Best Wireless Keyboard for Programmers in 2022

While programming, your brain and fingers need to work at an equal pace, and therefore you need an exceptional keyboard to work with.

By an exceptional keyboard, we mean that a keyboard that you can work on all day, the one that doesn’t make your fingers sore, and the one that minimizes the need of using a mouse.

A great keyboard can visibly increase your productivity and step up the quality of your work too.

Our top picked keyboards

  1. Widow V3 Pro (Check latest price on Amazon)
  2. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001) (Check latest price on Amazon)
  3. Mountain Everest Max (Check latest price on Amazon)
  4. Redragon K596 Vishnu (Check latest price on Amazon)
  5. Obinslab Anne Pro 2 Wireless Keyboard for Programming (Check latest price on Amazon)
  6. Logitech MX Keys (Check latest price on Amazon)
  7. Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard (KB600) (Check latest price on Amazon)
  8. Logitech G915 (Check latest price on Amazon)
  9. IQUNIX A80 Gaming Keyboard (Check latest price on Amazon)
  10. Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard (Check latest price on Amazon)

What could be better than upgrading to a wireless keyboard that is customizable and gives you comfort?

Let’s have a look at our list of the best wireless keyboard for programmers.


1. Razer Black Widow V3 Pro

image 7 - Best Wireless Keyboard for Programmers in 2022


  • Mechanical Keys: Yes
  • Colour: Classic Black
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Metal

The Razer Black Widow V3 Pro is a full-sized keyboard, even gets larger when the wrist set is brought into use.

The keycaps are made up of double shot ABS plastic that ensures the printing stays on it forever. The overall construction of the keyboard is of top-notch quality, the top layer of which is made up of military-grade metal and it supports up to 80 million clicks

The keyboard is aesthetically pleasing with its backlighting which is 100% customizable and its battery can be charged using a USB type C cable.

Most importantly the keys are tactile and produce minimum sound so it’s perfect for a home and office environment.


  • Macro programmable keys
  • Silent key presses
  • Superior build quality


  • Software incompatible with mac and Linux
  • Straight profile

2. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard for Business (5KV-00001)

image 8 - Best Wireless Keyboard for Programmers in 2022


  • Mechanical Keys: No
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Plastic
  • Batteries: Disposable
  • Size: Full size


The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard is one of the cheapest options that we have on the list. Just because it has a lower price does not mean it lacks anywhere. The keyboard is way better than so many of the expensive keyboards that you will find online and in stores.

The unique design lets you work more naturally, even though it takes time for you to adapt to this rare design, once you get used to it there is no going back.

It also has a cushioned palm rest to provide you optimum comfort, as well as the keys, are smooth as butter.

It has a total of 107 keys made up of moderate-quality plastic. The numeric pad comes separately which can be placed on either side of the keyboard. Some of the function keys are macro programmable also.


  • Commendable ergonomics
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Comfortable keystrokes
  • No noise typing


  • Disposable batteries need to be changed frequently
  • Shortcut keys don’t work on Linux
  • No backlighting

3. Mountain Everest Max 

image 9 - Best Wireless Keyboard for Programmers in 2022


  • Key type: Mechanical
  • Color: Silver
  • Connectivity: USB Type C
  • Size: Full size


Just as the name suggests the grand Mount Everest, this silver mechanical keyboard is one of the finest keyboards ever built.

It is made up of Aluminum and the keycaps are made up of ABS plastic, to provide maximum durability.

The switches are extra smooth and produce pleasant sounds with every click. Moreover, they are easily replaceable without needing any soldering.

The keyboard comes with a detachable number mad, which can be attached to either side of the laptop. It also contains 4 customizable keys so that you have all the controls as per your needs and the shortcuts that you require the most.

Not to miss out on the aesthetic backlighting of the keyboard. They can be set up as per your imagination using the 16.7 million colors supported by Mount Everest Max.


