Can gaming computers be used for programming? – Brief Guide

It can be wisely said that;

A genuinely built computer system is a must for every programmer, but how can one decide what kind of PC is best suited for coding needs?

With the amazing advancement of computer technology over the last ten years or so, many tech enthusiasts are starting to focus more on the individual components than ever before.

The rapid development of core PC parts is undoubtedly beneficial for all; however, this has created a blurred line now on what’s considered ideal specs for workflows like programming. see our top picks in laptops for programming.

This is the reason why people are spending more money than they ever need to, whenever they are building setups for either computer programming or encoding. See specs of python programming.

Coding itself is not that system-intensive, but still, there are a couple of reasons why someone wants to opt for a full-proof gaming machine. So, to shed some light on this topic, today we will be discussing whether you should use gaming computers for programming in 2021 or are you better off with a meager machine.

On top of that, we will be looking at some of the aspects you definitely need to consider before choosing your next programming build. So, without taking much time, let’s get into the details!

Are Gaming PCs Suited for Programming In 2021? – Should You Get One?

gaming pc for programmers

As discussed previously, programming itself is basically text manipulation, meaning it isn’t a resource-intensive process. Thus, most of the computer systems readily available on the market are more than sufficient for base-level programmers out there.

You definitely don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on an expensive RGB-proof gaming machine.

This is especially relevant if you’re a student, so save your extra cash and get yourself an affordable model. Even a 4-5-year-old laptop with an i3 processor will suffice if you’re primarily working on Python development. There is no need to buy the latest and greatest model.

In contrast, if you’re making a living out of programming or are a part-time freelancer, then yes, a cheap pc for coding doesn’t sound that reasonable.

In this regard, it makes sense to get an excellent computer or even a gaming PC as you will be using it each and every day. They are powerful enough to handle almost all coding tasks at an exceptional speed while providing optimal cooling.

On top of that, they can deliver decent visuals if you plan on testing any AAA titles on your part-time. Just make sure to not overspend on your setup, especially in terms of GPU; other than that, you’re good to go!

Buying Process of Desktop Computer for Programming

Some might say that building a decent coding PC is as easy as it gets; however, the reality is far-fetched from that. With that said, every consumer needs to go through several aspects before making their end decision. These are under as;

Pre-build Vs Custom-built Computers

custom pre-built pc

As the name suggests, a Custom-built computer is the one that needs to be assembled after the purchase so that you will require quite a bit of knowledge of each hardware accessory separately.

On paper, Custom-built PCs will save you some bucks, but you will need to look into things like overall compatibility. In contrast to that, a pre-built system is the one that comes pre-made right off the bat by the manufacturer so you can plug it directly, and it will be ready to be used.

Although pre-built setups offer added convenience it’s not always recommended. One of the major drawbacks of this system is that you will be quite limited in terms of hardware selection, especially in the long run.

Of course, you can swap the ram when needed, but the overall upgradability is dramatically reduced. Now things are not always sunshine and rainbows in terms of custom-built as well.

Until recent years, custom PCs were quite affordable compared to their pre-built counterparts, but as GPU prices were sore due to Crypto mining, things became quite different.

So, yes, in reality, you can save some bucks on going with pre-built models as parts are already stacked together.

Desktop Vs Laptop Computers

desktop vs laptop

The main selling factor in terms of laptop vs desktop for programming is definitely the overall portability. If you are someone who likes to travel a lot and wants convenience right off the bat, then going on the laptop root is something we solely recommend.

This hardware device will be there for you no matter whether you’re in the office or are coding within the nearest coffee shop. So, yeah, flexibility is the prime feature why many professional developers rely on this accessory.

Nowadays, it can be readily said that laptops are more power-efficient and performance-driven than they ever were before.

Most of the models even compete with desktop models single-handedly in terms of raw horsepower and can even be utilized for things like machine learning. However, one of the few things which make laptops lag behind desktops is upgradability.

Although the latest variants allow you to alter the ram, you can go for upgrades for the primary components like the CPU. Conversely, laptop screens are not that color-accurate when you compare them with even budget-oriented monitors.

You will face many size constraints in terms of these portable options, so pick a model with crisp color resolution. Also, try to opt for a model which is equipped with at least base level SSD and a solid battery timing.

Windows Vs MacOS Vs Linux

Windows vs Linux

Apart from hardware selection, you should also take a bit of time in picking the right OS for your programming setup. Now when it comes to operating systems Windows, Linux and macOS are some renowned names.

Each of them is task-specific and can get you the desired results. There is no doubt that Windows is currently the most popular among coding enthusiasts as it supports almost all programming languages out there.

On top of that, it offers a pretty simple OS for an average consumer, so you might want to try it out if you’re a beginner.

The exact things can be said for macOS, which is quite well-known among web developers. So, if you plan to do app development for IOS applications, in the long run, you can’t go wrong with MacOS.

Additionally, Linux is another vital operating system that may lack some tools and software compatibility, but in terms of customization and security, it can’t get better than that.  


So, there you have it, our point of view on whether gaming computers be used for programming in 2021. These days computers are so powerful that writing code won’t put much stress on a 5-year-old laptop or desktop.

So, you don’t need much horsepower to write code, with some exceptions. If you’re running multiple virtual machines, then yes, getting a gaming PC makes sense, but if you’re a basic web developer or primarily operating on Python Programming, any regular system is enough.

You don’t necessarily need to spend thousands of dollars to get the latest equipment. Just make sure that your machine has decent RAM and a solid SSD.

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