Brave vs Chrome- Which is faster?

Here is the showdown of Brave vs. Chrome browser. Read about their speed, privacy, ad blocking, and also know which consumes less RAM. Previously we’ve compared opera vs Edge

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Brave is a free and open-source web browser, developed by Brave Software, Inc. This browser is basically overwritten on chromium. With its features, users can block advertising and trackers on websites, as well as give crypto contributions via Basic Attention Tokens.


A cross-platform web browser developed by Google, Chrome, is available for both Android and iOS devices. Browsers like Google Chrome are among the most popular on the planet. Everyone on earth knows about it.

Brave vs Chrome: Which one is Best?

Recently, many people have shifted to the Brave browser for getting advanced and other unique features that are not present in Chrome. If you’re tired of seeking browsers that may be the best replacement for your existing default browser but haven’t got any luck. Then, read this article to know if Brave is your next ideal browser or not. 

Undeniably, Chrome is the popular go-to browser of millions of people for its user-friendly interface and unmodified working for decades. However, the introduction of Brave with smart, effective, and easy features de ranks Chrome in the list of best all-rounder browsers. Also, the tech-savvy browser experts of the slant community identify Brave as the best android web browser with placing Brave at 4th rank while Chrome at 10th. 

Brave has features that flawlessly fill the lack that users face while browsing through Chrome. It has gone a mile forward to care for the user’s privacy by enabling the ad-blocking feature that restricts the third party from tracking the people’s searches while browsing. 

With that said, let’s have a more detailed view of how Brave is all set to become the next genuine all-rounder web browser for you. 

  1. Background

Unlike Chrome, Brave is an open-source web browser made by the Brave Software, which is based on another chromium browser. Whereas Chrome is developed by Google and runs on the definitive set of policies set by it.

Therefore, downloading Brave is as easy and the same as downloading Chrome from the official site of Brave Software. Depending on your windows, you can choose the appropriate browser version and set it up accordingly. Here’s a catch, you can also download Brave on your mobile phones (both IOS and android) through the Apple store or Google play store, respectively.  

  1. Speed:  

Chrome might be the best browser in terms of features, but definitely not even close to a compromising option when it comes to speed. In contrast, Brave works double the speed of Chrome and is officially recognized as the No1 speed efficient browser by analytics Vendor Net Application.

This new software has far improved HTTPS/CSS coding’s with a practically helpful JavaScript engine to offer consecutive browsing. Whether on mobile or PC, Brave loads all the websites 6 times faster than Chrome.  You can fix chrome memory issue though.

  1.  Privacy:  

There’s hardly any browser that can match the exceptional privacy that you get when browsing through Brave.

Besides its Ad-block feature, Brave has several private windows that keep all your browsing activities confidential. It runs through a secure HTTPS connection that offers various levels of security, both on normal public mode or incognito mode.  

 In addition, Brave offers real privacy by a special feature called Tor which is currently available on desktop for Brave users.

The feature hides your location (IP address) from the websites you visit. In short, Tor is a tab-based privacy mode feature that encrypts your server connections while keeping you anonymous. 

  1.  Extension Support:  

Chrome web store has always been the treasure of beneficial extensions to use on the Chrome browser. This the reason why Chrome has today the largest number of useful in-built friendly extensions.

However, Brave also works pretty well with the extensions present in the chrome web store that are readily available for download. Both Chrome and Brave have access to the chrome web store from where you can add any extension you want. 

  1. Performance: 

Due to its ultra-friendly interface, the Brave browser relentlessly excels Chrome by offering improved performance. Plus, it is considered one of the best business browsers for providing features like switching tabs, running offline, arranging meetings, etc.

Though, Brave doesn’t meet the expectations on JavaScript speed tests as it uses the exact internal working mechanism as Chrome.  

Like Chrome, you can now also use chrome-based bookmarks and the helpful password-saving feature on Brave. From windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android, Brave works well on numerous others platforms without supporting the ARM processors.  

However, Chrome also prides itself on the revolutionary browsing performance that combines safety, privacy, efficiency in one place.

Not only do users feel Chrome easy to use, but they have developed a mutual familiarization with the user-friendly extensions that they’ve been using for decades.  

  1. Ad Blocking Feature: 

Let us explain how Braves blocks Ads and restricts them from displaying repeatedly. The browser replaces ads with their own ads that generate small affiliate revenue for other websites.

In comparison, Chrome shows its share of Google Ads, which are also known as Google AdWords. These ads appear with every search and are neither synched, encrypted, or blocked by any ad-blocking extension.  

Overall, Brave has many features similar to Chrome as it is backed by the same high-end technologies used for Chrome.

Such as its famous Blink rendering engines and the V8 JavaScript engine, which are both available on Chrome and Brave. On top of all, Brave retrieves less data from other websites and uses the efficient Ad-stripping strategy, making it more suitable to browse.  


In a nutshell, Brave is close to a standard browser that has made browsing a lot more convenient by removing the ads, which is not the case in Chrome.

It’s free to download, easy to navigate, and smart to browse web browser for both home to business use. 

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