21 Cool Python Project Ideas with source Code

Python is known to be one of the most popular programming languages that are the basis of many new technologies, including AI, ML, and Data Science. These technologies seem to be ruling over the world in 2021 and afterwards.

Also, the root of these technologies is the python programming language. So to get over the technology, python learning is a must. It is now apparent truth that becoming skilled in Python is now mandatory.

Python learning and projects:-

Learning Python can be tricky in the first place, but once you get used to it, it will be a piece of cake then. Also, several different tactics can help you learn the Python programming language very easily. But is that possible to get a grip over Python without practice? The answer is “No”. So what should you do to be a master of Python? The answer to your question is, “create more python projects.”

If you are reading the article, you must be a developer, either a beginner or a middle man. Also, it would be best if you were on your journey of becoming an expert. It is maybe challenging and struggling but, believe me; it is not impossible.

You have to practice a lot by creating more and more python projects. But now the question is, which python projects should you work on?

 In this article, we will share some cool python project ideas that are good for both beginners and intermediates. Create them, get hands-on practice of them, and become a new python master.

 But before getting into the list of python projects, first, take a brief look at the importance of these python projects that will surely motivate you to take the initiative of creating python projects.

How are python projects helpful?

Creating Python projects can improve your skills and make you an experienced developer. Besides this, it can help you in many ways.

  • While practising via python projects, you can master your coding skills. You will feel a clear difference in your work before and after creating projects.
  • Python projects can enhance your knowledge and make you learn about different applications and software. You will be able to learn the basics of many important technologies.
  • Building Python projects will boost up your confidence. After creating a wonderful project, you will be proud of it and more confident to create a new one.
  • Python projects can make you an efficient learner and creative producer. You will be able to create difficult projects very easily.

Excel in technology by practicing with these cool python projects.

Top 10 cool Python Projects every developer should create:-

Please go through the list of our best python projects.

Number guessing game

The number guessing game is very popular, and it is installed on almost every phone or computer. It is very simple to understand the python project. You have to simply create a game in which users will guess the number.

The game works such that the computer chooses any number within any particular range, and the users have to guess it. The user can guess by getting clues, and every clue will result in a deduction in points.

You have to introduce the function that will compare the entered number and the actual answer. It is a very interesting project that can make you learn so many exciting things.

Website blocker

Website blocker is indeed a very cool python project that is in great demand nowadays. Every time we use the internet, certain unwanted and despised websites keep on popping up in between our favourite tasks, and we want to block them. This python project will let people block all those undesirable sites and save them from distraction. Also, you will be able to practice some tricky functions. Isn’t it something very beneficial and exciting too?

URL shortener

A URL shortener is a website or an application that allows us to shorten a long-tail URL into a short-tail URL. These websites are of much importance these days as everyone needs them. Why? Because long-tail URLs seem to be spammy and are rejected by most of the sites. It isn’t very pleasant to copy and paste a long URL every time for spreading awareness or for marketing purposes.

You can create a URL shortener using Python. This is going to be an excellent python project of yours.

Rock paper scissors game using Python

Rock paper scissors is a mini-game that is played and loved by every child these days. Also, it is a great python project that you can create and learn a lot of new functions from it. When playing on a computer, the user doesn’t need any companion to play this game.

You will learn many spontaneous functions, including a function to develop this game’s main items; Rock, Paper, and scissors. A function that will check the movement. Similarly, a function that will announce the winner and scoreboard.

Mad Libs Generator

If you are a beginner and just have put your feet into programming, this might be a very good project for you as it will make you practice various basic things such as strings, variables, and concatenation.

Practicing by creating a Mad Libs Generator will make you more skilled by improving your basics of learning. This project is enough to teach you how to play around with the user’s inputted data.

In a Mad Libs Generator, users are supposed to input a series of words. These words may be an adjective, a verb, or a noun. The software collects all the data and generates a story around these words. Isn’t it exciting? Of course, it is.


It is another amazing python project for beginners. All of us prefer to have a phonebook to save our contacts and their details. Create a phonebook application that is accessible by all users. Also, users can use it to save as many contacts as possible, along with additional information of their contacts, including their email address, address, name, and number.

Notification generator

Random notifications that pop up every time on our desktop are a great blessing indeed. But have you ever thought that how these notifications work? They are based on a cool python project that offers you to be notified at regular intervals of time. Create a notification generating application by using libraries like requests and notify2, etc.

YouTube video downloader

YouTube is the second biggest social media platform and is used by more than 1 billion people worldwide. But the sad thing about YouTube is that it spent allow its users to permanently download the video. For this, many other applications have been developed that allow downloading of  YouTube videos.

You can also develop such an application using Python with a simple user interface. It will be an incredible Python Project that will give you the hands-on practice of Python.

Alarm clock with the graphical user interface

This project intends to generate an alarm clock with a graphical user interface using Python. You can use libraries such as Tkinter and DateTime to build such a clock. Also, add a function that allows users to set alarms and clocks according to their location and desire.

 This is a good project to practice and learn amazing things that can make you a competent python master.

Python calculator

Handy calculators are not in trend now. Everyone wants a calculator in their system or smartphone. Creating a python-based calculator can be very useful to learn new skills in developing those stimulated with buttons.

Use a library such as Tkinter to develop a calculator that allows a user to perform multiple functions such as addition, subtraction, division multiplication, cube root, and under root. The result should be displayed on the screen within no time.

You can also add the options of scientific calculation, such as logarithm, into your calculator.

Additional cool python projects:-

There are many other projects that you can practice through. Let’s put some light on the list of these additional project ideas.

Bottom Line:

We have discussed some cool python project ideas that can allow you to practice and learn new concepts. Once you are done with beginner projects, you can shift to intermediate ones. We believe that practice makes a man perfect, and we hope that you will be a perfect Python champion one day.

Let us know which project you find the coolest one and which sounded boring to you. We always look forward to seeing positive feedback from our readers.

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