How to Add Page Numbers In Google Docs

Usage of Google Docs is handy and much less time-consuming as compared to what we have experienced in the past. Besides, the immediate/autosaving option spares us a lot of trouble of losing our work accidentally in case of any technical issues in our devices.

A number of things are still relatively difficult for the users to get a hold of because they have just started using the software and they need guidance every now and then to make their work up to the mark. One of them is adding page number in Google docs.

The undertaken article is going to discuss the most common thing we might not know how to use in Google Docs. It lists instructions on How to add page numbers in Google docs. We will see how the addition of page numbers could be made on the documents that we are creating in Google Docs. Even though the process is not that difficult, we generally tend to neglect this most important aspect of a document: page numbers. Seemingly insignificant, page numbers play an important role in setting an overall tone to our work by making it more accessible to the readers. By following a few simple steps, you can add page numbers to your documents that are bound to make an impact on the reader and will suggest to the reader about the level of seriousness you have towards your work!

From adding page numbers on top of the page or the bottom of the page to the color, font, and size, Google Docs has a number of options for its users. Below are the steps you need to follow to get this very easy yet important work done!

Step by Step Instructions on How to Add Page Numbers In Google Docs

The most important thing to work on the Google Docs is to be logged in to your web browser with your Gmail account. Once you have set up your account in your web browser (preferably Google Chrome), you can enjoy a number of versatile options just a click away from you.

First of all, to access the Google Docs from your web browser, you need to click on the Google apps icon in the top right corner of the home page.

Login to google docs
Select Google docs / sheets

By scrolling down on this menu, you will find the Google Docs icon. Clicking on this will take you to the webpage of Google Docs (an alternate version of MS Word in the Google Apps!) The main page will give you a few options to start with, if you want to start with a pre-made template, you can simply click it. If none of the templates fit your liking, then you can start with a blank document.

Create new Doc

Once you have your document opened, you can start working immediately. Page numbers could be added before or after the work has been done.

Let’s assume you have finished writing the text and you have now to add the page numbers. The following steps will guide you on how to do so:

  • Click on the insert button on the toolbar.
  • Click on the page numbers button in the insert dropdown menu.
  • Select more options from the next dropdown menu.
insert page number in google doc
  • A set of options will be displayed, here you can set the requirements.
add page number in google doc
  • Choose the position of the page number, starting point, and the count that you need to start from.
  • Click apply to see the respective changes made in the document.

A header will appear (on every page of the document) if you choose to place the number on the top of the page, and a footer will appear (on every page of the document) if you choose to place the number on the bottom of the page. The changes can be made in the font style, size, and location of the page number in the header/footer.

You can also add the title of the document or the author’s name in the header and footnotes in the footer. 

  • To change the appearance of the page number, double click on the header/footer.
  • Select the page number.
  • Select the desired font size, style, color, and alignment of the page number from the toolbar.

If you choose the different first page option in the header/footer, then you will have to change the appearance of the first page number separately.

If you do not choose the different first page option in the header/footer, then the appearance you choose for any one page number will automatically be applied to every page number.

  • Choose from the page numbers in options whether the numbering should start from 1 or any other number.
show page number in header footer

The result will look like this:

display page number in google docs

Once done, you can also remove the header/footer from any page you want, it will automatically correct the numbering sequence in the file.

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Conclusively, the above-mentioned steps and instructions will be helpful if you want your documents to look more organized and pulled-together. Do give it a try!