, that’s not the case with the SteelSeries Apex Pro.

It features an ergonomics design that is well laid off with key switches to get ample room to rest your palm on. Its compact aesthetics also means that its travel distance will be far superior as compared to competitors.

One of the things I personally like about this product is the fact that it is compatible with a small OLED screen switch. This button will help you instantly navigate between the settings as well as adjust the volume dial.

Besides that, this feature also allows you to adapt RGB without ever opening the settings on your system.

RGB Customization

SteelSeries Apex Pro is a top-of-the-line gaming keyboard lined up with a wide plethora of RGB customization. It allows you to adjust 16.8 million colors per key so you can tailor your gaming experience according to your needs.

Furthermore, the reason why it’s praised as the best RGB keyboard on Reddit is the fact that it gives you the ability to change the actuation. With this manual key actuation, you can tune the keys for the force you type in.

This is extremely useful for gamers who find themselves hitting an undesired keystroke over and over in a title. So once the actuation level is adjusted, it won’t matter even if you constantly mesh on the key. Trust me; this feature will give you an extra edge in the majority of ESport games.

              PROS                    CONS
Maximum customization with per-key actuationSteelSeries Apex Pro does come with a price tag
Responsive RGB keyboard with optimal travel distanceIts keyboard switches aren’t entirely “whisper quiet.”
It supports a magnetic wrist rest 

2)  Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

714yy QPysL. AC SL1200 - Top 6 Best RGB Keyboards for Gamers In 2021


  • Premium built-quality with brushed aluminum framing
  • Armed with 8MB profile storage with instant playback
  • Dynamic multicolor RGB backlighting
  • Programmable keystrokes with six dedicated macro keys
  • Easily accessible volume dial

When it comes to performance in gaming gear, one of the companies that stood the test of time is none other than Corsair. They have been making top-rated products for quite some time now, and their latest innovation, i.e., the K95 RGB Platinum mechanical keyboard, is no exception to that.

It suits every kind of gamer’s need out there as Corsair has specifically used cherry RGB switches in its construction.

In addition to being the best RGB keyboard 2020, it is equipped with all the bells and whistles that you see in premium products but at a reasonable price point. So, if you want something accessible, the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is one of your go-to options.


With Corsair K95 RGB Platinum, you will get extraordinary build quality thanks to its anodized aluminum frame. No matter how harsh you utilize the keystrokes, it will maintain its integrity in the long run. Besides that, the key switches themselves are super responsive and require a small amount of pressure to operate.

The 1.2mm actuation that these Cherry MX Speed RGB mechanical key switches provide is extremely important for someone who primarily plays ESport shooters like Overwatch.

A quick glance at the Corsair K95 RGB will make you realize that the overall design is much narrower than previous models in the lineup. Now some might not like this feature but for others, reducing the macro keys to just 6 is a deal-breaker.

RGB Customization

Unlike Corsair’s previous best gaming keyboards, this particular model comes equipped with a standalone light bar that elevates the overall visuals of your gaming setup to a new level.

You will also love the addition of more than a 16.8million lighting options that approximately covers all the widespread RGB effects and animations out there. The great thing about them is that they are stored in an 8MB profile, so you don’t have to adjust the illumination every time you use them.

Conversely, Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is equipped with a cherry stem design which means that each key is embedded on top of the actual LED so that you will get superb visuals. If that’s not to your liking, you should check out its translucent plastic covering, which makes everything bright and colorful.

              PROS                    CONS
Smooth yet responsive keysLimited macro keys
The media control, volume wheel, and lightning toggles are in easy reachLack of built-in audio jack
An innovative RGB Light Bar 

3)  Razer Huntsman Elite

81Vtb 0K3 L. AC SL1500 - Top 6 Best RGB Keyboards for Gamers In 2021


  • Stylish ergonomics with keycaps hovering over the LED
  • Integrated optical switches make gameplay responsive
  • Supports up to 168million RGB colors with immersive effects
  • Non-slip keypads with corrosion free USB connector
  • Compatible with both Mac & Windows

If you’re looking for RGB keyboards with fast-paced optomechanical switches, you can’t go wrong picking the Razer Huntsman Elite. It’s an all-in-one gaming accessory coupled with top-of-the-line actuation. The Huntsman Elite combines mechanical elements with laser technology, bringing you lighting fast results.

This is one of the features which makes this product one of the fastest RGB keyboards on Amazon. Besides its swift functionality, you will also have a minimalist design and other prime features to make up your future gaming sessions!


You will be quite surprised to see how fast it is to type on a Huntsman Elite right off the bat. Most of the gaming keyboards out there bottom out quite instantly as you press the metal contact point.

However, that’s not the case with this prime gaming keyboard. It’s built under optomechanical switches meaning it utilizes laser technology to achieve top-tier responsiveness. This is quite useful if you mainly play first-person shooters and want an edge over your competitors.

Not only is the Razer Huntsman Elite incredibly fast in its performance, but it also has a tactile feel to it. So, if you plan on using it for coding, you can rightfully do so. Other than that, you will praise its frameless ergonomics that is paired with anodized jet-black aluminum.   

