Best Windows Version For Gaming- Explained

As you might already know, the gaming world has shifted from using consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox to the use of PCs and for a good cause too. PC gaming has substantially elevated the gaming scene in recent times.

Users try to build the most idyllic PCs within their budgets so that they can run the fastest of games and play the latest of games with ease and liberty. Now, most people go out and splash all their cash on an extravagant Graphics Card or a nifty CPU and so on, but they tend to ignore the salient need for a fully functional Operating System.

The two most prestigious OS that we know of are iOS and Windows but today we’ll be talking about which Windows version is the best for making your gaming experience one to cherish, one to enjoy. Never forget, the evaluation in Linux, check out our featured Linux gaming Distros.

What Windows versions do we have available to us?

We have come a long way since gaming on Windows 95 and we have upgraded Windows significantly over time. The few Windows Operating systems that still exist today are namely Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, and Windows 10.  

Right off the bat, unless you are completely restricted to either Windows XP, Windows Vista, and each of the Windows 8 versions then I would be quick to change to either Windows 7 or Windows 10 N

  • Windows XP and Vista are completely out of the question if you want to run the newer games. Both XP and Vista do not support an ever-expanding plethora of games and are continually growing out of fashion.
  • Windows 8 and 8.1 do not have the best reputation for many reasons and generally are not recommended as Operating Systems as it is, let alone for gaming. 
  • Windows 7 has been a staple Operating System for quite a while and is still a formidable Operating System. Windows 7 is stable, but it is outdated.
  • Microsoft will soon retire Windows 7 and as DirectX (a very important component for gaming) continues to upgrade, soon even Windows 7 will be left behind. Windows 7 might not be compatible with the new games due to driver incapability or incompatible software.
  • Windows 10 is the latest version of Windows and is by far the best operating system out there for gaming and general use due to many factors like user experience, higher FPS, better driver support, etc.

A general rule of thumb for modern gaming now is to adopt the latest version of Windows as all the new hardware available are designed for the latest version of Windows and the same goes for games. 

It boils down to Windows 10 as the choicest version of Windows in today’s world. However, Windows 10 itself has many versions, and picking the right one between them itself is a task. One we will help you pick in this article.

Which Windows 10 bit system version should one pick for gaming?

Initially, determining the bit version of Windows your PC will run is important. A newer and more advanced PC would require the 64-bit system of Windows and subsequently a lesser and an older version would run a 32-bit system of Windows.

The difference between the two is that the 32-bit is confined to accessing only 4 GB of RAM in an ideal scenario whereas a 64-bit system can access a more sizable about of RAM.

As games evolve, they require greater specs and consequently more RAM. Since many games now operate on 8 GB or higher, you should definitely opt for the 64-bit version of Windows, but only if your PC can accommodate it.

Best Windows Version for Gaming

So, to date, the versions of Windows 10 available to us presently are Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, and Windows 10 Enterprise. Let us get into what each of them offers individually.

Windows 10 Home: 

This Windows version is the basic OS version that is made for regular day-to-day consumer work. Now to cater to this specific audience, Windows 10 Home offers a practical user experience, an interactive design, and a myriad of features.

Gaming features:

What sets Home apart is its gaming-specific features. These are namely Game Bar and Game Mode.

Game Mode is a feature that optimizes your PC in a manner to boost performance by minimizing other processes and prioritizing your game over everything else. Game Mode is generally thought of to boost performance but there are specific games that are not compatible with Game Mode.

Game Bar is an organizational tool that helps you monitor your computer’s performance and helps out with media sharing of the games you play.


Windows Home is one of the versions that allows you to keep the older version of Windows if that is the one you prefer. When updates are forced, the system OS is not able to overwrite saves from older versions and if games are already suited for one version of it, it is still very possible that they might not be suited for the newer version so it is probable that the parameters will be altered. This is why manual updates are more preferable.


Every conversation about Operating Systems is void without talking about how they cope with the graphics. The OS is what determines the maximum video display and Windows Home supports the highest possible resolution which is 4K. Its minimum resolution is HD which is good for all recent games.


OS updates do have a downside, however, that is because when an update is released, it does not give you a guarantee that the game will be compatible with the new update. Windows Developers do take this into account and try to keep the games compatible with each update.

Windows 10 Enterprise:

Windows 10 Enterprise is made for enterprises, obviously. It is built to suit the needs of office environments and businesses. It is programmed in a manner to cater to businesses with organizational tools, enhanced security, and restrictions, etc.

Security and Features:

 Enterprise comes with biometric security features which is a major advantage for businesses working with classified information. Furthermore, data is kept secure to a greater extent and Enterprise provides the user with credential protection and Endpoint Detection and Response which other versions do not.

These benefits are convenient however they do not improve the gaming experience of a user in any manner. Enterprise has all the features that both Pro and Home have. If you feel you need the business advantages then only should you buy Enterprise but other than that, Enterprise is a more costly version of Home.

Windows 10 Pro:

Windows 10 Pro, as its name states, is used at a more expert level. It has identical features to Home but also has increased security enhancements, supports greater amounts of RAM, and boasts more machine capabilities.

When it comes to gaming, Windows Pro and Windows Home are identical. Any direct difference is probably due to hardware differences because there is no difference in the gaming aspect. One might argue that there are a few features that might appeal to a gamer but they do not really affect the overall gaming experience such as a robust desktop that syncs with other devices.

An additional feature called the “sandbox” which allows you to try out programs before actually installing them. Another significant difference is the memory limit. Home supports a maximum of 128 GB of RAM whereas Pro supports 2 TB of RAM but it doesn’t affect gaming much. 

If you need a version of Windows for practicality and daily use that’ll assist you in routine work. It offers features to assist you with more professional work to add to the base features of Microsoft Home.


If you are purely going out to pick an OS system just to game, then the obvious option would be Windows 10 Home. Although most of its features are the same between the three, for gaming solely, Home is the best and most cost-efficient option out of the three. So that is why you should go for Windows Home if you want to game. 

A point to note however is that you should totally consider Pro and Enterprise if those features are of use to you. Practically speaking, PCs are not solely for gaming and if you do need it for work along with gaming then Pro is a very decent option to go for. 

Windows 10, the 64-bit system is your best option forward for gaming.