Timeline Maker – Free Online Timeline Creator Applications and Tools

There are plenty of online timeline maker that can be used to create decent timeline for commercial use. While creating an informative/explanatory document, the goal should always be to explain the idea in as simple and attractive way as possible.

Both in the field of education or as a professional is increasingly more necessary to strive to reach audiences (colleagues, students) in a simple and fun way.

All kinds of resources such as videos, presentations and multimedia are available to help us. Timeline creator is a very handy resource; it is a type of diagram used to organize information taking the time frame into account, which may be years, months or days.

Free Online Timeline Maker – What are the timelines?

A Timeline is a type of graphic organizer used to show a sequence of events ordered over a period, using a scale from minutes to millions of years. It also allows to record and plot a wide range of chronological events that include genealogies, historical events, cultural or scientific progress, etc..

Its use is simple, just enter the data into a template: event, start date, end date, place, notes and source of information. Usually, the information entered in the template can be presented in three formats: simple chronology, detailed and graphic timeline Timeline (in most cases horizontal and in others, like Facebook, vertical).

Until recently, the availability of programs to develop timelines was the only downloadable type. The installer software was provided on a CD or downloaded from the Internet to install it. Now, a good number of excellent online Free timeline creator applications, which have all the advantages and features that the Web 2.0 offers to enrich learning environments.

To begin with a timeline, You should have well organized, showing the information in its correct order, hierarchical and without saturating the area with too much information. In a timeline, you should include the most important thing.

Some features your online timeline maker software should have

  1. A tool for creating timelines must be very manageable.
  2. Should allow you to customize the timeline to maximum
  3. It should also facilitate you with sharing the timeline with others
  4. It should allow you to save your created timeline to your computer for printing.

Although with Word or Excel it is possible to create timelines with lots of patience and spending time, there are applications and online tools available especially for the timeline that creates timeline in Word and Excel without spending so much time. Here are some online online timeline creator and some applications that helps in creating timeline with least effort.

Office Timeline (best free timeline creator for office purpose)

office timeline creator

Office Timeline is a Windows application. It is a plug-in for Powerpoint offering templates and tools for creating timelines for presentation. It is available in free version and paid version. Its great compatibility with powerpoint makes it very useful and perfect for Windows users.

Capzles (Simple timeline maker )

easy timeline creator

This web application has everything you need to create multimedia timelines with videos, photographs and background audio with music or narration. Sharing gets limited to Facebook, Twitter, Delicious or through email.

Timetoast (timeline maker with classic themes)

classic timeline creator

If you want something more classic, here is timelines dotted to Show text and images on mouse over. As in the previous case, you have the possibility of creating timelines and integrating them into your personal page, or share them on Facebook or Twitter. In this case, besides in timeline form it also has a tabular view with dates and text, more practical in the case of having longer texts.

Rememble (Online timeline maker with graphics and colors)

timeline creator software

Rememble helps you to create interactive timelines with video, photography, text and virtually anything that you pass through the head. Also, it facilitates teamwork to create timelines between two or more people.

Dipity (Widely used timeline creator on internet)

free simple timeline creator

Another service for creating timelines with chips as they expand when you click on them. The expandable tabs support photographs, videos, text and even maps. People can comment and share the timeline through Twitter, Facebook or Digg, among others.

Xtimeline (Historic timeline maker)

historic timeline creator

If you need something simpler, Xtimeline will meet your expectations, since it offers the possibility of creating simple timelines, with text only or little presence of the images. In any case, you can create a listing of events that, when clicked, displays a tab with extended information.

TimeRime (timeline maker with pictures and videos)

With several payment plans, this service also offers the option to create a free account for your own timelines, with text or images. Although the design created lines is very sober, the result is more than enough. In addition, you can integrate the result on your personal page, share the link and even print it directly from the browser.

Timeglider (Timeline maker with text and symbols)

free online timeline creator

One of the best site among online timeline maker, it creates classic timeline with specific dates, periods of time, symbols and explanatory cards with the option to also include photographs and little else. The version is free for students, with plans to pay for teachers and groups them. As in the above cases, you can integrate the timeline into your web page or share it from the URL link.

Freshly added websites for Free Timeline maker – Online Application

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  2. Our Timelines – Create timelines using preexisting forms (text only).
  3. Read Write Think – to create timelines with text only.