How to Delete YouTube Channel on Android Phone

It isn’t that hard to delete your YouTube channel from your Android phone even if the option isn’t officially there. Simply use the Desktop version of chrome on your Android Mobile and proceed to delete.

Before you delete your account, consider taking a backup of any videos and/or playlists. There’s no way of accessing any sort of data once the channel is deleted. So, take a backup to be on the safe side. 

So, how to delete your YouTube channel? Let’s get into it. 

How to delete a youtube channel using your android phone.

Follow the steps below to learn how to delete a youtube channel.

1. Open a browser that supports desktop mode.

2. Enable desktop mode and visit:

3. Log in to the account to which your YouTube channel is linked. 

4. Zoom in on the lower-left corner of the website; a settings cog will be visible. Tap it. 

youtube studio, channel - select settings

5. A window will pop up displaying specific settings options, tap “channel”. 

select channel tab from settings

6. From there, go to “Advanced settings”.

select Advanced channel tab from settings

7. Scroll down in channel settings, and in the end, you’ll find “Remove YouTube content,” tap it. 

select "Remove YouTube content"

8. It will redirect you to a login page, enter your credentials and complete any form of security verifications (if you have enabled any). 

Enter password screen

9. Once logged in, it will display two options: “I want to hide my Channel” and “I want to permanently delete my content”. Tap the second option.

10. It will give you a disclaimer, read it, understand it, and then tick all the boxes 

and tap “Delete my content.” 

check box the following will be permanently deleted

11. Finally, it will ask you to enter your email address as a confirmation to delete your YouTube account. Follow the instructions and tap “Delete my content.” 

Enter your email to confirm

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