Best Twitter Extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera

Twitter being one of the most commonly operated user interfaces worldwide has a lot of perks of its own. Any new trend stemming here reaches the entire community of social media users within no time.

The timely tweets can change political, social and, environmental scenes in the world if they start trending. Such an influential social media network deserves all praise for connecting people around the world for a good cause.

Being intensely used, the Twitter interface needs a number of enhancements to provide its users with a swift and effective experience. Since the tweets are all about time and a tweet loses its significance if the moment passes, the users need the fastest system that enables them to tweet at any place, time and, instance. 

For the purpose of making the Twitter interface more user-friendly, a number of extensions are provided by different web browsers, such as Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, and, Mozilla Firefox. 

This article will talk about a number of useful extensions users can find in each of the above-mentioned web browsers.  

One thing that is most important to add extensions in any web browser is that the user must be logged in the web browser with his/her account. The extensions are not allowed to be added in incognito or guest mode, and could only be added if the user has signed in the web browser with his/her account.

Best Twitter Extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

The reason we are talking about these two web browsers together is that they pretty much are the same. Users have a similar experience using either of these, but Chrome is more widely used because it is compatible with almost every Windows and types of devices we commonly use.

The extensions that are usually found in Google Chrome, can be easily imported from Chrome to MS Edge as well. 


In just a few steps, users can easily add any extension from Google Chrome in MS Edge. The following images show the seamless process of adding an extension from the Chrome Web Store to MS Edge.


By clicking on add extension the extension will be added to Edge in the next few seconds. The extension icon will be placed on the toolbar for easy accessibility.


Moreover, a number of best Twitter extensions for Google Chrome that also work on Microsoft Edge will be listed down below along with their specifications.

TweetDeck by Twitter


With more than 10 M users across the world, this extension is by far the most accessed and used Twitter extension on Chrome.

It allows the users to drag and drop their desired twitter handles in the front and follow the trends that they wish to. It provides a user-friendly experience with the help of which users make their own collections of tweets and trends that they want to keep their eyes on.

It also helps the users to embed tweets on-spot or schedule their tweets with the addition of images in the tweets as well. The most versatile sidebar also allows the users to navigate between the columns swiftly.

Following is the link that we can use to access the extension in Chrome. To add the same extension in MS Edge, we can open the Chrome Web Store in Edge and type the name of this extension in the search bar there. Another way to open this extension in Edge is to copy the link given below and paste it in the address bar of MS Edge.



With 300k users, this is one of the top extensions found for social media sharing from any webpage.

This extension allows the users to share content from any webpage to social media interface such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. in just one click.

Users do not even have to go to the twitter app separately, they can just click on the Buffer icon on their toolbars and select the article or any other text they are seeing on the webpage and schedule or post it instantly on Twitter.

Another option given by Buffer also allows the users to share images from other webpages on Twitter. This extension works fine on Chrome as well as MS Edge. Users just have to follow the link given below and they will be taken to the Chrome Web Store, from where they can add this extension to their browsers.

Share on Twitter


This is another extension similar to Buffer. It is not that widely used as compared to Buffer, but works really good for its users.

It allows the users to share their selected text, tabs, images or, links from any webpage on Twitter with just one click or a keyboard shortcut (alt+t). The link works in Google Chrome as well as MS Edge.

Bird Nest for Twitte


For more than 60k users this extension provides one of the easiest solutions to sending tweets on Twitter from any other webpage.

Users simply have to click on the extension icon in the toolbar and they can start typing their tweets in the given box and then post their tweet then and there.  

The link works the same way in Chrome as well as Edge.

Twitter Media Downloader


This extension allows the users to download all the media (images and videos) from the twitter handle of any other user or organization.

The downloaded files are shared in users’ computers in the form of zip files.



This extension suggests a number of most relevant hashtags for users’ images and posts on different social media interfaces as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

It also provides the degree of a given hashtag’s strength that allows the users to choose the most relevant ones for their posts.

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Best Twitter Extensions for Mozilla Firefox

Twitter add-ons in Mozilla Firefox are not much updated and widely used, but a significant number of users have been using these add-ons/extensions. A number of relatively best Twitter add-ons found on Mozilla Firefox are shared below.

Twitter App


This extension allows the Firefox users to use the Twitter app from the sidebar of the browser while users are on any webpage.

The users can see all the activities on Twitter without having to open the Twitter webpage separately. This add-on can be directly searched from the Firefox’s extensions option in the settings.

The following link could also be used to open the same add-on directly in the Firefox.

Twitter View Original Images


This add-on allows the users to view and download the original version of images that they see on Twitter. It also works with TweetDeck.

Share on Twitter


This Firefox add-on allows the users to share any selected text, webpage, or a link by just clicking on the add-on icon in the toolbar.

Users can also right-click anywhere on the webpage that they want to share things from and choose the option share link on Twitter. Users can also embed tweets from any other webpage by clicking on the add-on icon in the toolbar.

Minimal Twitter


This add-on allows the users to change the theme of their Twitter webpage. It provides several options from different widths of feeds section to remove the border from the main feed and whatnot.

It simplifies the new Twitter updated theme and makes it easy on the eyes. 

Video | GIF Downloader for Twitter


This add-on lets the users download the trending videos and on-point gifs that they like on Twitter.

Best Twitter Extensions for Opera

Opera is not as widely used as other web browsers, but it certainly provides a fast and secure web surfing experience.

Along with having a built-in sidebar for social media interfaces and other options, it also provides a number of fast and effectively working extensions to further enhance the users’ experiences.

Linkis TwitterAnywhere


This unique and efficient extension allows the users to keep themselves updated about Twitter activities even while they are on any other webpages.

Once installed, this extension replaces the random ads on different webpages with Twitter posters that display the most trending and best-shared content on Twitter.

This extension could be used without logging into it as well. But the users who log into their website, this extension analyzes their preferences and show them the most relevant content on Twitter.

Users can simply search for this extension by typing in its name in the search bar on Opera’s extensions page.

Fix Twitter


This Opera add-on enables the users to change a few things they do not like on Twitter. Users can have replying to option and comment mentions, plus they can hide the in case you missed notifications as well.

Easy Twitter


This twitter extension provides a compact model of the Twitter web. It also gives us several settings to work with.

Twitter Redirect Fixer


This add-on removes the redirection of links that Twitter puts on every shared link. It blocks every 3rd party redirection and loads the links more efficiently without sending them to any other server.

Twitter Lite Sidebar (Unofficial)


This add-on embeds the Twitter Lite icon in the sidebar of the Opera web browser. From there it is easily accessible while being on any other webpage as well.

Tweet Right +


This add-on lets the users share any content from any webpage with just one click. Users just have to right-click on the webpage and select Tweet this page.

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