how do Free games make money? (5 ways)

Wondering how the game developers make money out of free games? Here’s what you need to know.

“Money isn’t the only option how you pay in this world.” The quote is aligned when you’re not paying for money and still using it. You’re probably paying in a different way. 

When it comes to games for free, you need to keep in mind that no game is truly free. There is always a way for game developers to make money. Click to get source codes of javascript games.

A few of them include advertising, selling in-game coins, affiliate marketing, and affiliating with other apps and games. Sometimes, users’ data is sold to giant well-known companies, such as Metaverse, Google, and Yahoo.

Read on the know more about the ways.

6 Ways a free game generates money

  1. Through ad networks

One of the main income streams of free games is ads. Showing ads can make good money for the developers. As whenever a video ad pops up, you watch it, the developer earns some bucks.

Think of thousands of players watching video ads, and each adding some amount to the developer’s bank. It’s estimated that 100,000 ad views can make 2000$. That’s not bad at all for a game.

Google AdMob is one the best ad network you can participate in with your free game.

  1. In-game purchases

One of the ways of how free games make money without ads is that mostly offer in-game purchases for the players. In return for beautiful skins, costumes, and any in-game advantages that a player want, can purchase it by spending some real cash. That cash goes into the dev’s pocket.

For example, popular FPS games like pubg mobile, free fire, cod, earn money when you make an in-game purchase.

Although these games are free to download and play, the skins and other materials are out there to be for purchase. Surely not everyone will want them, but what can be said for gamers who spend a lot of money on such stuff.

If you’re going to publish a mobile game for free, make sure to include these in-game purchase feature to double your revenue.

  • Sell additional features, levels, or assets for sale.
  • You can sell virtual goods as microtransactions (such as power-ups and decorative items).
  • Sell unlock levels for money.
  • Sell beautiful costumes.
  • Sell mysterry boxes. 
  1. Sponsoring other apps (Kinds of ads)

One of the ways a free game can make money is that, by sponsoring other apps and games. Typically, the fact is developers work in a team, and teams are combined like a community.

Thus, when someone becomes popular, the others ask him to sponsor their game by showing ads to help their game some downloads as well. They pay a pretty good amount for this sponsorship.

  1. Affiliate programs:

Other than ads, there are affiliate programs on which a game developer can get participate, to some earn some commission on the user’s behaviors. 

As an example, when a user purchases something through an affiliate ad, the developer receives a commission. In addition to purchasing, there are other affiliate programs such as completing surveys, posting on forums, and applying for jobs. Meanwhile, you will never run out the surveys. 

  1. Subscriptions for elite users

Apps or games with no ads probably have subscriptions to make money. I can tell plenty of apps using this method, for one, the turbo VPN. It’s a VPN-based app that generates most of the income through subscriptions. 

What most developers of such games, publish a game for free and offer some sort of subscriptions to users for getting extra in-game stuff. For instance, pubg mobile has a subscription, named royal pass. Paying some bucks will get you some cool stuff for a certain period of time.

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