Guided Apex hosting review in 2021 – Why Should You Choose it?

I hope that you will acknowledge me when I say that

Getting a lag-free experience on Minecraft servers is extremely hard to find these days

A Minecraft server hosting is a collection of dedicated gaming servers to provide you and your friends’ low latency or lag-free experience.

It allows you an efficient way to connect with worldwide Minecraft players without ever needing to rely on third-party utilities. You can instantly install dozens of enjoyable modes on it and shape your gaming needs.

Furthermore, we will also be looking at How to make servers using Apex Minecraft Hosting? and give you a final verdict, so make sure to follow us till the end. So, without further due, let’s get straight into it!

General Outlook on Apex Hosting

Before reviewing apex hosting, have a look at its background.

Apex hosting was founded back in 2013 by an American-based company, and since then, it has been providing top-notch service to its clients.

On top of that, they are always on the go-to answer your queries and give you substantial guidance through their 24/7 chat support.

With the implementation of MySQL and FTP databases, you can set up your server according to your preferences within no time. By choosing them, you will get premium hardware that can lead you to a low-latency Minecraft experience.

They have servers functional in more than 70 countries supporting around 100,000 Minecraft players worldwide. Also provide hosting in games like Hytale, Ark, and Valheim. Choosing them will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.

Apex Minecraft Hosting- Review

To run any online gaming (Minecraft) server efficiently, you need to take into consideration different aspects In a hosting provider such as processing speed, server up-time, overall latency, server’s speed, storage capacity, amount of RAM, ease of mod installation, as well as Plug-in updates.

Each of them plays its role in regulating how smooth your server will run, with the desired number of players. Following are some of the prime features that you will get in Apex Minecraft Hosting:

1)  Ease of Use


As the name suggests, it specializes in Minecraft hosting, which means you will get a prime feeling as soon as you land on their official page. The subscription button is located directly at the top for the convenience of the user.

As you select a plan, you will be directed to a custom web-based multi-craft panel, which is quite user-friendly. While scrolling down the bottom, you will find dozens of reviews from first-hand customers. Overall, when it comes to navigation, there is no better option than Apex.


Ease of use itself encompasses many things, one of which is effortlessness in installation. Setting up the server in Apex is easy as it gets. You will be able to get it up and running within 10 minutes.

Whether you’re into adding plug-ins to your server or want to install your favorite mods, you can do it within the 10minute time frame.


The third aspect of usability is how well your server is managed after it’s live. You definitely want to keep your server running without any hindrance, which depends on the ease of management of your hosting provider.

Well, Apex is equipped with top of the line multi-craft control panel that enables the user to find the console.

Furthermore, this hosting manages the server’s restarting, finding logs, adding mods through FTP, and changing the server versions quite efficiently and easily.

Similarly, the FTP is built right into the control panel, which is highly regulative than many premium utilities such as FileZilla.


2)  Convenience

While some might say ease of use and convenience might be the same thing, the reality is quite different.

Not everyone is tech-savvy these days, which means beginners will soon get into many complications. In Apex, dozens of user guides are readily available to help you get accompanied with the setup.

The best part is that they can be found directly on the main page with custom multi-craft panel aid, giving you additional ease of mind.

Most of them come equipped in video format, which is again great resources to go through, especially if you are a beginner.

All in all, with all these different guides, using Apex is a lot easier as compared to competitors.


3)  Customer Support

If you ask me the number one thing in which Apex Minecraft hosting stands out from the rest, that will definitely be customer support.

Regulating a Minecraft server is a 24/7 thing which means it requires approval all the time.

As it is running all the time, there is a high probability that you might have budged into a technical issue or have a question that you can’t figure out and need some help with.

In that case, Apex hosting is always there to support you.

They offer 24/7 live chat support so you can forward your queries to a real person instead of mingling with those annoying bots.

You will be instantly able to troubleshoot your issue, which is something no other Minecraft hosting provider can do!


4)  Pricing

Apex Minecraft hosting might not be the cheapest in the market when it comes to pricing, but it’s not that expensive as well.

They currently charge around $6 per month in which you will avail of 1GB RAM for your server.

However, as you go up the subscription plan, you will get around a 50% discount for your first month. This means that 2GB spacing won’t be $12, but it’s cheaper than that ($10).

In addition to that, there are a total of 10 subscription plans offered by Apex Minecraft hosting, which max out at 10GB. It’s worth noting that they all come with unlimited player slots so that you won’t be disjointed in the long run.

Also, you don’t need high-end plans to get decent performance from your concurrent server. Anything with 4GB will do fine as long as you don’t overload the server with too many players.


