How to open a WMF file on a MacBook?

Here in this article, we will show you how to open WMF files on a Mac.

WMF refers to Windows Metafile Format which is a graphics file format such as. JPG and. PNG, developed by Microsoft.

WMF files specifically contain vector graphics but also include bitmap graphics. it’s a Windows file format but it was meant to be portable between different platforms.

Luckily WMF files have been replaced by other formats such as. PNG and. JPG files. But a challenge still arises to open these files on Macs due to their reduced use and incompatibility.

2 ways to open WMF files on a MacBook

If your Mac has the apps such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, etc. Then you will easily be able to access the WMF files with the assistance of these apps as they are compatible with the files.

However, we do realize that those facilities are not readily available to all Mac Users so we do have some alternatives.

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Use a WMF file Convertor for MAC

The best method to view these WMF files if you do not have these applications is to use a WMF converter on Mac, in that case, you will need open WMF files by converting them into files compatible file format such as a PDF or JPG. 

Different software’s allows you to convert multiple files at once or those files one by one. These applications also usually boast an option to change the resolution from 72 to 150 to 300 to 600 dpi.

Go to the Apple store and search for WMF file convertor pro software. Here is the link given of the WMF file convertor.

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This software will prompt you to open the WMF files. Select the WMF files that you want to view or either convert them into the file format of your choice.

A lot of the time, the software will also give you the ability to change and edit the document and save it as a desirable file format.

Manual way

Another way of opening these files is to go to the file on your Mac.

You will have to right-click on the WMF file or cmd-I the file, and in the drop down, select the ‘Open with’ option and choose the program you wish to open it with.

If you would like to use the application as your default converter or viewer then click the ‘Change All’ option. 

Change the default program to open files on Mac

There are a few advantages and disadvantages to converting WMF files, however.


  • Ability to view the file in different formats
  • Ability to rotate and convert files
  • Conversion of groups of files at once
  • Conversion to different resolutions
  • Zooming and photo editing capabilities
  • Display of file information


  • Not many viewing features within the app
  • There is a base number of resolutions that you can convert the file to.

In conclusion, we totally recommend that you follow the above-mentioned steps and also use apps such as Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape, etc. to open your files.