Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

If you’ve been frustrated with your smartphone’s battery life, there are ways to improve the situation. Although Android can’t do much to improve the hardware, there are some tips that you can apply like updating the Android to latest version.

Make sure your WiFi is from a good company like Mediacom. It can make your phone a bit faster and will not drain extra battery life by glitching or hanging your app. Select the most suitable Mediacom Internet plans and switch your internet service provider.

With that solved, read on to learn tips to boost your phone’s battery life. After you’ve finished reading this article, try experimenting with these tips!  

Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life
  1. Limit background app refresher

Boost your Android phone’s battery life by turning off the background app refreshers. Android’s battery life monitor lets you check the battery usage of every app, and you can choose to turn off the feature entirely or only when using cellular data.

To maximize battery life, clear your cached data. Moreover, limit background app refresher for specific apps. This trick will help you get a longer battery life without sacrificing your productivity.

To limit background app refresher, open the Settings menu and select Applications. Then, tap Advanced. You can additionally go to Settings > Battery. You can also disable this feature on individual apps.

By doing this, you can increase battery life without affecting charging speed. But be aware that this technique won’t boost the battery life of your Android phone if you have too many apps running at the same time.

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  1. Disable Bluetooth

Bluetooth can consume battery life, and you should always use wired headphones if possible. Bluetooth uses battery power when you aren’t using it, so disabling bluetooth can significantly extend your phone’s battery life.

Bluetooth is often used for peripherals such as keyboards, mice, headsets, and speakers, but it can also drain your battery when not in use. Open the Settings and look for the Bluetooth toggle switch to enable or disable Bluetooth on your Android phone.

  1. Disable WiFi

When you’re not using it, disabling WiFi to boost your Android phone’, or any Android device can help the device stay fully charged.

WiFi is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to consuming power, so turning it off can help your device last longer. It also reduces the time your smartphone spends connecting to cellular networks, so it’s an excellent option to increase battery life.

  1. Disable NFC

While near field communication (NFC) is essential to mobile payments and sharing information between devices, it can also drain your battery life. If you are not sure if NFC is essential for your device, consider disabling it. It is available on some smartphones and you can turn it off to maximize battery life. 

To disable NFC on your Android phone, go to Settings > More. Scroll down to Near Field Communication and tap the slider to the right. Then select the option to disable it.

Your device will prompt you to enable it again if you disable it. Keep in mind that NFC may be enabled by default on your device. 

  1. Avoid Auto-Brightness

Avoid using Auto brightness. Although it sounds useful, it is not necessary. Auto brightness is brighter than what you need. You must adjust the brightness to meet your needs. 

This is one of your best ways to conserve battery life, as the screen is the largest drainer of battery power.

  1. Switch to the dark mode

If your device is equipped with an OLED or MOLED display, the dark mode can be very pleasing to the eyes. Unlike older phones that use LCD screens, flagship phones like Samsung, OnePlus, and Google now uses this technology. 

An OLED or AMOLED phone means that the phone turns off any pixels showing black. This saves battery, as all the bright white panels have gone dark.

  1. Use Airplane mode

You should consider turning on Airplane mode when you aren’t using your network data. Sending and receiving wireless signals can drain your phone’s battery. 

The easiest way to disconnect your phone is to open the pull-down shade, tap the Flight mode button, then disable Bluetooth and turn off mobile data. To restore access, tap it again.

  1. Turn your location off

To increase your phone’s battery capacity, you can completely turn off the GPS function. Go to Settings > Security and location > Location> and turn this option off.

You should also remove the location permission from apps that do not require it. This will prevent them from using your location as a background service. To do this, go to Settings > Applications & Notifications > Advanced > App permissions.

  1. Don’t misuse your mobile!

Sure it is easier said than done. We are addicted to our phones and check the notifications and messages throughout the day. If you follow this rule, you can save lots of battery time. You will also see a rise in your battery life.

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  1. Clean your cache periodically

Keep the cache clear also makes the Android faster and consumes less battery.


So if you implement these tips correctly, then they are likely to save much battery time.