record screen on macOS with only external MIC audio.

So macOS Mojave or later has a built-in application that is doing well for screen recording and taking screenshots.

It is a free built-in program on every mac device, here we’ll tell you how to record the screen with sound, and external and internal audits.

Follow these four simple steps to record the mac screen;

  1. Use the search bar on your Mac.
  2. Find the QuickTime player on your device.
  3. Click on the QuickTime player ICON.
  4. Smash the Red Icon to start recording.

The recording will start immediately, yet, it will not record internal sounds at this time. Because the current official settings do not let this software extend its features unless we modify it.

Furthermore, it may not have the appropriate access to use an external microphone (if you are using one), which is why possibly you have to use your mac device’s in-build Microphone.

Let’s head over to the first method; screen recording on a mac using External MIC sound.

record screen on macOS with only external MIC audio.

By following the below steps, you can record the screen with external mic sound, and somehow internal sound too but in low quality or too short to hear.

Follow these steps to record the screen on mac with external sound using MIC.

Step 1: Search for the QuickTime player.

how to screen record on mac

If you don’t know where the QuickTime player app is located on your Mac device, use this search option to find out the app on your computer. If you still don’t see any results, kindly download this software first. Quicktime player.

Step 2: Click the right button on the Icon.

open QuickTime on Mac

When you download the software after opening it, it will add to the bottom. After clicking the right button of your mouse, some “settings will pop up,” Settings are crucial in all apps, so don’t mess up with any if you don’t understand it.

Step 3: Choose or “Click on the Start New Recording”

Select new screen recording

It must be noted that a few additional features can be seen, including a timer and cropping video size.

So, it would be better before just smashing the “start a new recording” option; skimmed through them to set them up as you prefer. If you understand it in the first place.

Step 4: Choose External Audio Source for the Microphone

select audio source to mic

When you click on start new recording, a pop-up notification box will appear on the screen indicating to start recording.

Also, there will be an option to select the audio source, So Don’t forget to choose your External audio source. If you are using any MIC headphones, it would be preferred to use them instead of using an in-built mac MIC.

Note; if you don’t see this option, it is not due to an error. It happens when you don’t allow the QuickTime player to access the microphone. In the last part of this blog post, we have mentioned this to read that part; fast downward below.

This was our first method to record the screen using the QuickTime player with external audio utilizing a mic. to record the screen with internal audio. A few additional steps will be required. We will be going through these steps too.