Can I delete apk files from android?

The short answer is yes, you can delete an apk file after successfully installing it on your mobile phone.

APK files are called “Android Package Kit”. Used to install an app similar to .exe files that are used to install a program on computers.

Once a program gets installed up and running, it is not anymore necessary to keep it stored in your storage. Unless you want to re-use them.

Can I Delete Apk Files From Android - Can I delete apk files from android?

Are these files necessary?

No, in general, they are not necessary. But, many people keep them stored in their mobile phones so that they can share them with others and can use them again in the future to reinstall the program.

In addition to this, transferring an app is more difficult than an apk file because you can use Bluetooth, wifi direct, for this. Whereas transferring an app will require to aid of a third-party app like Zapya.

Can APK files harm an Android?

Although an APK file itself is not vulnerable to an android device. As long as you download it from a trusted website. However, people who go after crack versions of a an app just to some money to use the paid version.

They often fall into a trap since there are untrusted websites that put viruses in their APK file. When installing such a file on an android phone. It can mess up your personal information, can put your phone at risk.

How do I know if an APK is safe?

It’s very important to check an APK file before letting in to access your Android phone. To check out if an apk file is safe or contains any kind of virus, there are some scanner apps on the google play store that do this job pretty well.

They are designed to detect malware or any sort of virus in a .apk file and if found they pop up an error msg warning you not to trust this app.

That’s said, always make sure the website is completely trusted before downloading an APK from it. Read reviews about it first.

Where are APKS stored on Android?

It depends on the directory your browser used to stored the at the time of downloading. Most likely it is the download folder where all the files keep stored. Path will be:

  • File manager>
  • Download>
  • Apps 

and there will a list of all the apks downloaded from the default browser. The path will be change for other browsers such as UCbroswer that has a specific folder to stored such apps.

You will have to get into UC browser>downloads>files to locate apks.

However, if you get an apk file via Zapya or Shareit, then you will find an additional folder in your mobile’s file manager. In case, of Zapya the path will be:

  • File manager>
  • Zapya>
  • files>
  • Apps 

and you will see a list of APKs you’ve received via it. 

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