Hootsuite vs Buffer: Which one is Better for your Business in 2021

Social media marketing or management these days largely depends on the social media managing tools we use to increase the number of reaches. It has increased lately due to a wide demand of customer services on social media websites. Companies are proceeding to add the most influential tools they can to entertain their audiences in all the ways possible.

E-commerce seems to have played a huge role in strengthening these dashboards more than any other essential. Whether it is a group of people starting up a new brand, or is it already an established firm anywhere, they must have something to immediately do something to reach more people at the right time.

There is a great deal of these dashboards available online with apps and web services. Among them are leading Hootsuite and Buffer, both of them with their pros and cons. But before we draw on the comparison between these two dashboards, let’s have a look at their main features and pricing.


hootsuite vs buffer

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that covers almost all the functions a social media manager is supposed to perform. It can auto-schedule your posts ahead of their times and publish them accordingly to hit the exact audience. From free to paid and customized use of Hootsuite dashboard, you can look for the most fitting model for your needs.

hootsuite pricing and features

Key features of Hootsuite vs Buffer

  • It offers you customized streams to keep track of all the accounts of social media you are controlling
  • It offers an option of inbox view for incoming private messages for all the accounts you are managing. It keeps you alert in case your customer wants a quick response
  • It has an ability of integrating with other third party apps for an enhanced experience
  • It also offers a variety of options such as content approvals, reporting, and analytics to manage your team efficiently
  • It lets you tag your content as well as gives you the statistics as well
  • It is compatible with all operating systems

Hootsuite Pricing

Hootsuite Free

Hootsuite is free with maximum 3 social network profiles and 1 user. The performance of its free plan is limited. To have its all workable and essential features, you must upgrade to Hootsuite Professional.

Hootsuite Professional

You can get a 30 day free trial for Hootsuite professional, which costs $29.99 monthly. It is limited to ten social media profiles and 1 user. The scheduling it now offers is unlimited.

If it still doesn’t serve you as best as you want with your social media accounts and users, you can further upgrade it. This upgrading comes with 3 user profiles and 20 accounts, which will cost $129 per month. For enterprises with larger teams, this is the best choice.


buffer vs hootsuite

Buffer is another control desk for managing social media platforms and accounts. With rather simpler layout and functions, it can also connect your social accounts in a shot. Like Hootsuite, it has both free and paid subscriptions as well, and both of them come with their own perks.

buffer pricing and features

Key Features of Buffer over Hootsuite

  • Buffer has default time slots for reaching out the audience at the time when they’re active
  • The feature of auto-scheduling in Buffer can send posts to social media websites including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • Buffer has more expedient content recommendation and reporting
  • It offers easy-to-read analytics for every update you share on your social media accounts
  • It offers a variety of extensions for widely acceptable browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera and can also be integrated with third party apps
  • With Buffer Reply you can engage with your consumers and audience for better customer services
  • With Buffer Analyze you can take better decisions as an online brand by keeping a watchful eye on your Instagram posts. It will help you decide your further strategies for boosting your business up

Buffer Pricing

Buffer Free

Buffer with its free features can connect your 3 social media accounts at once. It’s free version allows a maximum of ten posts to be scheduled at any specified time, and you can have only 1 account from 1 social media platform mentioned above.

Buffer Pro

Its paid plan costs $15 per month, and offers you additional features such as Feed features. It also allows an increased limit of 100 posts at any single time with 1 user and 8 social media profiles. Although to gain access to its analyzed feature, or to convert it into its premium subscription, you will have to pay $50 more.

Buffer for Business

With an extension of the Buffer application called Buffer for Business, 25 social media accounts can be linked and 2000 posts from each account can be pre-scheduled. This subscription starts with $99.

Hootsuite versus Buffer

Ostensibly both Hootsuite and Buffer have the same purpose of managing social media accounts, and you can choose anyone of these according to your personal preferences. We do not really want to manipulate your opinion, nor are we here to advertise any brand due to any personal affiliations.

Both these brands come handy for being scheduling platforms and you are free to select after keeping in view their features. Here are a few drawn comparisons you can have a look at before taking any decision.

1.     For beginners

Both these dashboards are affordable and adequate for beginners, and one can have a thumbs up to go ahead and start whatever they like with their free versions. As far as interfaces of both these control panels are concerned, I would prefer Buffer over Hootsuite, although in recent developments, it has been made more user-friendly and accessible.

Buffer is rather uncomplicated and not really difficult. You can simply get the gist of how to manage social media accounts in a few attempts after using it.

Additionally, the major setback of Hootsuite is that it’s paid for most of its functions. Reporting and analytics are necessary for any company that needs social media management, and they can’t be accessed without its paid version.

2.     Social media accounts and users

With Buffer’s paid subscription, you can have access to 8 social media accounts in comparison to 10 social media accounts in Hootsuite. You can also do the unlimited scheduling in Hootsuite, whereas in Buffer, you can only schedule posts up to 100 at 1 time. But you needn’t forget that the amount you are paying to get the subscription for Buffer is literally half the amount you will have to pay to get the pro version of Hootsuite.

3.     Capabilities

Once you’re done learning the ways of how these platforms work to boost your audience and to strategize marketing techniques, now you need something pro. Hootsuite tops Buffer here somehow, though still you can rely on Buffer too.

Where Buffer provides us an access to only 5 above-mentioned social media websites, Hootsuite has a list of multiple other websites to post your content. It is useful for bloggers and business tycoons who want to reach far and wide through any medium available online.

Hootsuite has a very powerful scheduling functionality. If posting is important to you, definitely Hootsuite is better than Buffer. Besides, Buffer also lacks the tools that Hootsuite caters to its users.

But then three major social media websites every growing business generally prefers are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and Buffer has an access to all these nevertheless. Therefore, for smaller and growing companies and businesses, Buffer can work, but for larger enterprises, Hootsuite would be a better option.

4.     Ad Hoc Posting

Let’s say you have decided all the posts for the entire month and they are auto-scheduled, but suddenly you feel like adding a post immediately because you are a person who’s always on the go. That’s ad-hoc posting, and both of these platforms use Chrome plugins. But Buffer’s plugin is super-easy in this area I think. Buffer can even provide you with a time for it. For Hootsuite, you have to set the time yourself.

If you’ve purchased Hootsuite account then it’s alright. Because Ad-hoc posting isn’t really something to be done constantly. Although if you are always filled in with new ideas, then I would recommend you to use Buffer.

5.     The option of Post Scheduling

Which one takes precedence here whether Buffer or Hootsuite here is something I can’t really pinpoint, because with Buffer it’s a lot easier to publish scheduled posts than Hootsuite. Whereas Hootsuite’s powerful options of posting and scheduling the content have been upgrading with the passage of time with more volume of functioning than Buffer.

The main difference is the scope of both these tools, and Both Hootsuite and Buffer appeal to different people with different variations as leading social media management tools around the globe.

Hootsuite I think still enjoys some advantage over Buffer, but then the pricing plans of both these tools also differ. Buffer’s simple and easy-to-navigate interface is something everyone looks for, and Buffer also offers more affordable plans for smaller companies and businesses.