How To Download Safari For Windows- Easy steps

Not many people are aware of this, but Apple has tried to take over the browser market as well. While safari is now only available on Apple products, it was once available for windows as well.

Despite the fact that Apple has stopped producing Safari for windows, the older version of the browser can still be downloaded as they are still available on the internet; you just need to work a little hard in order to download it. 

How to download and install Safari for windows

Here are some few simple steps that you need to follow to download and install Safari for windows:

Step 1: Download Safari windows using this link

In order to download Safari for windows use the link given.  Once you click open the link, you will be given the option to download the latest version, you will have to click on it.

Download Safari Windows

Once you click on Download latest version another dialogue box will open which will give you the option to start downloading. You will have to click on it to start the download. 

Installing Safari on windows

Step 2: Run the executable file

Once the download is complete, you will have to run the executable file. A dialogue box will open up stating that the download is complete. On the dialogue box you will be given the option to open the folder.

Run The Executable File

Now, you’ll click on it and the Manager will open up and you will find the SafariSetup.exe folder. You will have to double click on the folder. 

image 4 - How To Download Safari For Windows- Easy steps

After that, you will be welcomed to the Safari installer. 

image 5 - How To Download Safari For Windows- Easy steps

Step 3: Agree to the EUA> Set as default browser

Now, you will be given the option to set Safari as your default browser and the option to install Bonjour for your windows. You can select the options and move on with the process. 

Agree To The EUA

Step 4: Click to install and the browser.

Click To Install

After completing all of the above steps, you will see a dialogue box which will state “Installing Safari”, you will have to click on next.

Wait until installation complete

As soon as the installation is done, you will click on Finish and then you can use Safari for windows successfully. 

How to run Safari in compatibility mode

In case you really want to use Safari for Windows 10, you can try running it in compatibility mode. While there is no guarantee that the browser will work then as various web protocols are involved in this process, there is a good chance that it might work.

All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below to run Safari for windows in the compatibility mode:

Step 1: Create a shortcut of Safari on your desktop

To create a shortcut of safari on your desktop, you need to search for the file and right click on it. Once you do so a drop box will open up, from that click on create a shortcut. Drag and place the shortcut on your desktop and rename it, if needed. 

Step 2: Select “Properties”

Right click on the desktop shortcut and a dialogue box will open, select the option for “properties”

Compatibility mode

Step 3: then you will open the compatibility tab

Then, through properties you will open the compatibility tab. 

Compatibilty tab

After that you will choose the option of windows 7 for “Run the program in compatibility mode for” and will click apply.

Click ok

Drawbacks of the Safari browser

It is not Up to date

The windows version of the web browser was discontinued in 2012 and has not been updated since. Hence when you now use it, it does not have access to various features that the updated Safari consists of. As the browser is not updated with time, you will be unable to access most of the apps on it. It is just like when a mobile software is not updated, it stops you from using various apps; you do not get any new features and the app stops opening various things for you.

It is not Safe

Moreover, using this version of Safari might not even be very safe. If a website is still loading and working on this version of the web browser it is likely they have not updated their security protocols. This can be indicated from the fact that the website is still allowing an outdated web browser to access it. If you browse through websites using Safari for windows, you will be at a high risk of viruses, hacking etc. 

Cannot be used for testing

In order to test a web app using Safari for Windows, you can either use a Mac or create a virtual machine and try to run macOS on it. Other than this, you will not be able to use the Safari test version for the reason of testing or anything else. 

Slow browsing

Even if you want to use Safari on windows at every cost, you will not be at advantage. The software will not be able to run a number of websites for you. Due to this reason your browsing will be slow and will not be smooth. So, it is better you use other browsers while using windows to browse smoothly.

Security Concerns

Also, while using Safari for windows you will be risking a lot of things. As there are various security concerns involved while you use an outdated version of Safari, you will be at a greater risk for getting hacked or installing viruses. 

No new features

It is true that Safari has some extensive features. However, you will not be able to take advantage of these features as they are not available on Safari for windows. You will however be able to find better features in updated web browsers which are specifically designed for windows. 


To wrap it up, we all know that Safari is an excellent browser and many people prefer using Safari rather than using other browsers. However, there are various people who still prefer to use Google Chrome or other web browsers instead of Safari, even while using Apple devices.

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