16 Fun Python Projects for Beginners and Intermediate programmers

Building python projects is the best way to check the limits of your python programming skills. And to encourage developers to initiate this practical  approach, we’re going to list some fun python projects. As a python programmer, you will find amusement in these projects; along the way, you will see an immense amount of increment in your python knowledge developing them.

16 Best Python projects for Fun

These are the top fun python projects for every level of python programmer.

Stories generator

Starting out with this fun python project that will generate random stories for you. Put name, action, and things like hypothetical situations. And, let this project create an exciting story for you. Although the short story will not become your assist on kindle, it’s generally a good way to gain some practical knowledge.

The limit is sky-high with what you can do to make it even enjoyable. Hinting that, you can use text to speech functions in this project to listen to the story instead of reading.


Use the Python library, named random library. That will make this project effortless.

Wikipedia Articles bot

Wikipedia Articles bot is what we call another Python fun project. Background; Wikipedia has a lot of informative information for readers.

So what about bringing all of this to your device?

 That’s why this python project tends to do for you. It’ll extract out the articles that you would probably like to read because you have the liberty to pre-target your interest.

Also, you can skip the article if you don’t want to read it and wait for the next article to appear on your screen.

Below are some of the libraries that you can leverage:


While listing fun projects, the Tic-Tac-Toe game has its place well on the list. And Building this game ultimately will power up your grip on python’s functions, essentially the dictionaries. We think this project is useful to the beginner or intermediate python developers.

In case you have not ever played this Tic-Tac-Toe game in your school days. Let me introduce you then.

It’s a sort of board game with a grid board of 3into3. Where two players with different marks will have to put the pattern on the board one after another. And the game’s winner will be the one who will set the pattern consecutively in a horizontal row, vertical row, or diagonal row. During the game both the players try not to let the opponent draw a consecutive row.


The opportunities to make this simple game stand out is beyond what I can describe, if you can make this as simple as given, don’t stop there. Try to put more functions to them that will impress, not just you but the people who see your creativity.

One more thing you must lock in your mind, try to build this simple from the base, don’t copy or use any library only if you really want to develop your python skills.

Steganography in Python

This python project is fun yet super useful for people who intend for security, so with this project, they can set up their own security mechanism by using Python codes. There are not many difficulties to go through or do not require expert knowledge of python.

However, If you don’t already know what this steganography is? Then, here is the brief introduction; Steganography is the art of securing a message by converting it into another form so that no one can see the presence of that. You can use images, videos, audio, or any sort of file to hide your secret message.

Image resizer

Image resizer is an advanced python project, a newbie who just jumps start may not be able to build this. But, still trying to get the fruits even if you don’t make it will favor you somehow. Hence, you must try this python project, start it as fun, and later pour more value into it.

If you can make this stand out, then publish it online and let people use your project.

Expense Tracker

Expense tracker is another fun project to build as a python programmer. As the name speaks for itself, you might already catch the idea. So, it’s an expense tracker that will keep track of all your expenses.

Extend its functionalities by linking this expense tracker project to your google account in such a way that it can obtain the data out of it. Further, it can give you a statistical analysis of your expenses and guide you with your future purchases.

Instagram Bot Photo downloader

Instagram photos downloader might not be a fun project for all. Instead, it’s definitely useful for people who use Instagram regularly and, for some reason, they need to download all the shared photos quickly.

They can automate this process with this project, as it lets you download all the photos from Instagram. Just give it your credentials to log in to the Instagram app and the URL of the account from which you intend to download the images on your local device storage.

Desktop Notifier App

You might want to know how a notification works? And why not, because notifications are the main subjective of every program. And you must know about them so you will not face difficulties later when you actually need to pull them off. That’s the primary approach of this Desktop notifier python project.

Get some practical experience by developing such an app for your Desktop that notifies you with some messages, reminders, anything out of the box.

Similar project is Feed Notifier is a Python application, that sits in system tray , runs in background and notifies when there is a change in RSS or Atom feed.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Enjoy developing the traditional fun game using python language. The rock, paper, scissors is certainly the game that can pull out the stress in just a matter of minutes—having no mate to play together? Not to worry when you can play with your computer all day.

Let your computer-mate turn first, and respond back by pressing the key you’ve set out. Rest it up to you, shape it in the way you find it interesting to a great degree. Like add some pop ups for declaring winners, show scoreboard of all the matches, and if you’re smart enough. Then, make this game to be played online with friends or people from the world.


Need for an alarm? Try building yours using your python skills. The main idea of this project is to develop a modern alarm. As you already know, Alarms are the essential need for everyone these days. It rings a tune for us at a specific time. The tune can be a pain to listen to every time you listen to a song from youtube instead. This is what you should target regarding this python project.

Don’t get screwy, this python project’s fundamental idea is not taking you a lot of time rather than polish your python skills.

Python File Explorer

Developing a python file explorer is one of the great project ideas. It will not just polish and boost your python skills but also put you in the text to learn GUI (Tkinter) library, either way, and you will fail to develop this project.

There are plenty of solid reasons that will encourage you to build this project. Think out of the box, and create a file explorer even robust than most we use.

It’s quite a challenge, but you will be praised with the knowledge even though you couldn’t make it stand out.

Price Comparison Extension

The Price comparison extension is a worthwhile project to get hands-on experience. The fundamental idea of this python project is to always find the best deals on the products over the different e-stores.

Put some unique website URLs from where you make purchases, add the product’s details, and this price comparison extension will find the best deals for you. To add more interesting functions into this, you can set a notification popup when this finds the product in the price range you wanted.

Quiz Application

Build something for kids with your python skills! For this approach, hardly any project idea can beat this quiz application. This quiz application is a set of pre-added questions that will show up on the screen. The questioner has to select the right answer with the below list containing some options.

You can extend the limits for this project, add some features like a scoreboard, difficulties scale, and increase the number of questions to be asked. Categorizing them would be fun, and this way, a child will have more fun with this project.

This python fun project idea requires a database, which is closer to the web development field. However, we recommend this python project to almost everyone to try out, and even if you don’t make it perfect yet, understand how a database works with python.

Python Directory Tree Generator

You don’t need to mess up with directories anymore. Use your python skills on this Directory tree generator project idea to analyze the relationship between files to files.

The project idea may sound useful yet straightforward, on the other hand. The primary purpose behind this python project idea is to browse all the directories with just one click, which is a super-fast way to navigate through files quickly.

To build up this project, use the os library to list the files and directories within a specific directory.

Dice Roller

The project imitates a rolling dice phenomenon. A user rolls a dice and waits until it stops moving and displays a constant number. And mostly the dice has six digits on its surrounding body, starting from 1 to 6. And once the final result has been printed, it should ask to roll the dice again.

This can be built by using python language, and it’s not an advanced project as even a person who just jumped started into python, this project could enhance and help to build up interest in learning python.

Virtual Mailer

A virtual mailer is like a bot that can help you to send emails, extract specific data from an email’s list as it could be the sender’s names, dates, and many likely-activities that can be performed.

We see this python project idea as fun and useful too. Significantly when it comes to digital marketing or just regular use of emails. You will find your email-related tasks easier to pull off. Furthermore, for a beginner python programmer, these kinds of small projects are great for starting for something big in the future.

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