  • Swappable hot switches
  • Macro programmable keys (all of them)
  • Detachable numeric pad
  • Excellent build quality


  • The battery runs out quickly
  • Low latency
  • Software incompatible with Mac or Linux

4. Redragon K596 Vishnu 2.4G

image 10 - Best Wireless Keyboard for Programmers in 2022


  • Key type: Mechanical
  • Color: Black
  • Connectivity: 2.4G wireless, USB type C for charging
  • Number of Keys: 92


There can’t be a better wireless keyboard for a programmer in such a low price range. If you have a tight budget but still want to get your hands on a good wireless keyboard, this is just the one for you.

This mechanical keyboard can be used wired as well as wirelessly. It contains a total of 87 keys, 10 out of which are macro keys, and can be programmable easily. The keys are equipped with linear switches that provide a fast response with precision and accuracy, on your fingertips, quite literally.

The design is kept as compact as possible thus it’s portable. The keyboard comes with wrist support set for comfortable programming.

It has a battery of 3000mAh which lasts up to 10 hours, so you can get through the entire day with a single charging session; however, the bright RGB backlighting consumes the battery faster.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Very reasonable price
  • 10 onboard macro keys


  • The rough texture of the keyboard
  • Heavy

5. Obinslab Anne Pro 2 Wireless Keyboard for Programming

image 11 - Best Wireless Keyboard for Programmers in 2022


  • Mechanical Keys: Yes
  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Connectivity: Wired and Wireless both
  • Color: Black and White
  • Size: Compact


This keyboard is perfect for programming.

First of all, it is 60% in size as compared to a regular keyboard and thus takes minimal space on your desk; however, it may take you some time to adapt to it.

The keyboard frame is built with supreme quality plastic, keycaps are double shot and the keyboard has an overall matte finish.

Each key is individually backlit, the colours are bright and patterns are customizable.

The key switches give you tactile feedback and can be replaced with any kind of switches that you prefer. The keys are stable and the strokes are silent, however, they produce noise when switch types are changed.

The software is fully compatible with windows and partially compatible with Mac OS, which can be used to customize the keyboard lighting and various other settings.


  • Can fit in small places
  • Can connect to 4 devices at a time
  • Commendable build and typing quality


  • Features restricted while using with phone
  • Limited features
  • Lacks arrow keys and number pad

6. Logitech MX Keys

image 12 - Best Wireless Keyboard for Programmers in 2022


  • Mechanical Keys: No
  • Size: Full size
  • Material: Metal
  • Connectivity: USB Type C


The Logitech MX keys Keyboard is a great Keyboard for programmers. It is undoubtedly a great pick for our list of the best wireless keyboard for programmer.

The keyboard is made up of metal and has a total of 104 keys all of which are spherical that perfectly fit your fingertips providing you the utmost comfort, precision, accuracy, and stability while typing.

Moreover, the device is compatible with Windows Linux Mac IOS, and Android systems, and it can be paired with three devices at a time.

Its long-lasting battery lasts up to 10 days if you’re using the statically pleasing back writing and if the backlighting is turned off it is going to last for the whole 5 months.

Keyboard has a numeric keypad and it comes with the palm rest however its major drawback is that it does not have any macro programmable keys.


  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Pairs with up to 3 devices at a time


  • Macro programmable keys absent
  • Minimal customization options

7. Kinesis Advantage2 Ergonomic Keyboard (KB600)

image 13 - Best Wireless Keyboard for Programmers in 2022


  • Mechanical keys: Yes
  • Number of Keys: 84
  • Connectivity: USB
  • Color: Black Case and Cherry MX Brown switches


Say no more to aching shoulders, disturbed postures, and sore palms. The Logitech G915 has a unique design that provides your palms with utmost comfort and your shoulders a relaxing stretch.

Even though some users may take time to get used to the design, once you adapt to this style we guarantee that you are never looking back to the conventional keyboards. A great feature that comes with this keyboard is the reprogramming of keys so that you make lesser typing errors in the process of absorbing the change.

The Cherry MX mechanical brown switches are smooth, require less activation force, give tactile feedback, and can easily support a minimum of 50 million strokes.

