Best SketchUp alternatives for Linux in 2023

SketchUp is a popular 3D modeling software used in various industries such as civil and mechanical engineering, interior and exterior design, and game development.

While SketchUp offers both paid and free versions that can be accessed through its web-based application, it is not supported by Linux, leaving Linux users without access to this software.

List of best alternatives for SketchUp for Linux:

Here is the complete list of prime tools that are best designed to replace SketchUp for Linux. You will find both paid and free applications in the list below:-


One great alternative to SketchUp for Linux users is Blender. Blender is a free, open-source 3D creation software that supports modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, and motion tracking. Blender has a user-friendly interface and can be customized with add-ons, making it a powerful tool for 3D design. Additionally, Blender has an active community of developers who constantly update and improve the software.


BricsCAD is a perfect yet free SketchUp alternative for Linux that uses an influential and effective design engine. It’s 3D modeling software that is mainly adapted by software engineers and graphics designers. It is simple yet easy to learn and operate even for new users. A new user can learn it within half an hour or even in less time.

It is a great program with superb functionality, a small footprint, and outstanding compatibility with Linux and other operating systems.

System Requirements:

  • A processor of 1 GHz or even faster than that is required
  • RAM of 256 MB is required to install BricsCAD.
  • ROM of 250 MB plus 1GB of free space is required.
  • Display:- 1024×768×GA


  • BricsCAD is user-friendly with its intuitively tabbed interface.
  • It’s unique with its advanced drawing explorer and smooth layout.
  • It provides mapping, drawing, and 3D modeling services.
  • Amazing tools including Dockable panels, annotative rankings, and dynamic arrays are a plus.
  • No need for converting files from one format to another.


  • Sometimes it becomes difficult to analyze issues to report.


AutoCAD is a “computer-aided design” (CAD) software that is trusted by many professionals, architects, and expert designers to create perfect 2D and 3D models, drawings, and images. It can be used on any device.

It is easy to use and operate while designing. You can easily place or remove objects from your drawings with instant selection and a simple object preview.

System Requirements:

  • It requires a 64-bit OS operating system.
  • Memory required is 8GB ( 16GB suggested)
  • It requires a processor of 2.5 GHz (3 plus GHz recommended)
  • 1920×1080 resolution display with original colors.


  • Time-saving:- It is more time-saving than anyone can think. It can make quite complex designs and models within no time.
  • Designed for multiple usages:- Yes, you can use it for completing multiple tasks. Furthermore, it can be used in various industries including electrical, electronics, architecture, Civil, and electromechanics.
  • 3D designing:- You can work more effectively and productively in a 3D space. In other words, high-quality 3D images can be produced in very little duration.
  • Additionally, AutoCAD offers professional designing, advanced drafting tools, and accurate measurements and details.


  • Sometimes, it becomes much time taking because of containing so many functions.
  • It is expensive to learn and to initiate using it.


Shapr3D allows you direct design by using an Apple pencil. It is a pro designing tool that works on Microsoft Windows. With the help of Shapr3D, you can formulate unique models with efficient creation and CAD support even when offline. Hence it is a perfect 3D modeling software that is an excellent alternative to Sketchup. It is user-friendly and fun to use for converting our thoughts into a beautifully designed model. It can save time and money.

System requirements:

  • Mainly designed for iPads
  • Only runs on the device having an Apple pencil.


  • Multi-Purpose:- It is multi-purpose software that can be used to design building structures, rooms, games, and furniture.
  • Easy to use:- Shapr3D is an easy-to-use tool and its usage by only Apple pencil makes it more comfortable. Hence it is better than designing with a mouse or keyboard.
  • Quick:- It is simple yet quick in its performance. It allows you to sketch killer designs and models very fast.
  • Good for beginners:- It is very easy to learn with simple tutorials on how to begin designing with Shapr3D. Yet a good 3D modeling software for beginners too.


  • It is limited to use on only iPads.
  • For now, its main focus is solid modeling only.

3Ds MAX:

3Ds Max is a superb production of Autodesk and is developed to make it easier for developers and architects to design the way they want to. All features are simple yet exciting including 3D mechanical and electrical modeling, professional engineering and architectural designing, etc.

Many video game developers are also taking benefits from this amazing tool. You can use it for creating different video effects, realistic 3D photos, and animations. More features are being added to it with the passing of time.

System requirements:-

  • Windows 10 or Windows 7 64-bit professional operating system is required
  • RAM of 8GB is required
  • 3GB free disk space is mandatory for downloading Material Libraries
  • 2GB free disk space for installing 3Ds.


  • Customized programming options are provided in 3D Max
  • Its features like Max scripting language and user-created scripts are very easy to learn.
  • It is most compatible with the Microsoft Windows operating system and Linux.
  • It is enriched with a number of advanced features that make designing more convenient.


