How to Install League of Legends on Linux

League of legends is a speedy and tactical MOBA game, equally popular with Minecraft java or Minecraft. Being the most streamed and watched game on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, it will be great to install this game in your gaming Linux distro. 

Unfortunately, the game has never been officially ported to Linux neither came out for any Linux gaming distro, but you can play it on your Linux PC via Lutris and Wine

We’ll show you a complete guide to installing and launching the game on Linux with Lutris.

Installing League of legend on Linux

Follow the below steps to install the league of legend game on your Linux machine.

Step.1 Find LoL Installer

First of all, you will have to download Lutris. To do so, go to 

Step.2 Start The Installation Of Lutris On Your Linux Machine

Log in with your Lutris account and hit the Install button. Your browser may need your permission to open the latest version of the script.

To proceed further, click on Agree and Continue. Before the installation starts, it may ask you to download the recommended version of the Wine.

Step.3 Once you get and install the correct version of Wine, Lutris will start installing. 

Step.4 Launch The Game and Enjoy!