The keyboard is compatible with all operating systems and devices without altering its functional capabilities.

Moreover, the three years warranty makes this keyboard a secure investment.


  • Unmatchable ergonomics
  • Built-in palm rest
  • Key remapping
  • Excellent key response


  • Oddly satisfying design
  • It May take time for the user to adapt to

8. Logitech G915

image 14 - Best Wireless Keyboard for Programmers in 2022


  • Mechanical keys: Yes
  • Size: full size
  • Connectivity: USB receiver and Bluetooth
  • Color: Black


For heavy programming, you need a keyboard that can be by your side all day long and stay up with you to pull all-nighters. The Logitech G915 has a 30-hour long-lasting battery that can be recharged in just 3 hours.

This full-sized keyboard is built metal frame and has hard plastic on the back the keycaps I made up of ABS plastic which speaks for its durability.

The ergonomics I comment on and the RGB backlighting are aesthetically pleasing which can be customized using the software. It also allows you to customize the backlighting of each key individually using the 16.8 million colors supported by this keyboard.

The keyboard can be connected to two devices at a time one using the wireless USB connector and 1 via Bluetooth.

The travel distance for the keystrokes is quite low which provides fast response increases programmer productivity.


  • Lightweight
  • Sleek design
  • Mechanical keys
  • Pairs with two devices together
  • Silent keystrokes


  • Below-average battery life
  • Poor color mixing


image 15 - Best Wireless Keyboard for Programmers in 2022


Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB type – C, 2.4 GHz

Compatibility: macOS, iOS, Windows, Android

Size: 80% compact

Material: Polybutylene Terephthalate


IQUNIX A80 has an overall rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 which speaks for how efficient and useful the keyboard is for gaming and programming.

This wireless keyboard has a comfortable compact layout and is composed of 83 keys, each of which is individually RGB backlit and has above 16 million colors to choose from.

The keycaps are made up of PBT, the mechanical switches are hot-swappable, N- key rollover which detects every press in 1 millisecond to increase your work speed and enhance productivity. The keys support a minimum of 50 million keystrokes before they begin to die out.

If your average usage time is approximately five hours the battery can last you up to 200 days over Bluetooth pairing.

The keyboard was designed specifically to work with mac OS, however, it can adapt to other operating systems without reducing the efficiency or altering features.


  • Unique keyboard color
  • N-key rollover
  • 1 millisecond response time


  • No macro programmable keys
  • No software 
  • Colors are dull

10. Corsair K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

image 16 - Best Wireless Keyboard for Programmers in 2022


  • Size: 80% Compact
  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Material: Plastic


The Corsair K63 is a lightweight and portable laptop with 83 keys and has a modern sleek look, exactly what a programmer today needs.

The keyboard is made up of average quality plastic however the keys are made up of ABS plastic which is known for its durability. Each key is individually backlit with a single blue color.

The switches do not provide tactile feedback and the pre-travel distance is higher as compared to other keyboards mentioned on the list however, in most cases it goes unnoticeable. The keys are silent and will let you work in a quiet environment too without all eyes landing on you.

The dedicated media keys make work a lot easier and reduce the need of using a mouse.

The keyboard works great when paired to a Windows device and the keys function well on Windows too but users have reported numerous problems while connecting it to and working on Mac OS and iOS devices, therefore, we would not recommend this keyboard if you own a Mac.

The keyboard has great ergonomics and provides you with optimum comfort while typing.


  • Can be paired to several devices at a time
  • Minimal stroke sound
  • Sleek and attractive design


  • No number pad
  • Zero memory
  • Backlighting cannot be customized


All of the above-mentioned picks made their place in our list of the best wireless keyboard for programmers firstly because of them having a wireless option. They provide a lot of room, ease of typing, and comfort while programming.

Of course, their functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics, compatibility, connectivity, durability, and size were compared and preference was given to the ones that stand up to the optimum standards.

All of the keyboards listed above have a low to moderate price range too.

Choose the one that is easy on your pocket and fulfills all your expectations that you may have from your keyboard.