How to play ISO games on android or PC?

This blog post guides you on how to play any ISO game on your android mobile or PC.

There are a sheer number of amazing PlayStation games available that you might want to run, without having a sony’s PSP. 

Luckily, doing this is much easier than you think.

When I first looked for ways to play ISO games on my android mobile- which is Samsung. I tried many ways and followed tons of guides. Having learned all that, I now know how to accomplish this task the simplest way possible.

Before I show you the steps with images, you should know that.

To run any ISO game,  an emulator is needed that can run .iso files. On the internet, so many emulators are available for free either for windows or android.

PPSSPP is incredibly convenient, considering it the best choice. 

Definitely, you need an ISO ROM file, to get that, there are many websites on the internet where you can easily find these ROMs listed, Romsmania is one the best ones. FIlter out .iso games, and then download whichever you like.

Play ISO games on Android - How to play ISO games on android or PC?

Some best ISO games to try out.

So without further ado, let’s straight-ahead dive into steps.

How to play ISO games

By following the below steps you will find it easy to run a PSP game.

However, some games require higher specs, for example, the God of war or assassin.

For such high-end PSP games, it’s recommended to own a device with at least 4MB of RAM. 

Step.1 Download the PPSSPP emulator

ppsspp - How to play ISO games on android or PC?

However, among the many choices of emulators, the PPSSPP emulator is by far the best one and I personally use it on both of my devices, laptop, and mobile. 

It is available for various OS(es) Including, ios, windows, and android. Offers a lot of customizable options even the layout can be manually set up. Importantly, it does not put much load on a device- resulting in a smoother gaming experience.

Step.2 Download an ISO file.

There are many trusted Websites where thousands of ISO ROM(s) are available for free. 

However, I can understand the headache of appearing in tons of pop-up ads and assuming the same for you as you don’t want to bear them.

Fortunately, the website domain. ROMSMANIA is the best one. It’s trusted and kept updated with new games as soon as possible. Above all, it is not flued with weird advertisers like others.

Step.3 Extract the ROM file just downloaded.

The newer Android devices now have a function to extract files. However, you may need to use a third-party app for this purpose. The play store has a lot of apps available. 

Step.4 Drag the file over the Emulator.

image 36 - How to play ISO games on android or PC?

Tap on the app icon to open it up. You will see there an icon for uploading files. Tap on it and now navigate through the directory where you stored the ISO ROM. 

Get back to the app’s main page, turn the page to the game’s folder. There will be now all the games showing up. Tap on any of them to lunch and enjoy.


Can I play ISO games on Android?

Yes, it’s possible to play ISO games on an android mobile as long as the device meets the minimum requirements. Generally, specs matter when you go after a high-end game nonetheless the small games can be played on average mobile. For example, games like a metal slug are compatible with almost all devices.

How do I get ISO files?

You can download them for free from the websites like Emuparadise, Romsmania, Roms- a bunch of others are available. Just click the download link and save the file in a folder. To run it, open the emulator navigate the same directory, and tap on the file.

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