Free Online Python Course for Absolute Beginners

Python is a multi-purpose vastly useful programing language. It is by far the most popular language across the world and also the first language most people learn when they step into the programming genre. The conciseness and ease of learning of Python help new programmers grasp the concepts easily. Also, its versatile use in a scientific application, software development, and even web development makes it a must-learn language. Python can also help the learner explore subjects like Data Science and Machine Learning.

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5 Free Python courses for Beginners

A good place to start with learning programming language is free sources and there are ample options online to explore from. These may not be as comprehensive and detailed as paid courses to learn Python but they are still a good place to begin and get your toes wet.

The well-known course aggregator Udemy has a number of highly popular free tutorials that is surely worth going through.

1. Python Core and Advanced

A free 8-hour course that all beginners must be thankful for, since it is comprehensive and explains concepts in simple ways for easy learning.

2. Introduction to Python Programming

The perfect course for a quick freshening up of concepts or even stepping into the world of Python. The instructor is a 17-year-old student himself with more than 130 thousand enrolments, which tells you how vastly popular the course is.

3.  Programming with Python: Hands-On Introduction for Beginners

As is clear from the title of the course this tutorial is more about hands-on training and learning. It covered the fundamentals of programming, the basics of Python, and teaches the learner to write independent programs using Python.


4. Deep Learning Prerequisites: The Numpy Stack in Python

Meant for programmers who want to learn Machine Language and Data Science by learning Python. This course covers concepts about supervised Machine Learning, learning to code by using Numpy Stack, implementation of numerical algorithm, and also the pros and cons of different Machine Learning models.

5. Python for Absolute Beginners

This course covers fluency in Python programming, teaches you the use of Pycharm in Python, and explains the concepts of Computer Science like functions and flow control. If you wish to future exploration and learn indebt concepts you can avail a paid course that is much more thorough in content.

Teach Kids Python

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There are some things that must be kept in mind while teaching children Python and it is a good idea to check if the instructor or the course follows these.

  • The set up must be oversimplified for ease of comprehension
  • Have a one on one learning experience if that isn’t possible then a four to one ratio is the max that should be explored.
  • The instructor must cover the basics of the language and understand what the children are expecting from the program.
  • Concentrate on learning through examples and be engaging and simple.
  • Show source codes to the kids not just talk about concepts, since that can be too much information to take in.
  • Use games as a mode to teach the language

Course to Teach the Kids to Code this is a concise and visually appealing course that is great for people of any age to learn Python Programming. The colorful apps and games make it perfect for children from ages 5 and up to learn the language.