How To Edit PDF File Without Adobe Acrobat

The PDF file is a widely used file format, it protects unauthorized edit of the file when shared with a second person. I prefer PDF file over MS Document because it is much easier to work with when it comes to printing or viewing the document.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is free software available for reading PDF files. In PDF file format, you can pack a whole scanned book or just a one-page form to fill out. 

It is a multi-purpose file and an excellent format to share over the web until it comes to editing or typing in the file. Writing text in a PDF file is not easy for someone who has very little knowledge of computers. But there are plenty of PDF editors available in the market, that can be leveraged to add text or images in PDF file.

In this article, I’ll show how you can easily install a free PDF editor on mac and edit the PDF file. The software I am talking about is PDFelement. PDFelement is available for Mac and Windows.

PDF is a file format that was originally intended for preparing printed publications in electronic format. There is a large number of office systems that support PDF format.

PDF files do not require any software to print because it is supported by almost all new printers. The format also supports different multimedia, vector and bitmap images and embed fonts.

PDFelement make multiple changes in PDF file along with text editing.

  • Text editing with the ability to change the type and font size in PDF
  • Insert, delete, rotate pictures in PDF files
  • Crop, extract, insert and replace document pages in PDF file
  • Draw in PDF file
  • Write in PDF file
  • Highlight text, paragraphs in pdf file
  • Add annotation in PDF files
  • Add markups to PDF pages
  • Create new forms in PDF file from template library
  • Convert PDF file to other formats or scan to OCR image
  • Set edit protection on specific pages or the whole document

In general, the list is big but the above-mentioned features are enough to convince someone to use this software.

How to edit PDF using PDFelement

PDFelement is user-friendly software. If you have a basic understanding of running any application, you can easily use PDFelement. Install and open the application to see something like the below screen.

make pdf editable

Now Click on “Open File”, browse and select PDF file that you want to edit or convert. The application opens the PDF file and displays options on the left and right menu. Hover over each icon to see what each option does.

Some of the options available are:

  • Add or edit background in PDF file
  • Add or edit watermark in PDF file
  • Crop page from pdf
  • Add or edit header and footer in PDF file
  • Convert PDF file
  • Encrypt PDF file
  • All Text in PDF file
  • Add forms in PDF file
  • Add or remove the link in PDF file
  • Add or remove the image in PDF file
  • Extract image from PDF file
type in pdf file

Now you can easily select the option to perform specific task.

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Editing text in a PDF document

So now we have a task to write in PDF file. Now PDF Editor makes it easy to write a text in PDF or add, remove pictures from a PDF file.

The application allows us to easily add text to an existing PDF document, edit text in PDF document. It recognizes text in a scanned image(OCR). This helps in filling out forms that are scanned locally.

In order to edit text in PDF document, follow the instructions below:

Install the application PDF editor. Launch the application.

Open the file by selection ‘Open file’ from bottom right.

Select Text button from the toolbar, this will enable the edit. Now click on the text that you want to edit.

write in PDF document

Same option you can use to Add new text in the document.

Adding / Removing Picture in a PDF document

This application makes it simple to add images in PDF files. Select the image icon from the left menu and select the image that you want to delete from the PDF document. You can also add a new image in the document using the same option.

add remove image in pdf

Double click on the image you want to edit. Now you can easily perform following tasks:

  • Replace the image in PDF file
  • Extract the image from PDF file
  • Trim/Crop the image in PDF file
  • Rotate the image in PDF file

To remove the image from PDF file, click on the image and press delete

To add a new image in PDF file, Click add image from the left menu. copy the image using ctrl + c and paste the image in the document using Ctrl + v. Drag and drop the image around using the mouse cursor.

This application can also be used to create new PDF document, merge multiple PDF documents, and convert PDF document to different other formats.