How to host a Minecraft Windows 10 Server

For gamers to host a Minecraft windows 10 server, a few things are required. Included in these things are; definitely a Windows 10 desktop or Server, a minimum RAM of 4GB, a stable internet connection, and a good internet plan as Minecraft uses up to 100MB per hour for each player – therefore, it is recommended that you use an unlimited internet plan so that you do not run out of internet while playing!

To choose free server plan, you can our this blog post where we’ve listed free best minecraft hostings.

If you wish for your server to perform better, you should get more RAM, or you should get a more powerful CPU. This will help your server perform better with numerous players.

Below Steps showing you how to host a Minecraft windows 10 server

Step 1: You need to start Windows 10 and Download Java.

The first step is as simple as it can be. You should start your computer, open your web browser and visit Java’s website. From there you should download the latest version of Java

Once you go to the website you will choose the downloading option for windows. Once you click on it you will see a dialogue box open up. You will have to agree to the terms and conditions then and start the download. 

Downloading Minecraft's latest version

When the download is complete, you will open the .EXE file and another dialogue box will open up for you. Click on install. As you are done doing that, restart your computer and your installation process will be complete. 

Installing latest version

Step 2: You need to download the Minecraft Server. 

In order to download the Minecraft server, you need to visit the Minecraft Server website. Over there you will see a link to download the Minecraft Server. Click on the link and start the download. 

downloading Minecraft server

The downloaded file will be saved in the downloads folder and can be accessed from the said folder. 

Step 3: Move your Minecraft Server.

Now, you need to open the “downloads” folder on your computer and move the Minecraft folder in it to the desktop or any other folder of your choice. 

This is done because once you double click on the folder, more folders are created and it can be inconvenient for you to find the folders in your downloads. 

Saving the file in a folder

Step 4: Extract the files.

This is a very easy step to proceed with. All you need to do is click on the Minecraft folder and it will extract various other files for you – some of which you will have to use. 

Extracting file

Step 5: Open the EULA folder.

Now you have to open the EULA folder – it is one of the folders that you will extract during the previous step. You agree to the EULA document in order to make the Minecraft server functional.

As you open the EULA folder, you will see a dialogue box. You will see somethings written on the dialogue box – one of them will be ‘EULA=False”, you will have to change this to “EULA=True”. As you do that you have to save the file. 

Opening EULA folder

Step 6: Adjust Server Settings.

This step is only necessary if your Minecraft server is not opening up after you have completed the last step successfully. 

If your Minecraft Server is still not opening up you will have to adjust the server settings. To do so you will firstly have to double click on “Server properties”. 

Adjusting server's setting

As you do so, a dialogue box will open up again. You will have to either change your port number or you have to check the port number and write it on notepad for the Java file. 

You can also make other changes to the settings like changing the gameplay to easy difficult and etc. according to your needs. 

Changing port number

Step 7: Make sure that the file works. 

To make sure that the file is actually functional, you need to double click on the Minecraft jar file. Make sure that a dialogue box opens up and that it loads correctly. Once it is fully loaded and it says done you need to type stop and close the window. This process might take some time. 

Checking file if working.

Step 8: Create a new folder.

Now in the Minecraft server folder you have to make a new folder. Simply by right clicking you will find various options one of them would say new folder. Click on that and create a text folder and name it ‘Start.bat”.

Saving the new file

Double click on the folder and notepad will open up for you. You have to copy paste the address thatyou copied on the notepad for java onto the new notepad window. 

VnF f7 0cFVsSGv5RYFIYrEK j2oQwh 1kTJArGkRd2SfDuzJDoa2RzV5FpICKUqztRSuNoX4YF7uo0papWHDBVC8M2d9kAR LofItWEEH0IZPlXAbr4m du2C9CI Jw0QwL8lZGdOBjWkP7 - How to host a Minecraft Windows 10 Server

Double click on “start.bat” now and a new window will open up just ike shown below:

Showing CLI mode

As it loads it will open another dialogue box. You will click on allow access (the option will be given).

Gajv RIbGB5lu5SnM3U59pzBLmOPruLzBPEoSyn7ZbOMkf1Q3BWYaLUEF68qmAEdABYu a3sZY VCOJ90el0N2EcLya1UAXODZD5H420pHbBS - How to host a Minecraft Windows 10 Server

After that some things will load and once they do you have to write stop and press enter. 

Your server is now ready and every time you want to start the server, you have to click on “start.bat” for the server to start. 

Step 9: How to start?

To start you have to search “allow an app through windows firewall”. This will open a window for you. 

Starting server

On the new windows click on “change settings”.

Changing settings

You have to make sure that all Java Platform SE binary options are selected then click okay.

Ticking mark binary options

Step 10: Windows Defender.

Again, go to the search option and find Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security.

Windows defender

Open that, go to Inbound rules (option on the left side) then choose action and new rule.

Inbound rule

This will open a new window for you, click on port and then next. 

Advance port settings

On the new window type in the code we used previously and click next.

write code

Keep on clicking on next un till a window that looks like the one below opens up. You have to type in the name – you can call it whatever you think is correct and then click finish. 

Naming your newly created Minecraft Server

Step 11: Set up the router.

You will open your browser and type in your default gateway. It will take you to a website where you will have to enter the details of your router. 

The details are mentioned on the back of your router usually.

Setting up router

It will then take you to another page. As everyone’s router is different you will be have to figure this part out yourself, but will most probably have to click on “connectivity”. Below is attached a picture of an example. Try to use that to find your own link. 

Getting into the connectivity tab

You will then be given the option to create a new port forwarding. You will use that option. You will then write the name and write down the port code. After doing so, you will click okay.

forwarding port

Step 12: Start the game.

You will now open your Minecraft game. You have to ensure that server you have downloaded matches with the latest version of the game. 

You will click on play as you open the game. 

Opening up Minecraft game

As the game starts click on multiplayer.

Playing multiplayer mode, minecraft

You will then view various options, but you have to choose the “add server” option.

Adding our server in-game.

You will then name it whatever you want to, but for the server address you will add the IP address followed by “:” and then the port number. You will then click done.

giving it our IP adddress

You will then be clicking on refresh. You will then double click on your server and it will be launched.

Launching server

Wrap it up!

When you want your friends to join the server just give them your IP address and port code and they will be able to join the server with ease.

If you follow all the steps mentioned above diligently, you will be able to set up your server efficiently. You will now be able to enjoy playing Minecraft with all your friends and you can help your friends set up their own Minecraft servers!

We hope this blog will help you and will clear out all the questions you had. 

Happy gaming!