How To Unhide Apps On Android

If you think there is an app on your android phone that is hidden from you. And you the apps are displaying over other apps.

Worry not, there are ways to unhide such apps. It takes only a few simple steps to do so.

Before you know the methods to unhide an app. You must check out all the apps on your android device.

And how to check all the apps that are installed on your device?

Follow the steps: Go to the Mobile settings> apps> All apps. The list contains all apps that have been installed on your android device either by Google Play store, or using APK files. Read more can you delete an APK file or not?

In some android phones, hidden folders are already present like a “secure folder”. Here, the user can hide the applications and use the phone easily without making it visible on the menu screen. 

Here are the simple steps to follow to make the hidden applications visible. 

  • Go to the settings options >> applications
  • Two buttons for navigation will appear 
  • Press “task” when you see the menu
  • Choose the option that says “show hidden applications”

There is one more way similar to it with little changes. It includes after going in the settings option, select “Application Manager” from the “Applications”. Option of “Disable” tab is visible.

You can easily select the applications which you want to unhide. Click on the “Enable” button. 

Apps you can use to unhide apps on android

You can also take assistance from several applications to make all applications visible. The whole list is mentioned below: 

POCO launcher 2.0

 it is easily available on almost all smartphones. The features are visible in app hiding options. After getting enabled, App Drawer is opened in the POCO launcher. After tapping twice on the left, all the applications are displayed on the screen.

The password can also be set to lock some of the applications. It all depends on which application you need to hide or unhide. 

U-launcher 3D

it is the perfect application for those who like customization. It has a huge collection of wallpapers, themes, and lively effects. There are lists of options presents in U-launcher in which unhiding applications are also included.

You can easily make the applications appear on the home screen. It can be done simply through select all the applications you want to view on your main screen. Lite version of U-launcher is also found. 

Nova launcher

it has stunning features in which a search option is also available. Through this feature, it has gained popularity.

Open the settings of the launcher, so you can hide and unhide applications of your choice. Simply scroll down to see all the applications and mark those which you want to view on the home screen.

Author’s remarks

Unhiding applications on android is easy as ABC. You can simply follow the above techniques but keep in mind, you are not violating privacy.  Nowadays, parents are more concerned and conscious. They want to keep an eye on their kids when they are using the phone. It’s better to spend quality time with them and develop trust. Enjoy the activities with one another to make the bond stronger. So, no need to reveal the hidden applications. 

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