RGB Customization

The Huntsman Elite features keycaps that actually hover over the aluminum deck, giving you ample room for adjustment. Besides that, this gaming keyboard has track lighting all over the surface for added aesthetics.

In terms of RGB lighting, the Huntsman Elite boasts 168 million colors for each individually backlit key. That’s more than enough to make your gaming setup into a disco frenzy. Another cool thing about this device is that it allows you to customize the Macro keys fully.

They can be remapped instantly without the need for a separate utility. In contrast to that, this RGB keyboard brings extra comfort for your extended gaming sessions with the aid of a Magnetic Wrist Rest. Its plush leatherette will make you feel comfy so that you can enjoy your titles without any hindrance!

              PROS                    CONS
It brings fast-paced key actuationRequires dual USB ports to operate
Audible key clicks with aesthetically pleasing RGB effectsAvailable in a full size
Solid layout and added durability 

4)  HyperX Alloy Elite

71G7YuQGY9L. AC SL1428 - Top 6 Best RGB Keyboards for Gamers In 2021


  • Equipped with advanced RGB customization
  • Budget oriented mechanical gaming keyboard in 2021
  • Unique aesthetics with a detachable wrist rest
  • Provided with high-end CHERRY MX switches
  • Fully adaptable with HyperX NGenuity software

At number 4th spot, we have the HyperX Alloy Elite, another finest RGB keyboard under 100 that shares a plethora of features to give your gaming session premium immersion. Based on a Mechanical setup, the HyperX Alloy Elite is equipped with dynamic key switches that whisper-quiet even after prolonged usage.

On top of that, its RGB LED Backlit is fully customizable with the aid of the HyperX NGenuity application, so you can easily tailor your experience according to your needs. If you need something reasonable yet performance-driven, then I highly recommend this particular gaming keyboard.


As compared to some of the renowned RGB keyboards, the HyperX Elite offers relatively simple aesthetics while still packing tons of features for an average gamer.

Although the base model lacks a dedicated macro column, you won’t be disappointed with its overall construction. It features a solid steel frame that enhances its longevity and gives the design a sturdy outlook.   

In addition to that, HyperX Alloy Elite incorporates some high-end features like dedicated media controls, full RGB backlighting, as well as a detachable wrist rest that is hard to come by these days. Conversely, this RGB gaming accessory is equipped with full-end key roll-over mechanics, so you don’t have to worry about unregistered keystrokes.

RGB Customization

The HyperX Alloy Elite is a budget-oriented keyboard that offers up to 16.9million backlit colors right off the bat. You can use it in either Cherry MX brown, red or blue construction with an advanced tactile feel and support. 

HyperX has incorporated an extra set of silver keycaps over WASD keys and the first four digits at the top for further convenience. This feature will undoubtedly bring added precision & aesthetics to your gaming.

With its unique, radiant light bar, you can expect some bright visuals and dynamic effects in your concurrent gaming rig. Once you optimize its RGB customization through standalone software, it will be ready to brighten up your living space. Speaking of software, it can be paired up with HyperX NGenuity so that you can remap any key with a recorded preset without any complication.

              PROS                    CONS
Dynamic RGB effects with a dedicated media panelLimited in terms of RGB combination
Performance-oriented keycapsMediocre indicator lights
Extremely durable gaming keyboard 

5)  Logitech Pro

714ehqraXCL. AC SL1500 - Top 6 Best RGB Keyboards for Gamers In 2021


  • A wide range of customizable game profiles
  • Integrated Romer G mechanical key switches
  • Made for precision and whisper-quiet performance
  • Adaptable Micro USB cables
  • It comes in a compact design

The reality is that, nowadays, no gaming setup is complete without the aid of a prime RGB keyboard. Unfortunately, they tend to cost a bit more than their traditional counterparts, which is kind of frustrating for an average gaming enthusiast.

However, there are still some best RGB keyboard and mouse combos out there that you can avail yourself of without breaking the bank, and Logitech Pro is definitely one of them.

Being a budget-oriented gaming accessory, it can compete with some of the premium models out there in terms of features. So, if you want something affordable yet performance-driven, the Logitech Pro can be your one-stop shop!


Logitech Pro is one of the prime choices for some of the top ESport athletes due to its robust ergonomics. It is designed to last longer and at the same time deliver industry-grade performance.

Taking a quick glance at its construction, you will soon notice that it has incorporated Romer G switches at the back end. These switches are known for their responsiveness and tactile feel so that you won’t be disappointed in the long run.

Besides the swiftness of the keyboard, Logitech has also optimized the individual keystroke signals for added precision. If you plan to enjoy Battle Royals on your setup, this feature is something to look out for. In terms of overall durability, 70 million keypresses will be more than enough to satisfy your needs.

RGB Customization

Those who are into RGB illuminations will have plenty of customization options in Logitech Pro to tailor their gaming experience. It allows you to choose from over 16.8million color options for the backlighting of individual keys.

No matter your preferences, you will be able to adapt the RGB setup according to your needs. In addition to that, you will also get the possibility to activate light sync game modes (300+ games) for further peace of mind.

