Can I Remove Google Apps from Android?

Android phones and android tablets come with a lot of default applications and among them are those from Google. These include Google search, Maps, Gmail, and a lot of others.

The process of removing the native apps requires you to root your mobile phone. That can lead to losing your mobile warranty, therefore, not recommended. Instead disabling apps is a better option. Or there is a way to hide android apps as well. Well, if permanently removing the apps is the only option left, here’s the way to go.

Rooting your Android Phone

Before rooting your phone, it is important to know that the manufacturer and service provider may void the warranty on certain phones. Rooting is also an advanced operation and can be risky if you do not follow instructions carefully.

Download the KingRoot application onto any computer and install it. Plugin your phone into the computer via a USB cable. Launch the application on the computer and click “One-click Root”. The process takes about one minute and when done, unplug.

Once rooted you can remove the unwanted Google application from your phone. To do this you need to have SuperSU installed on your phone.

Open the SuperSU application and scroll to System apps. From there you can select the Google apps you don’t need any longer and wish to uninstall.

Refer to this guide about the Use of SuperSU.

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