25 Free Linux e-books for download in 2021 [For All levels]

Linux is now widely used for programming and gaming. There is a wide range of books available for those interested in learning more about the Linux operating system. 

There are thousands of informative books about Linux that are either available in print format, PDF format for download, or available on Amazon or other websites to buy at a reasonable price.

This article has selected some of the most popular books that can be downloaded from the net for free. 

Most of these books are available either in PDF or HTML format and can be downloaded and stored on the computer without any restrictions.

Free Linux eBooks to download

To suit all tastes, we have selected books from a wide variety of topics. These include a general introduction to Linux, books that describe specific distributions or applications, books for programmers, and books that highlight the evolution of free software. 

We strongly recommend that you download them on mobile read all of these books.

LAME – Linux Administration Made Easy – Free

Free LAME - Linux Administration Made Easy

The book Linux Administration Made Easy describes the most basic and common tasks that are needed when administering the Linux operating system. 

This book is just what you need if you are a beginner at Linux and want a list of the most common problems a system administrator faces. 

Even though the book was published long ago and some of the information is outdated, it still contains useful information. This is because the administrative and terminal tasks have not changed much.

This book provides a General overview of installing and configuring the Linux operating system.

In General, Linux does not require serious configuration and constant maintenance, many routine tasks have long been automated, just configure everything once and the system will do all the work itself.

It is enough just to observe from time to time so that everything works as it should. But if you need to do something non-standard, this book is useful.

LFS – Linux From Scratch – Free

Free download LFS - Linux From Scratch

You will find all the instructions and tools you need to create and build your own Linux distribution in this book, which is the core of the Linux From Scratch project

By the end of the book, you will have created a fully functional operating system that you can customize to suit your needs.

Those who want to learn Linux from the inside out, understand how it works, and know how all components interact with one another will find this book useful. 

Book is better suited for users who already have some experience with Linux, but it can be challenging for beginners to understand everything.

Shell Scripting – Expert Recipes for Linux, Bash and More – Free

Free download Shell Scripting  - Expert Recipes for Linux, Bash and More

One of the main ways to communicate with Linux and Unix systems is through the command shell. This book provides shell scripting recipes to improve your Linux experience. 

Programs can be configured and interacted with in a more flexible manner for more efficient execution of tasks. 

In this book, Steve Parker provides a set of shell scripts that can be modified and used in a variety of situations and systems. With a focus on Bash and Linux, the book describes programming for command shells.

In addition, it covers shell scripting, shell functions, and system administration. You will find all the tools and information you need so you can start working right away.

Linux User Bible 9th Edition – Free

Download free Linux User Bible 9th Edition

The Linux user Bible 9th edition is published by Wiley Publishing. The book has a good reputation and is popular with beginner and professional readers alike.  

It covers all aspects of the Linux operating system in great detail. The ninth edition is divided into seven parts and 27 chapters. 

It covers the basics of Linux, the command shell, desktop environments, and the Linux programming environment. Each part contains a detailed description of the configuration process, and the commands used.

All the new, popular Linux distributions are covered in new chapters in this edition. The book also contains enough references to third-party sources to help the reader better understand the system. 

The Linux user’s Bible can be viewed as a beginner’s guide and a desktop book for advanced users.

NASM Assembly language programming for Unix

Download free NASM Assembly language programming for Unix

This book explains how to program in NASM Assembly for the i386 platform. This book includes examples designed for Linux and FreeBSD users. 

The author discusses the Von Neumann architecture, floating-point integer representation, the i386 processor instruction set, multitasking operating systems, system calls, and much more. 

NASM syntax for assembly language is discussed. A basic understanding of assembly language is required. This book is suitable for students who are interested in low-level programming.

Debian administrator’s HandBook – Free

Download free Debian administrator's HandBook

From the initial installation to the complete configuration of services and system components, you will find all you need to know about the Debian operating system covered in this book.

 According to W3Techs, Debian accounts for more than 10% of all Linux servers.

Debian is used by many companies, institutions, and organizations. There are several thousand Debian developers around the world, and everyone can participate in the development of this operating system.

The distribution kit is suitable for a variety of tasks, it can handle the work on the server and be installed on a home computer. The purpose of this book is to help you understand Debian Linux distribution.

Workshop: Linux kernel modules – Free

Workshop: Linux kernel modules download free

This book is a summary of a course of practical exercises on writing kernel modules, which were conducted by Global Logic. The course is based on the materials of the training “programming Linux kernel modules.

This book is designed for people who already have some basic programming skills in Linux kernel modules, but want to improve their knowledge. 

Readers must be familiar with the C programming language. In this book, the primary aim is not to provide examples of development, but to give the programmer a task, materials for reflection, and exercises for independent study.

Accordingly, the book and its materials are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license, which allows not only its free distribution and download but also the creation of books on its basis.

Advanced Linux Programming – Free

Download free Advanced Linux Programming

The professional approach is divided into two parts. First, it describes in great detail the basics of Unix, its structure and services, as well as Linux-specific information. 

This part is useful for both beginners and experienced programmers who have worked with other Unix and Linux systems since it discusses all the differences between these systems.

The second part of the book focuses entirely on Linux. It focuses on some really complex methods, algorithms, and ways to implement programs that can be used by real gurus to create complex programs. 

With Advanced Linux Programming, you will be able to use both the Linux kernel APIs and the C language library.

Introduction to Linux: a hands guide – Free

Introduction to Linux: a hands guide Download free

Linux is considered by many to be a difficult operating system to learn and can only be understood by specialists. But since it is an open-source operating system, it has gained great popularity among ordinary users not only as servers but also in offices and for home use.

The goal of this book is to demonstrate to a wide audience just how simple and fun Linux really can be. New users will find this an easy overview of all the features of Linux OS.

Introduction to Linux: a handy guide contains many examples from the author’s experience as a system administrator, consultant, and instructor. 

Linux device drivers, 3rd edition – Free

Download free Linux device drivers, 3rd edition

Linux kernels are fully available for analysis and modification, unlike other operating systems. Although Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition was published back in 2005, it still contains up-to-date and useful information for those who want to program kernel drivers.

It discusses the basics of driver development, the role of drivers, and the creation of different types of drivers, both for symbolic and block devices. 

It covers all the new features introduced in the 2.6 kernel version. The features improved the performance of the kernel, simplified the code, and made creating drivers much easier.

The book “device Drivers for Linux 3rd edition” is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution license-NonCommercialShareAlike 2.0, which means that you can download and distribute it for free.

Lennart Pottering – Systemd for administrators – Free

Lennart Pottering - Systemd for administrators Download pdf

Systemd is a new initialization system that replaces SysVinit. Fedora has been using Systemd since version 14. Currently, it is used in most popular distributions, such as OpenSUSE, RedHat, and even Ubuntu.

Firstly, this optimizes the download process through on-demand activation, parallel launching of services, new dependency management, and much more.

Writing files to run services is greatly simplified by the new initialization system.

In this book, Lenart Pottering explains all the features and innovations of Systemd after compiling hundreds of articles. 

Systemd for administrators will allow you to make full use of all Systemd’s features both as a regular user and for writing your own services.

Here are few more free Linux Ebooks available in PDF or HTML format

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