How to Install League of Legends on Linux

League of legends is a speedy and tactical MOBA game, equally popular to Minecraft java or Minecraft. Being the most streamed and watched game on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, it will be great to install this game in your Linux system. 

Unfortunately, the game has never been officially ported to Linux neither came out for any Linux gaming distro, but you can play it on your Linux PC via Lutris and Wine

Do you want to install and play this addictive game on your Linux-installed PC? Don’t fret. We’ll show you a complete guide to installing and launching the game on Linux with Lutris.

Installing League of legend on Linux

Follow the below steps to install league of legend game on you Linux machine.

1. Find LoL Installer

First of all you will have to download Lutris. To do so, go to 

image 102 - How to Install League of Legends on Linux

Step.2 Start The Installation Of Lutris On Your Linux Machine

Login with your Lutris account and hit the Install button. Your browser may need your permission to open the latest version of the script.

To proceed further, click on Agree and Continue. Before the installing starts, it may ask you to download the recommended version of the Wine. 

  1. Once you get and install the correct version of Wine, Lutris will start installing. 
image 103 - How to Install League of Legends on Linux

Step.3 Update Graphics Drivers

Another requirement that is needed to download the game is to Install and update the latest graphics drivers. If you are having problems with the handling of graphics drivers, it will directly affect the game’s operation.

Step.4 Launch The Game and Enjoy!

Once the Lutris installation is completed, you will be asked two options:

  • Create desktop shortcut
  • Create application menu shortcut

Choose your desired option and launch the game.

Once the game has been updated, it will start to run. Do not worry if it takes some time. Be patient, it is normal. 

When the updating is finished, a login screen will be there. Enter your account details and wait until your game is playable. 

image 104 - How to Install League of Legends on Linux

League of legends has now been installed completely on your Linux PC. The whole process of installation is easy.

From now on, it is now much easier for you to play this game by clicking on the banner image once you have opened Lutris.

Closing Thoughts

Have you ever counted the total player count of the League Of Legends? It is perhaps the most played MOBA game all over the world with more than 30 million players. Since its release in 2009 by Riot games, this game has gained much popularity. At that time, it started with only a few hundred players but quickly reached 11 million players. By the year 2014, the game got a big leap to a player range of 65 million and then soon to 100 million in 2017. After that, the player count was slightly dropped but in 2020, it has made a huge comeback with 120 million players across the world. 

There is a piece of good news for all players that Lutris — an open-source Linux game manager has made it possible for you to play this game on a Linux PC. It has made gaming on Linux a pleasure. All in all, League Of Legends is really a fun and addictive game.

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