These game profiles can be set to auto-detection via settings, and after they are activated, they will be repeatedly displayed on the Pro keyboard. Now some might not like its bleed-less lighting effect, but you can’t complain much at this price point.

              PROS                    CONS
Solid keyboard with low latency Romer-G switchesIts LED RGB die quickly in the long term
Compact Tenkeyless designFor some gamers, it can be pretty hefty
Cheap RGB mechanical keyboard 

6)  Razer Ornata V2

81AJ65ztk8L. AC SL1500 - Top 6 Best RGB Keyboards for Gamers In 2021


  • Among top-rated wired RGB keyboards from Razer
  • Equipped with Mecha-Membrane Switches for a premium feel
  • Digital Volume Wheel that is conveniently placed
  • Quality Wrist Rest that can be instantly detached
  • Completely illuminated Razer Chroma RGB

Finally, at the number 6 spot, we have Ornata V2 from Razor. This is another excellent RGB keyboard that is often praised on platforms like Reddit or Amazon. It is regarded as the best RGB keyboard under 1000 because of its intuitive RGB setup and sleek design.

If complete membrane typing doesn’t suit your gaming needs, then you will absolutely praise its mecha-membrane keys. They are designed with precision and have a great feel that can definitely get you the desired results.


Razer products, especially their gaming gear, are bound to deliver, and this particular keyboard is no exception to that. Right off the bat, it feels like a quality model with well-thought-out slots for routing the braided cables on the underside as well as a soft-touch magnetic wrist rest.

Besides that, its design stands out from the rest both in terms of quality and durability, so you can expect bang for your buck in the long run.

RGB Customization

Razer Ornata V2 features full RGB customization under what the manufacturer calls mecha mechanical key switches, which on paper does the job. Ergonomically speaking, they are basically rubber dome key switches with large stems used to stabilize their keystrokes.

That means that it will boast that squishy bottom-out feel whenever you type on it, so take it with a grain of salt before making your buying decision.

Like many RGB keyboards in our list, it supports 16.8 million colors for individual keys that can be fully synced with the Razer Chroma utility. So, if RGB is your main concern, then the Razer Ornata V2 is ready to go!

              PROS                    CONS
Soft-cushioned Mecha-Membrane SwitchesIt has a couple of issues with Anti-Ghosting
The fully configurable digital dial and media keysIt lacks some advanced features
Available with a 2-year warranty 

Types of RGB Keyboards- Choose best for gaming

Like any other gaming accessory, RGB keyboards are available in many forms; each shares a separate set of features that separate them from the rest. So, let’s check out some of the common types of gaming keyboards in 2021;

1)   Full Membrane Keyboards

LogitechG213Keyboard 5c5b553ec9e77c0001661ef1 - Top 6 Best RGB Keyboards for Gamers In 2021

Membrane keyboards are undoubtedly one of the most common categories of gaming consoles. Within keycaps, they incorporate a rubber dome for added stability.

Most membrane keyboards available in the market are quite affordable; however, they are not always suited for gaming. One of their major drawbacks is that they require added pressure (more force on the keys) before they send the command to the system.

Besides that, they come with a spongy feel, which is frustrating if you plan on playing any FPS shooters.

2)   Mechanical Keyboards

A01 1 - Top 6 Best RGB Keyboards for Gamers In 2021

Next on the lineup are mechanical keyboards which are another preferred option for most gamers out there. They are readily praised because, unlike membrane keyboards, they incorporate physical switches beneath the keycap, providing end-users with better feedback and an increased level of precision.

In addition to that, they are a bit snappier to type on while still retaining the smooth transition of the switches.

So, in short, features like these will make your gameplay more enjoyable in the long run. Now mechanical keyboards themselves are available with distinctive characteristics, one of which is Cherry MX Browns.

They contain tactile key switches, which might feel a bit bumpy as you use them, so, at the end, the physical level of feedback is quite noticeable.

Mechanical keyboard switch types - Top 6 Best RGB Keyboards for Gamers In 2021

In contrast to that, mechanical keyboards with Cherry MX Blue & Razer Green switches are known for their audible click as you register each keystroke.

This clicky feel is quite helpful for programmers, but when it comes to ESport or Twitch gaming, you should reconsider your options as they can get quite loud.

3)   Chiclet

Chiclet Keyboard scaled 1 - Top 6 Best RGB Keyboards for Gamers In 2021

When it comes to the extra bit of portability, chiclet keyboards are ready to go. They are among low-profile gaming accessories and are often used with laptop setups. Chiclet keyboards contain keys that are quite slim in design and lack the appropriate travel distance.

So, you won’t be getting optimal feedback as you expect in the case of regular keyboards. Some of the newer models in the market are now RGB customizable so invest in them if space is an issue for you.


So, there you have it; our brief guide on some of the best RGB gaming keyboards in the market. At the end of the day, the ideal gaming keyboard is the one that suits your playstyle, desktop space as well as overall budget.

Whether you’re indulging yourself in FPS battle Royale or just want an optimal typing experience, the picks mentioned above should definitely be in your consideration.

They are carefully picked based on their quality, responsiveness, durability, and ergonomics, so you won’t be disappointed no matter which one you opt for!