5)  Hardware

The quality of hardware featured by Apex is quite decent for the price point. You won’t get anything extra-ordinary, but their system is powerful enough to give you and your fellow players a smooth experience.

Depending on your data center, you might get a different variety of CPUs. You might be thinking, but why am I stressing enough on processors?

Well, processing power has become a vital factor in the overall performance in Minecraft V1.15 and ahead. Generally speaking, they use CPUs like Intel’s Xeon, i7, and even AMD’s top-rated Ryzen 7.

They are kind of shady in terms of hardware, so you won’t know which CPU your server is on, even after you purchase a subscription.

In contrast to that, the storage can fluctuate between NVME, SSD, and sometimes HDD in DDR4 setup.

I personally like their setup because they are located on hardware monitors so if one of the stocks starts to troubleshoot, they will be immediately able to detect it and relocate you to a new server.


6)  Reliability

There is no doubt that Apex is not a free Minecraft server hosting, and you have to pay some bucks to get decent performance out of it.

But we talk about reliability; its sure is a winner. They boast more than 130 mod packs on their website, and that number is drastically increasing day by day.

Each of them can be installed quickly with the incorporation of a 1-click installation utility.

Besides that, they are constantly kept up to date for the convenience of the user. Similarly, they guarantee 99.9% uptime, so you and your friends don’t get disrupted in their Minecraft journey.

We all know how common are malware attacks these days. That’s why Apex Minecraft hosting is equipped with DDoS protection on each of their servers.

Unlike its competition, they have a strong stance on backups. Not only will you get daily backups but also specific off-site backups which ensure your data protection at any cost.


Overview of Features and Drawbacks

Let us summarize the major pros or features, and drawbacks you will be prone to after choosing Apex Minecraft Hosting.

This Minecraft hosting platform will allow you to have an FTP connection with the MySQL database for ease of useSadly, Apex Minecraft hosting doesn’t support dedicated servers as well as VPS for further optimization
Apex itself is dedicated, or we can say specializes in Minecraft hostingAs compared to the competition, the pricing they offer might not be cheap for most users
They are equipped with quality hardware like rapid SSD’s which can substantially enhance the performanceThey aren’t yet fully compatible with multi-lingual users
Instant setup procedures and one-click mod installation definitely make it genuineIts Deficit in terms of hardware transparency per plan
The implementation of automatic backups can give you additional peace of mindThere is a lack of a dedicated IP
Apex Minecraft hosting also provide 24/7 live chat support for their customers
They have server location scattered around the globe (more than 70 countries)
You will get a free web domain after your plan purchase
They have a spotless website and easy to navigate custom multi-craft panel 

How to make servers using Apex Minecraft Hosting?

To rightfully purchase and set up your Minecraft server by using Apex hosting, make sure to follow these steps;

STEP 1: First of all, go to the official Apex Minecraft Hosting website and move to the pricing section. You can even select the “Get Started” button for quick access.

STEP 2:  Now, in the pricing window, choose your desired package and hit “Order Now,” which is present below it. Note that there are a wide variety of subscription plans to choose from, so make sure you select the most suitable one with your budget and server needs. Although, anything like the 4GB will give you a decent amount of ram and headroom for plug-in installation later on.

STEP 3:  This will lead you to a package confirmation page.

So, go ahead and type in the desired information like the Minecraft username and server location (closest to you) and click “Continue“. It’s worth mentioning that you do get a free web domain with Apex Minecraft hosting, so make sure to write it down as well.

For this mini-tutorial, we will be using the default Minecraft Paper version, but you can choose dozens of mods listed there. This setting can also be changed later on, so no need to panic!

In the next window, you will be asked to provide your billing information, ultimately confirming your purchase.

After that, you will hopefully be getting an Email from this hosting provider within half an hour, which will contain the IP address, your login info, and other minor details.

So, try to login in using that info, utilize the one-click mod installation, and start your Minecraft journey!

Final Verdict

Although a Minecraft server can be hosted on one’s machine, you will eventually run into many issues, one of which is accessibility. So, if your system is not online 24/7 or poorly organized, people will get disconnected due to overloading and, in due course, may feel discouraged to play there. That’s why it’s best to choose a premium hosting such as Apex Minecraft.

They have dozens of features and perks on the backend, including quick and easy setup installation as well as multiple server locations, which make it stand out from the rest. On top of that, their subscription plans are quite decent for the performance you will get in the long run.

If you’re still confused, try to reach out to them via customer support or visit their official blog for additional help. Also, it’s worth considering that the optimal way to connect your server is through an FTP panel. You can connect the FTP through any renowned utility such as FileZilla. Other than that, your good to go!

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