(FIXED) Chromebook is not authorized to use this device

The reason why you are facing the error “Chromebook is not authorized to use this device” is that:

  • Either you are trying to sign in with an unauthorized email.
  • Or it could be because the Chromebook is programmed not to log in to the user’s account. Chromebooks provided by a school or college fall into this category.
  • Or it could just be a simple problem that can be fixed.

What to know?

For students, to bypass authorize error on Chromebook. The following method will work.

Press and hold alt+shift+control all at once, this should help you restart the computer if not then follow the steps given below

1. Make sure your Chromebook is off.
4. Open your Chromebook and press the power button for 30 seconds. This should bypass the admin block.
5. Place the battery back in and connect the power cords. Put the back cover on.
6. Turn your Chromebook on and press Esc + refresh + power It may take 9-15 minutes to boot based on your device.

This will alert the admin that you have disconnected and if you are using a school Chromebook the device might show up as lost or disconnected.

If this happens they may charge you for the Chromebook. If they notice and come for you just don’t lie. That will get you in more trouble. Also, don’t tell them about me.

3 Fixes: Chromebook Is Not Authorized To Use This Device

To get rid of this problem, the following are some ways you can try.

  • Rebooting the Chromebook
  • Refreshing the Chromebook hardware
  • Powerwash the Chromebook

Let’s find some easy ways to get out of this situation quickly.

There are several ways to resolve the ‘Chromebook not authorized to use this device’ error. 

Some are stated as follows.

1. Rebooting the Chromebook

To get rid of the authorization error on your Chromebook, you can try a quick device reboot. 

  • Click the ‘power off’ option to shut down your Chromebook. 
  • Close your Chromebook for a while, and then open it again.
  • Restart your device.
  • The authorization error is mostly resolved after rebooting your device.
  • You can use any of the two options given below to shut down the Chromebook.
  • Press Ctrl + Shift. Hold them together and press the Q key two times
  • Press the power button on your Chromebook keyboard and hold it for some seconds. A screen appears with some options

2. Refreshing the Chromebook hardware

To fix the authorization issue, you can refresh your Chromebook hardware using the following way.

  • Power off your Chromebook.
  • Wait for a while. Then press the refresh and power keys together and hold them for some minutes.
  • Release the keys when the Chromebook starts.
  • Now try to log in again. 
  • The authorization error will be resolved mostly using this way.

3. Powerwash the Chromebook

If rebooting or refreshing the hardware does not work out, you can powerwash your Chromebook to get out of this trouble. There are two ways to powerwash your Chromebook.