How to Fix Discord Black Screen

Discord black screen might pose an irritating problem for you off and on. But you don’t need to grab your hair in utter perplexity or worry because we bring you the top best ways to fix your little problem for you.

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Of course, you do not need to apply them all. Just go through the list and keep testing until you find the most suitable one that does the magician’s trick for you.

A discord black screen might be there because of several issues, including update issues, graphics driver problems, or discord setting problems. Whatever the trouble may be, these credible solutions will do the job for you against these tricky muddles.

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Let us not keep the trouble bothering you for long and get started.

How to Fix Discord Black Screen

Fixing Discord Black Screen issue in Windows

We will describe some valid solutions below in steps as simple as ABC to solve the problem troubling you.

Tip 1: Clearing Cache folder of Discord 

Most of the time, fixing an issue in the application is as simple as clearing the cache folders. Here are the steps to clear the cache folder for discord that might fix the black screen problem with discord.

  • What you have to do is, go to the bottom of your desktop home screen.
  • Click on the bottom right, and you will see many applications there. You will clearly see an icon of discord that is available. Right-click on it.
close discord from taskbar
  • Go for “quit discord”.
select quit discord
  • Right after that, you have to come to the search section and type Run. Press it down.
  • Now, you have to type %appdata% and click ok.
open run and type %appdata%
  • From there, you have to scroll down and select the discord folder. Right-click on this and hold the delete button.
delete discord folder from cache
  • After that, open the Discord icon on your desktop screen, and this will be checking for updates.
restart discord should fix black screen
  • Now the work is finished, and it is all fine to go.

Tip 2: Running in Compatibility Mode

Some old applications won’t run in Windows 10, and there is a solution provided by Microsoft. You can run old applications in compatibility mode and they run just fine. Here are the steps to run the discord application in compatibility mode to fix the black screen.

  • Close Discord
open discord in compatible mode
  • Right-click on the Discord icon.
  • Click the properties option, and it will display Discord Properties.
right-click and select properties
  • Click the Compatibility tab. Click on “Run this Program” to turn on the Compatibility mode.
select run this program in compatible mode
  • Hit on Windows XP(Service Pack 3) from the options.
select windows xp for compatible mode
  • Push Apply and then the ‘Ok’ button.
close discord properties
  • Right-click on the Discord icon and go to Open File Location.
go to discord installation folder
  • It will open a window from where you have to go to the app Folder.
  • Right-click again on Discord and then click properties.
change discord property to compatible mode
  • Click compatibility mode and tick run this program in compatibility mode.
  • Again select Windows XP3, then push Apply and OK button.
  • Open Discord. 

The job has been accomplished successfully!

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Tip 3: Reopening Discord

  • Close Discord
  • Click on System Tray
close discord from system tray area
  • Click on the Discord icon and select Quit Discord.
reopen discord to fix black screen
  • Open Discord.
  • The Job has been done.

Tip 4: Running Discord as Administrator

Most application bugs can be fixed by running the application as an administrator if the application failed to run due to a lack of resources it has access to. You can open the application in admin mode and perhaps fix these issues.

  • Press Windows and X key together to open options.
  • Type tsk in the search bar to open Task Manager.
open taskbar from run
  • Click on it and select Run as Administrator now.
run taskbar as administrator
  • For some, it will open in Quick Mode. If it does so, click on “More details”.
image 68 - How to Fix Discord Black Screen
  • Click on the file menu and select “run new task”.
run discord from taskbar as administrator
  • Click Browse, choose “This PC”, and open Local Disc C.
open run and type discord
  • Search for cmd and click open.
locate discord application exe in installation folder
  • We need to provide it with an update option before turning it on. So click at the end of it and type the update option as written below.
run command from run
  • Tick on the box below and click OK.
  • Type the group update command, and half of the work will be done here.
run gpupdate force from command prompt
  • Now complete this cls command. 
complete the policy update
  • Type exit and quit window.
  • Close task manager and open discord properties.
  • Run its compatibility in Windows Vista service pack 2.
change compatible mode for discord properties
  • Click Apply and OK.
  • Click on properties and open file location.
  • Change its compatibility there and reopen discord.
  • Work has been done.

Alternative tips to fix Discord Black screen.

  1. Reinstalling discord.
  2. Updating discord
  3. Turning off unneeded programs.

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Concluding Thoughts 

There are, of no doubt, many possible ways to help you overcome the discord dysfunction problem.

Namely, shutting down useless programs, clearing out the Discord cache folder, deleting and installing Discord again, and much more. If one does not work for you, you may apply the one that fits you. 

Do not forget to give your precious feedback on the article. In case of further queries, feel free to ask in the comments section below.