Disabling Applications on Android. A Complete Guide for 2021

Every android device comes up with some pre-installed applications. There are other applications that are installed by the user later. With these two types of applications, a well known term is associated, called disabling applications.

There is a lot of confusion between disabling applications and removing applications. Also, many people are looking for answers to various questions such as

  • What do disabling applications do?
  • What happens when an application is disabled on Android?
  • What are the benefits of disabling applications?
  • Is it safe to disable apps on Android?

And many more similar questions.

We after getting so many related queries decided to pen down a detailed guide that consists of a detailed answer to every possible question related to disabling apps. So are you excited to explore some great information with us?

Why wait? Let’s start with a basic understanding of disabling applications and their Impacts on your phone. 

What do Disabling Apps do?

Disabling an application is considered to be a safer option if you want to free up some space on your phone but also want to retain its usage and purchase history at the same time.

Disabling an application will remove that particular application from the storage of the phone. It means that it will give free space on your android but you will not lose the purchase information and subscription to that application. Also, you can access this disabled application anytime you want to.

What happens when an Application is Disabled on Android? 

Technically speaking, disabling apps doesn’t impact your phone negatively. In other words, when apps are disabled, your phone deletes all the cached data associated with that app. 

Also, all the updates of the application are deleted from the phone. What remains is the original application only which is there for you every time you need it back.

So simply, we can say that disabling those apps that you are not using is good as it gives you more storage space with less to no cached or trash data, thus making your android function better.

What are the Benefits of Disabling Applications on Android?

There is a hell of a lot of benefits of disabling applications on android phone. It can help you in various ways. Some of the advantages are mentioned below.

  1. Disabling unimportant system applications can save a lot of phones’ memory.
  2. It can help you save your phone’s battery and increase its life.
  3. Disabling apps can save you from the irritation of getting tons of notifications and pop-ups every second.
  4. Last but not the least, disabling bloatware apps can help improve the performance and functionality of your phone.

Is it safe to Disable apps on an Android phone?

The answer to the question is not so obvious. It depends on which type of application do you want to disable. Disabling individual applications that are not connected directly with any other application is completely safe. So, you can and should disable all the applications that are not in your use, such as bloatware applications. 

However, if you disable an app that is impacting any other application directly or indirectly can cause your devices’ system harm. Let us explain to you by some examples. Suppose you disable the ‘Camera’ application then it will also affect the ‘Gallery’ of your Android because both are interconnected. 

Similarly, if you will disable the ‘Package Installer’ of your android, it will affect all the installations of your phone. Hence, you will not be able to install any other application or package.

Overall, we can say that disabling apps is safe for your android system and it will not harm your phone’s performance in any way. However, disabling important applications can cause serious issues with your phone.

Which Applications should you Disable on your Android?

Many people ask this question because they don’t know which applications are really needed to be disabled on Android. Here we are sharing some types of applications that you should disable if you want to clean up your phone and enhance its functioning.

  1. Bloatware applications
  2. Unused applications that keep running in the background.
  3. Battery-saving applications.
  4. Storage cleaning applications.
  5. Resource-hungry social media apps.
  6. Storage savers
  7. Installed Camera Applications.

What is the Difference between Disabling and Uninstalling Applications?

Many people think that disabling and deleting an application is the same but not. Both seem to be similar but are somehow different. Let’s put some light on the major difference between both.

Disabling an App

Disabling an app disables the application with respect to its appearance in the application list. The application gets removed from the memory of the system but retains its purchasing information. It can be restored easily to start its usage again.

Uninstalling and Deleting an Application

Uninstalling and deleting an application involves a complete removal/deletion of an application from the memory of android. You can not access it again until you reinstall it or purchase it again.

So it’s better to disable an application if it is not useful for the time being instead of deleting it permanently.

When Should you Disable Applications?

There is no specific time to disable apps. You can disable some bloatware or unnecessary apps from your android when the storage of your android is full or your phone is freezing too much because of heavy load on it. 

Also, you can do so when your phone starts eating up a lot of battery. You can control the battery timing of your android by disabling some applications that continually run in the background.

Wrap Up

Wrapping it up, we must say that disabling apps is just another way of getting your phone’s performance better if done properly. For assistance, we have summarized this post to provide you with a river of information about disabling applications in this few-minutes-read. With this, we hope that it will help you a lot and clear all the confusion that is cooking up in your mind.

We have tried to answer as many questions as we can. But still, if you have any queries or doubts, just do let us know. We are 24/7 there to help. 

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