Does Chrome OS have a Terminal?

Whether you are an Android or web developer, Linux on Chrome OS offers a safe and secure environment to run many popular code editors, IDs, and DevTools to build and test your app all on one device.

The first tool you will need to get started with developing Chrome OS is the terminal app.

It is the main entry point into the Linux container. But how to open it is a question that all users face while operating on Chrome OS.

First, let’s understand what a terminal is?

Terminals, also known as command lines or consoles, allow us to accomplish and automate tasks on a computer without the use of a graphical user interface. Read more about it: Chrome OS terminal.

You can open the terminal on Chrome OS by using two fail-proof ways. Read about open files in Linux in Terminal.

Both of them have been explained in detail below. Enjoy reading

Crosh – The Chrome Terminal

The Chrome OS has a terminal for running commands related to Chrome Operating System.

You may access it by clicking the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + T, which will open a new terminal window via a web browser.

It will open this way as it is not available in the Chrome’s App drawer regular list of apps.

Some people get confused about being in dev mode while using the Chrome shell.

It is an important note for the users that you need not enable the developer mode to be in Crosh. It is not limited to developer mode, but the fact is that what it can do in a secure mode.

The Terminal App on Chrome OS Linux Environment

You can use the terminal app to interact with the development environment via the command line tools.

They will allow you to install other development tools you will need. As it is such a crucial tool in a developer’s toolbox, the terminal was redesigned with the developer in mind.

Anyhow, the steps you need to set up a terminal on Chrome OS are listed below.

  1. The first step you will need is to set up Linux on Chrome OS. For that, we need to go to system settings. Go to Linux beta and click Turn On. 
  1. Follow the set-up prompts accordingly.
  1.  Here, you can choose your preferred username and disk size as well. 
  1. After that, the terminal app will then be automatically installed.
  1. We recommend pinning it to your shelf for an easier approach. To do that, right-click on its icon, which will display a set of options. Click on the Pin.
  1. To access its settings, you can follow the same procedure to access settings. Just right-click on its icon. The settings will appear.
  1. Also, to access this terminal later, search in chrome settings for the terminal by typing in the search bar. Select it by clicking on its icon. 

The Linux terminal is used for running the Linux commands on your Chrome OS.

Multi-tasking with several tabs and windows

As a programmer and developer, you are probably multitasking on different projects.

To help you stay organized, you can easily create new tabs by clicking the plus sign or the keyboard shortcut Control (Ctrl) and T if you have it enabled in the settings. 

Similarly, you can create a new window by right-clicking on the Terminal menu or the keyboard shortcut Control-N.

You may also rearrange tabs by seamlessly dragging and dropping them.


So, we can conclude that, yes, Chrome OS has a terminal.

The Chrome OS terminal is called Crosh, while the Linux terminal operating in Chrome OS is also available.

In short, it is not rocket science how to open the terminal, access settings, or other related things.

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