How to convert MPEG To MP3

There will be definitely certain music videos and songs you would want to save in your device and have them there for your future use. Due to being in MPEG format, however, they require a lot of storage space, and that is exactly what nobody really likes about them.

There are scores of applications and websites you could use for free to convert them to MP3 format and reduce their size, but we know that singling out the right thing has always been a snag for every one of us in everything. Therefore, we’ve decided to cherry-pick some of the best online as well as offline sources for you so that you could use them to convert your files from MPEG to MP3 format

Convert MPEG to MP3: Online Resources


Online MPEG to MP3 converter

It is the most reliable online video converter that is absolutely free of cost. It doesn’t require any kind of registration or downloading. You just have to paste the link of the video that you want to convert after opening the website. Choose the format you want to convert the desired file into, which in this case is MP3, edit it if you like, and it will be done without any efforts. It even lets you edit and change the file just as you want. It helps in converting videos from anywhere, whether it is YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, or any other social media website. Another amazing feature of this website is its ability to increase the volume of the file if the volume it already has doesn’t suit your personal choice.

Online Video Converter

Online MPG to MP3 converter

It is another website you must keep as an option in view when it comes to converting files to your required format. It is considered to be one of the best file converters available on the web because you can easily convert a file that has the storage size of up to 3,072 MBs. You can even use it on your phone as it is compatible with all the operating systems including IOS, Android, and Windows. You can download any video from any website including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, etc on the internet using this converter.

Online audio to video converter

Nobody wants to waste a lot of time in doing something that doesn’t have too much significance in this fast-moving world. Although for some of you we know it means a lot to have these files in MP3 format together with your hectic and time-consuming routines. Therefore, the best feature of this website is its speed of carrying the whole process of conversion out in just a few seconds apart from everything that other websites are also offering.


Youtube audio video downloader

Y2Mate also allows you to convert MPEG files to mp3 without any hassle. The website lets you choose to customize the quality of your files as per your choice as well, providing you with the option of picking out the size that fits the space of the gadget you want to keep your file in.

Convert MPEG to MP3: Offline Resources

A few of the offline sources I am going to spot below might surprise you. You must have been using them in all these years not knowing that they can also facilitate you in converting your large-sized MPEG files to MP3 format too.

Windows Media Player:

Windows MPEG to MP3 converter

It is the oldest media player of Microsoft Windows and is installed in your device by default. It has a lot of features and one of them is its ability to convert your files from MPEG to mp3 format. It can also be used on mobile phones as it is now available and compatible with them as well.

VLC media player

VLC video to audio converter

I know that the majority of you prefer using VLC media player over Windows Media player for its colorful and patterned interface. The availability of having more options is also another appealing feature as files unplayable there can easily be accessed and played here.

But how to convert any file from MPEG format to mp3 using VLC media player is the question for our concern. It is exceptionally simple and should be possible for anybody. If you have VLC player already installed on your system, then just click on the Media tab and a drop-down menu will pop up. Click on the Convert/ save option. Pour the details in the given spaces and click on save button. Just like Windows Media player, VLC media player is also available on App Store and Play Store.

Wonder Share Uni Converter

Wonder Share Uni Converter

It is a paid offline converting software that lets you convert files into a wide variety of formats including mp3, mp4, MPEG, etc. You can convert files from over 1000s of websites without any problem. It even lets you edit your files with changes that you want to make. It is super-fast and can do your work in a time limit less than all the other providers. It has a free trial version that you can have to get the gist of its unique options and features.


itune convert MPEG to MP3

iTunes is a media player bought by Apple in 2000 and can be used on windows and Android operating systems as well. It is the best player for Mac users to convert their MPEG files to mp3 format offline.

These are of course some of the best websites and apps I could think of while collecting them on 1 platform for you. There will certainly be many others one can use to enhance their experience. You can tell us below in the comments section if this article is useful, or if I am to add any other authentic converter for the better experience.