How to Turn off Popup Blocker?

If you need to disable the popup blocker permanently, you have to block them from your browser. It’s a little more complicated, but better. So here is an easy guide for you that will help you disable the popup blocker in any browser:


Turn off Popup Blocker in Chrome

Out of all the internet browsers, Google Chrome has always been the favorite for many internet geeks. Although many people use other browsers, the individuals who love Chrome never go for any other. 

The best thing about Chrome is that it stores passwords, features and our favorite extensions are tied to Google accounts like Gmail, and we can use that on all the devices. If you are a Chrome fan but want to get rid of the popups, then follow these easy as pie steps:

Steps to Turn off Popup Blocker in Google Chrome

You can disabled them on chrome by following the steps down.

  1. Open chrome
  2. Right-hand corner>CLick three vertical dots
  3. Go to settings
  4. See the last row “site settings”
  5. From there choose a site “disabled pop-up ads”

Open Chrome, go to the right-hand corner and click the three vertical dots. You will be able to select Settings here. In the search box type “Privacy and Security” Now, select “Privacy and security”, here you have to select “Site Settings” and then select “Popups and redirects.” Here you can add remove sites for popups.


Turn off Popup Blocker in Microsoft Edge

Where Chrome is loved, Edge is also on the top for being the individual’s favorite. People who are Edge-lovers say that the settings page is clean and better than Chrome. Besides that, Edge is less confusing and very organized. 

Although it is a fact that scrolling in Edge is quite convenient and smooth as compared to other browsers. Another amazing thing that cannot be ignored anyway is that Edge is as fast as Chrome. So here is how to block the popup ads on Edge.

Steps to Turn off Popup Blocker in Microsoft Edge
  • Open the browser (Microsoft Edge) and go to Settings.
  • In search bar, type ‘Pop-ups’, and select ‘Pop-ups and redirects’
  • Select add button from ‘Allow’ to add websites for pop-ups.


Turn off Popup Blocker in Apple Safari

Safari is a browser that was developed by Apple. What makes using Safari a unique experience is that it has a graphical web browser and also some features that an internet lover cannot ignore. Here is how to block the pop up on Safari:

Steps to Turn off Popup Blocker in Safari
  1. Open Safari, go to Preferences, then select “Websites.”
  2. Now select “Popup Windows.”
  3. Here, you will get visiting other websites drop-down menu.
  4. The next thing is to select “Allow” to disable the popup blocker.


Turn off Popup Blocker in Mozilla FireFox

The browser’s choice is a very personal thing, but choosing the best is important because if you have a good browser, only then can you have a good experience on the internet. Otherwise, it is going to strain you. Firefox works fast, and it has some other mind-boggling features like a password manager and sync services.

I have sad news for you, and that is, there are no Popup Blocker Options in Firefox for Android but don’t lose hope as you can still disable Popups. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the address bar and type about: config.
  2. Now search dom.disable_open_during_load. When done, then set it to false.


Turn off Popup Blocker in Mac

If you are owning a Mac, then you must have the knowledge that your computer comes with Safari installed, and maybe it is the only browser that you can ever be able to use in it. 

Safari is the best, but there might be some people who don’t think the same way. If you are using a Mac, then you must be very careful regarding security and privacy issues. Apart from this, if you are facing an ad pop up an issue, then here is how to get rid of annoying ad popups and have a smooth user experience:

  1. Open the browser. At the top, you will see three horizontal lines. Here you have to choose “Settings.”
  2. Now, Scroll down here, and you will see “Show advanced settings” click here.
  3. In these settings, you will see a “Privacy” section and click on the “Content Settings” button.
  4. Scroll down and keep scrolling until you aren’t able to see “Popups.” You can click “Manage exceptions to enter specific sites where popups will be blocked,” and you are done.

Popups are equally irritating for everyone for us, so why not get rid of them when blocking them is too easy, and you can do it even yourself just following the steps mentioned above. For blocking the popup, you don’t need to be a pro or a nethead. Best of luck for having an incredible internet using experience that you have never had!

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Bottom Line

All of us know what a popup ad is, because almost everyone has been bothered by it while using the internet. That’s why they are also called “internets original sin.” It’s been more than 20 years with these popups. They are just as annoying today as they were in the past. 

There are various types of popups, but the most annoying thing about all of them is that they all “pop up” on top of a web page. When fiddling about for long, you finally found the content you were searching for, but a popup blocks the page’s view to deliver a message, then that gets quite irritating. Full-screen popups block the page’s full view, although lightbox popups block a portion of the page.


Yes, Pop up blockers can do wonders!

Popup blockers serve an extremely useful purpose. What they do is prevent the aggravating ads from interrupting you while visiting a page. There are some popup blockers like AdBlock, but besides these, you can also get rid of these pops using your browser’s settings. Using AdBlock is quite easy, and you can do the task with this in just a couple of clicks, but it temporarily disables the ads. 

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