2021 FreeCodeCamp Review and a Complete Guide

FreeCodeCamp is an incredible platform for people who want to learn how to code. The organization is a non-profit one and is donor supported as well.

The platform’s primary goal is to help people learn to code without any cost. Yes, the services provided are free of charge, and students get to learn everything through different lessons, articles, videos, as well as study groups from all over the world.

Moreover, the platform offers over 1800 hours of study material as well. The demand for online courses has gradually increased over the years. This makes it possible for people from all over the world to learn something.

This is where freeCodeCamp plays a role that was launched back in 2014, California and has been loved by people since then. Moreover, the creator of the platform is Mr.Quincy Larson.

He says that the reason behind creating this platform is that he wants to help students to start from a basic level of coding and become an expert at it later on. The creator himself is a software developer.

Moreover, once you are done with your studies on freeCodeCamp, you are able to use your skills and apply them in other non-profit organizations. This is what makes the platform even more impressive. In order to learn more about the platform, have a look down below. 


  • Certification is available 
  • A lot of material available 
  • Professional teaching style 
  • Free of cost 


  • Too simple 
  • Users come across few technical problems 

Now that we’ve cleared the pros and cons, let’s delve right into it


Now we all know the world of tech is a unique as well as a complex one. Lots of people in today’s world have started entering this industry to pursue their careers. The job opportunities offered here are vast, and people can opt for lots of different courses.

Moreover, people have started pursuing computer science degrees and more. There are other different methods of entering the world of tech as well.

These include self-study as well as coding bootcamps. All of these methods combined can do wonders for a person. 

Different methods come with their own share of pros and cons. Now, one such fantastic platform for people who are interested in learning how to code is called freeCodeCamp.

The platform allows one to self-learn, and more than 40,000 freeCodeCamp graduates have gotten jobs in well-known companies out there. These include Google, Apple, Microsoft, and more. The best part is that the platform is entirely free of cost.

The Design 

When you go to the homepage of freeCodeCamp, you’ll realize that it has a very old layout. This won’t please you at first; however, this is what makes it interesting.

Once you start using it, you’ll realize that the style and design are simple and basic. This ensures that users face no issue at all. The brand has used a simple approach and enables one to use it without facing any issue at all. 

You’ll see a huge sign-up button on the screen and have a look at many success stories once you scroll down. Moreover, this is where you will learn information about the company.

Furthermore, you will see a couple of images on the page; however, there are no advertisements which makes it even better. It provides a great learning experience and guides one on who to start.

Simply sign up, take the lesson, and there you go. You can easily check out the lesson in 2 or 3 panes. In the HTML lessons, the page allows you to view the material on one page and the coding on the other page. Moreover, you get to see the result in the third one.

All in all, the page is intelligently designed. 

However, there are a few technical issues with the site. You may get hit with a 404; however, that doesn’t happen often. We believe this is what the site needs to work on in order to keep its reputation intact. 

What Is Their Teaching Style? 

The teaching style at freeCodeCamp is quite simple yet unique. It is direct and has a clear design. Moreover, the new ideas are presented with lots of different examples for you to learn and understand a concept completely. 

However, the thing about the lessons is that they start from a very simple level. Sure, they do go into detail later on; however, this is a downfall for people who want to jump onto complex issues. However, mostly all online bootcamps out there function this way. 

Moreover, the content quality available here is exceptional as well. Sure, there are no actual courses, but you get to learn through videos, tutorials, articles, and much more. All of these combined are pretty helpful, and make sure you understand each and everything.

Programming Curricula at freeCodeCamp

The platform offers six certifications, and each of them requires 300 hours of study. Moreover, the platform also offers a course that prepares you for your technical interview.

This can result in being quite convenient for people who want to apply for jobs at well-known companies out there. 

Moving on, all the courses offered consist of subsections. This means that the sources are divided into many different lessons and make sure each lesson teaches a single concept.

This is an excellent approach towards teaching something as it allows one to quickly understand a single concept, learn it thoroughly, and then move forward with the other one. It ensures that you don’t mix up stuff. 

Moreover, you get to finish a small task after every lesson that allows you to get your knowledge into practice. You cannot simply learn without doing something practically, and this is what the platform makes sure of.

Moving on, each course also ends with five projects that show you what you have actually learned.

You get to learn the following from the platform: 

  • Responsive Web Design: Here, users get to learn how to build web pages. They get to learn the basics of HTML as well as CSS. 
  • JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures: This course offers a general understanding of JavaScript and Programming. It covers different concepts such as debugging, functional programming, and more. Not to add, there are specific things like ES6 and JavaScript algorithms taught as well. 
  • Front End Development Libraries: Here, you are taught about different front-end technologies. These include Redux, React, Bootstrap, and jQuery. 
  • API’s and Microservices: In this course, you learn to use APIs using different technologies such as Npm, Node, Express, MongoDB, and Mongoose. 
  • Quality Assurance: Here, you get to learn how to write tests with Chai. This is done to ensure the application works completely fine. 
  • Data Analysis with Python: Here, you get to learn how to read data from different sources like CSV’s and SQL. Moreover, you learn how to use Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and more. 
  1. Machine Learning with Python: This includes different practical applications that you get to use in your Python projects. It allows you to learn advanced techniques like natural language processing and more. 

You can learn more about the courses from the freeCodeCamp website. 

Is freecode Camp The Right Option For You? 

If you are good at self-learning, then this platform is a good one for you. You can easily take out some time from your day and learn programming and coding.

There are no specific timings, and this allows you to set up your own schedule. Moreover, you get to learn everything free of cost, which makes it even better. 

However, if you are not good at self-learning, then you should consider going for the option of other coding Bootcamps that offers strict schedules and allow you to learn in a very short period of time. It all depends on you what you want to go for. 

Final Verdict

If you are someone looking for a way to learn to code, then freeCodeCamp is the perfect solution for you. It offers valuable information that one must learn in order to become a pro at it. It is a self-learning platform that is entirely free of cost and provides come exceptional study material well. It is actually known as one of the best coding bootcamps available out there. 


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