  • It can be a bit pricy for some people
  • It takes time to learn its usage completely
  • Some compatibility issues may occur while working on a bulk task.


pCon.Planner offers you an effective work engine that makes you capable of designing images and models stunningly. It also allows you to make your customers completely understand the idea that is going through your mind. It thus, helps you to become a good creative designer and design high-quality 3D graphics.

System Requirements:

  • The processor required is ×86/×64, > 3GHz
  • The operating system Windows 10 is needed
  • System memory should be 12GB
  • 1GB disc space should be available.
  • The screen resolution required is 1920×1080 or even more.


  • It is designed for engineers, architects, manufacturers, and game developers.
  • Both 2D and 3D models can be created by using pCon.Planner.
  • It is provided with a lot of collaboration tools and technical assistance.
  • You can create highly professional images that are perfect from every perspective.


  • It is not free


NanoCAD is an upgraded professional computer-aided designing tool with an easier interface. It is equipped with the best designing and drafting features with DWG compatibility. It is a true alternative to SketchUp which is rich in quality and cheaper in price.

System Requirement:

  • MS Windows 10 or MS Windows 8 operating system is needed.
  • The processor of ×64 from 1GHz (3GHz recommended)
  • RAM needed is 2GB or more.
  • 500MB of free space of hard disk is required for installation
  • 3GB of free space should be available for the software’s functioning.


  • It’s a free 3D modeling program
  • It is provided with high customizability and advanced technical support.
  • It always seems to be ready for every kind of situation.
  • Its premium version is also affordable for many small business owners
  • It performs all the functions identical to SketchUp
  • It is equipped with a smooth and user-friendly interface


  • The free version lacks some basic premium functions
  • It doesn’t allow to import of Microstation CAD files


Draftsight is an affordable replica of SketchUp. Not only cheap but also great software that has now become in utmost demand by many developers and graphic designers. It is provided with great built-in tools and easy-to-access features that are easy to use too. It allows you to sketch whatever design you want both in 2D or 3D. One thing that you will love about this tool is that it is highly compatible with other 3D designing apps.

System requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 64-bit version
  • 1.5 GB free hard disk space
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 3D Graphics accelerator card with OpenGL version 1.4
  • Display of 1280 × 768 pixels resolution.


  • It is very handy and easy to use.
  • Editing Layers are very easy to handle
  • Varied saving options are included.
  • It is straightforward software with a simple layout, nothing is complex in it.
  • It’s a great program for engineers and architects.


  • The menu bar is not so clear
  • The Save As button is not in the top row.
  • Moving objects to OCS is a bit tricky.


Microstation is a perfect tool for constructors, engineers, and operators that can help them in modeling, formulating, visualize, and manage complicated design tasks very easily. This is amazing software that aims to enhance infrastructure asset operation and rapid delivery of the project.

System requirements

  • Operating system Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Intel or AMD processor with 1.0 GHz or even greater
  • CPU must be supporting SSE2
  • RAM 4GB (16GB recommended)


  • Analyze and interpret designs and models more effectively and speedily.
  • It has a user-friendly interface and a personalized working environment.
  • It ensures the quality of the product created by it.
  • Precise layout and annotate designs and drawings
  • Wide range of modeling tools and supreme features.


  • It has the impulse to wreck and crash when not managed properly.
  • Input commands may become hard to generate sometimes.


Vectorworks work amazingly for designers and engineers giving them ease in designing their valuable projects. This is specially designed for helping architects. It allows a to draw, and design building models for construction sites. It assists you to portray your imaginary design in front of your clients. In short it is an all-in-one solution to many of your 3D modeling problems

System Requirements

  • Windows 10 64-bit Operating system
  • Processor:- Intel Core i5 or AMD Ryzen 5, or better.
  • RAM 8GB or greater
  • OpenGL 2.1 compatible graphics card with 2GB of VRAM or more.
  • Display resolution:- 1440 × 900
  • 10GB of free disk space is required for the installation


  • The wall tool is amazingly customizable along with a number of different smart elements that work in compatibility with BIM.
  • A great customer support service.
  • Exemplary 3D modeling and designing.
  • Compatible with other programs.


  • The space tool is very unmanageable and bulky.
  • Sometimes gets very slow while working in 3D

A quick wrap up

We have covered a brief description of the best alternatives to SketchUp for Linux. Now it’s up to you which one will you choose for completing your projects. Indeed you will go for one that will tie best into your needs. All mentioned software have their own features and specifications. Each of them is designed for a specific purpose so look for that 3D modeling program that is designed for your purpose of use.

It’s all up to you and your final choice now. Choose the program that can meet your desires and can turn the complexity of your project into simplicity.

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