How do you empty the trash on an android phone?

How can I empty the trash on my android phone? It’s a common question to which many people are finding the answer. If you are one of those then congratulations you have reached your destination. 

In this post, we are going to explore some simple and easy-to-follow ways of deleting or removing trash from your android phone within seconds. 

So let’s dive straight into our main topic. 

How do you empty the trash on an android phone?

How to empty trash on an Android phone? 

The android phone, after some use, starts freezing and lagging as its system gets slows down. The main reason for the system being down or slow is the large amount of trash in it. 

It can be in any form such as cached data, unused or unnecessary applications, or excessive data in the form of pictures or videos.  

There are several ways to empty trash data on an android phone. We are going to discuss all of them one by one so you may know every possible way of making your phone light and working properly.

Let’s move on to the first one.

Remove Cached Data from Your Android Phone

Cached data is sometimes the main reason your storage is full and your phone is not able to function smoothly. There can be two ways to remove cached data from your phone.

  • Removing cached data of every application separately 
  • Removing cached data of entire system of the phone at once.

Removing Cached Data of Every Application Individually

Step 1: Go to the Settings of your phone.

select settings on Android phone

Step 2: Now click on Apps

select apps from settings

Step 3: Now again click on Apps.

select apps from settings >> apps

Step 4: Now choose the application that you want to clear cache data of. Suppose, it is the ‘calculator’ application.

select the application to empty cache

Step 5: Now click on ‘Clear Cache’

select clear cache for the application

And the cached data will be removed from the storage of this particular application. In this way, you can clear the cache of the remaining apps one by one.

Removing cache of the entire system of android phone.

Step 1: For removing the cache of the entire storage of the phone in one go, just click on the ‘Settings’ of the phone.

select settings

Step 2: Now click on the Storage option.

select storage cleaner from settings

Step 3: Now click on Internal Storage

select internal storage

Step 4: Now click on Clear Cached Data. 

select clear cached data

By clicking this, it will start calculating the entire cached data of the system of your android phone.

Step 5: After calculation, a message will pop up. Click Ok to continue the process of deletion of cached data.

select ok on clear cached data "this will clear cached data for all apps"

It will take a few seconds and all the cached data will be gone in no time.

Remove Trash from the Trash Section of Various Applications

Various applications such as Google Photos, Google Drive, and Gmail have a separate ‘Trash’ section. You can delete Trash from there very easily. Let’s have a look at some easy steps that will help you empty the trash section of each application very easily.

Empty Trash from Gmail

Step 1: For this, go to your Gmail account

empty gmail select gmail

Step 2: Now click three lines in the upper left corner

select three lines from top left

Step 3: A new menu will slide from left to right. Click on Trash. 

select trash from the dropdown

Step 4: Now click on Empty Trash Now. 

select empty trash now

Step 5: A message will pop up to confirm whether you want to empty the trash or it is mistakenly clicked. Click on Empty to start the clearing process. 

select empty from the two options

Step 6: By clicking Empty. All the trash will be cleared immediately.

nothing in trash icon shows up

Empty Trash from WhatsApp

Emptying trash from WhatsApp is the most important part of clearing the trash on Android because WhatsApp contains a large percentage of trash in the form of unnecessary files, videos, and pictures.

Step 1: As a first step, go into your WhatsApp application and click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner.

select three dots from right top corner

Step 2: A small menu will slide up. Click on the Settings

select settings from the drop down

Step 3: Now Click on ‘Storage and Data’

select storage and data network usage, auto download

Step 4: Now click on ‘Manage Storage’.

select manage storage

Select those files that you think are of no use or trash. You can check in the ‘select all’ box to delete all the data if you think that no file is useful anymore.

Step 5: After selecting the files, click on ‘Bin Icon’ to delete unnecessary data from WhatsApp.

select all from size and click bin icon to delete the cache

In this way, you can easily remove all the trash from WhatsApp. 

Remove Trash from Google Drive

Google Drive is the most useful storage platform offered by Google but it offers you a storage of only 15Gb. So it is important to keep the trash clear all the time to use storage space for useful purposes only.

Step 1: First, open your Google Drive.

open drive from the screen

Step 2: Now click on the three-line menu icon in the top left corner.

select three lines from the top left search corner

Step 3: A list of menus will open. This list will include ‘Trash’. Click on it.

select trash bin icon

Step 4: Now select all the items in ‘Trash’ 

select all items in trash

Step 5: Now click on ‘Delete Forever’

select delete forever from the menu

Step 6: All the Trash will be deleted in a few moments.

nothing in trash shows up

Uninstall and Delete Unused Applications

Consider it or not, more than 50 percent of applications on every android phone are useless. This useless pile of applications is just there to eat up storage and slow down the system of mobile phones. 

So it’s the ultimate part of clearing trash to uninstall all unwanted applications that you are not using for the past few weeks or months. Just click on the application for three seconds and click uninstall. The application will be deleted from the storage permanently. 

Delete Unwanted Downloaded Files

There are many files on every phone that are downloaded unnecessarily. It also happens when the auto-downloading feature is enabled for most applications. So, to get a good free space on your android, consider deleting those extra files that are not in your use anymore.

Delete Duplicate Files

Duplicate files are the most irritating thing you experience while using your phone. And these duplicate files are the number one source of filling up storage space on Android. 

It happens when we share data with our friends and family members. This shared data either photos or videos gets saved multiple times in the gallery of our phone. 

Clear up extra copies and keep data only one time. This act will free up a lot of storage space on your phone.

Move Files to Another Storage Device 

If you don’t want to delete any of your data and you think that all the data either documents or photos are equally important to you then you can shift it from your phone to any other storage device. You can use a good storage device such as an SD card or a micro USB.

Just connect the SD card or USB with your device and move all the important data from the android device to the removable storage device. And now no need to worry about data loss and storage full problems.

Final Words

“Your storage is full” is a problem that everyone faces with their android phones. Our post is aimed to provide a complete and ultimate solution to this common problem. We have tried to discuss each and every possible way of clearing unnecessary data and trash from android phones. 

You can try whatever method you think is suitable for your android device. We hope this guide will be much useful to you when you will need proper guidance on how to empty trash on android.

Just focus on deleting all the unnecessary data including junk files, cached data, unused applications, and unnecessary files. 

Don’t forget to leave your feedback. We wait to see you in the comment section.