(Fixed) Dell Laptop Fan Loud When Charging

It’s common for Dell laptop fans to start making noise whenever a charger is plugged in. If this is happening with your Dell laptop, worry not. There is nothing to do with the fans, instead performing the following steps will fix this problem.

If the fans start running faster when a charger is plugged in. It is the laptop’s Power profile that is causing this problem. As such the power profile is configured to operate the fans automatically.

How to fix Dell laptop fans getting loud when charging.

Open the power plan settings on your Dell laptop. And from there, go to the advanced power plan setting and choose the power management tab> system cooling process, and set the fans to passive mode on the battery. In general, fans are set to active mode on the battery while charging which is why they start making noise when the charger is connected. 

(Steps with Image) Fix Dell laptop fans making noise when charging

Step. 1 Open the Control panel (Use the windows bar and search “control panel”)

Step. 2 Open the “power option settings” from there. 

Step. 3 Choose the “High performance > change plan settings” from there.

Step. 5 Now Click on the “advanced power settings” from there.

Step. 6 Choose “power management options” from the options shown there.

Step. 7 Select system cooling policy and change from active to passive.

You can also watch this video tutorial to follow the steps.

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