11 easy Games made in Python Programming

Python is not the most performant language for game development and other high-performance applications. However, it can still be used to create games, especially 2D games, and simple 3D games, thanks to its ease of use and wide range of libraries and frameworks such as Pygame, PyOpenGL, Panda3D, and Ren’Py. Choosing the right library or framework will depend on the type of game you want to make and your level of experience.

Below are some easy games you can build as a beginner to practice python language.

Easy games made in python

The games below, snake game, Tetris, and Pacman, are others in the list that are easy to code in python. You can make these games only using python code.

1. Snake

snake2 in Python

Snake is a fun game, super easy to code it using python, in which you get a snake on a board grid box. You let him feed, your food, and each time your snake eats, it grows a segment. Avoid poisonous pills or any obstacles that can kill it. Limit your boundary walls or use them as dimensions, like in Nokia mobiles. A fun game that you can make using Python codes.

Developing your own snake game in python is very straightforward. And things become even easier with the Pygame library

Source code of Snake game in python

2. Tetris

Tetris -2 in python

Tetris is a puzzling game that can be made in Python code. An easy and fun project for beginners. It begins with an empty box and vertically falling randomized shapes. Put the shapes in order to avoid reaching the utmost border. If it does, you lose! Focus on each shape, and place them in such a way that they fit and make a perfect horizontal row. Perfect rows will get vanished, and you get points. Score high as you can! 

Tetris in python

3. Space Invaders

Space Invader in python-min

Space Invader is an arcade game that you can make in python. By Writing only python codes, this game can be made from scratch. In this game (as half of the gameplay is already covered by its name), you are on a space mission. On your way, some invaders-jets attack your aircraft, dodge them! Encounter their attacks, and make your move ahead. Complete all the stages, and mind it! Every next stage will step up the difficulty level.

Space Invader in python

4. Pac Man

pacman in python code

Pac-man is another interesting game on the list that python can make. You get a squared box filled with tiny particles all around. On the box, there will be random lines like open tunnels to walk through your character. Eat as much as you can, and at the same time avoid touching foes that will be there after you. You touch, you lose! Build different stages for boosting up fun!

Pac-man in python

5. Skudo

Sudoku in Python-min

Skudo is a kind of puzzle game that is also wholly written in Python. Basically, it’s a multiplayer number-based game where each player tries to score higher than the opponent by listing numbers on a grid or something similar to this. Actually, I don’t really understand this game until now. Somehow, I saw this game so many times in different places so, if you get it! Pick this game for your next python project.

Sudoku in Python

6. Minigolf

Mini Golf in python-min

Minigolf is a strategic game. The entire source code of this game is written in Python, and a YouTuber made this game in python. It’s a golf-sport game where you have to put a ball into a hole. You get limited moves to finish a stage and draw lines for the ball to move in that direction. Within the limits of moves, insert the ball into the hole. Despite this simple gameplay, the stages are a big challenge there!

Mini Golf in python

7. Hangman (word-based game)

Hangman in Python-min

Hangman is a word-puzzled game that can be written in Python. The game’s concept is funny rather than puzzling such that a cartoonish man is hanging on a rod. You’ve to save him from dying, and for this, you have to make a word under the given slots. Use the English alphabet to compose an English word under given turns. You mistake, the man will be hanged! Save it, and do your best to make this possible.

Hangman in Python

8. Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird in Python-min

Flappy bird is a popular classic game that is basically a usual project for python programmers. On Youtube, you can see that almost every python developer once makes this game for his subscribers. You fly a bird by tapping a certain key to perform little jumps. The Bird moves forward direction where it has to avoid obstacles coming in the way. You crash, you lose. Restart the game and score higher as you could! Each flying interval will speed up the gameplay, which means more challenge!

Flappy Bird in Python

9. Chess

Chess in Python-min

Chess is a top-level strategic game that you can also write in python. A YouTuber (Tim) made this and has a complete video on how to make the chess game in python. He made this game to be played online (Multiplayer). If you’ve ever played this chess game, try to write this game in python. Nonetheless, this project lists in the expert category. Best of luck!

Chess in Python

10. Tic-tac-toe

Tic-tac-toe in python-min

Tic-tac-toe is a popular multiplayer turn-based strategy battle game, easily made with Python. In this video game, two players play together on a single board. Each carries a different mark (often, they’re a circle and a cross-mark).

One who marks first in a consecutive row wins the battle.

Tic-tac-toe in python

11. Rock-paper-scissor

Rock paper scissor in Python-min

Rock paper scissor is not a video game indeed. It’s rather a way to decide one will go first. Often players used this in physical action to toss before playing a physical game.

So, if you’re familiar with this game, and know how things work there. Luckily, you can build this using python, and it’s one of the easier projects that you can go after.

Rock paper scissors in Python

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