Can you connect a controller to an Android phone?

In the fast-evolving world of Android, almost everything is possible. The new devices are even compatible with the latest gaming kits but there are certain limitations.

However, if you don’t have a gaming setup but you want to enjoy the same gaming experience you can pair your phone with the controller. But how? Continue reading the article to find out!

Can a controller be connected to an android mobile?

All android mobiles support gaming controllers. The latest android versions, 9.1, 10, 11 are compatible for this function regardless of the mobile brand. Samsung, oppo, vivo, one plus, all their latest models are supportive.

You can use your ps4 gaming controllers for playing games on your android mobile, or a wired one also be connected. All you need to do is, turn on the bluetooth from both devices for wireless connectivity, or use an C-type OTG to connect wired controller to a mobile.

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How to connect a Bluetooth controller to an Android phone? 

Following are the ways that will help connect your controller to your android device.

connecting a PS4 controller to android:

  • Hold the PS button to enable the pairing mode
  • Now press the “share” and the PS button both until the light bar flashes white continuously 
  • Now unlock your phone, go to phone settings and click on Bluetooth.
  • There will appear a long list of all devices which are ready to get connected to your phone.
  • Click on “Wireless Controller” (which is the PS4 controller)
  • Once connected the white light will now start flashing as blue light which means that the PS4 controller is now in sync with your phone. 

how To connect Xbox One gamepad to android:

  • Turn on your Xbox One gamepad by holding the Xbox button
  • Now press the Xbox button and the bluetooth pairing button at the same time
  • Make sure that your android phone is right next to you
  • A notification of “Pairing Request” will pop on your phone’s screen 
  • Click on “Pair & Connect”
  • A list of all devices ready to be connected with your phone will appear
  • Choose “Xbox Wireless Controller” 
  • Once the Xbox Controller light turns white your phone will get paired with an Xbox One gamepad and you are good to go!

How To connect your Nintendo Switch Pro Controller to android:

  • Press and hold the Bluetooth sync button on your Switch
  • The player LEDs at the bottom of the switch will now start flashing indicating that the device is now in pairing mode
  • Unlock your phone, go to settings and then to Bluetooth
  • Select “Pro Controller” from the devices
  • The LEDs will continue to flash and you can now operate your Android through your Nintendo Switch.

How to connect a wired USB Controller to an Android phone?

If you’re using a wired controller then you must have a USB OTG device, or “USB on-the-go”. These adaptors convert your charging port into a USB port.

Make sure that your adaptor first fits perfectly into your charging port else it will create problems for you.

Most phone kits include USB OTG devices but if yours doesn’t have one you can easily buy it from any nearby store.

The only flaw in this method is that you can’t charge your phone while playing because the port will be already occupied.

The steps are pretty easy to follow:

  • Make sure that your phone is charged above 80%
  • Plug the USB OTG device into your phone
  • Now insert the USB controller into the USB OTG device 
  • All those games which support controller will become available for you to play

Not all buttons on the controller will work exactly as their icons suggest. And some actions required in the game might not even have a button on the controller.

So, make sure that first, you figure out all this and once you’re familiar with the controller then you can play on your Android comfortably. 

Can I play on Android through my Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons? 

Nintendo Switch’s controllers work on almost every device, not just them but the small Joy-Cons are also perfect for use! Just make sure that your Joy-Cons have an active Bluetooth connection and a compatible device to connect it with. 

Can I play games which do not support controllers?

When you connect the controller to your phone it starts functioning as the phone’s touch screen so most of the games are playable through the controller.

However, there might be some games which you won’t be able to play easily because they are not designed in a controller-friendly way. 

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