How to Use Advanced Google Search for Images

Google has always been trying to make our online searching experiences more enhanced and fruitful. From numerous information stored categorically to extremely precise searching options, Google does it all for us. It has surprised us by making this very difficult job of locating the relevant information on the World Wide Web so much easier that even a child can operate it efficiently and actively.

Google is used more commonly to search for images as compared to the other image search engines. If we talk about image searching in Google, we all want to find the exact images that fit our description and are according to the images we have in our minds. And to provide us the most precise and effective results, Google’s advanced image search option is one best way to opt when we are searching for a particular image for any purpose. Since time is money, advanced Google image search option ensures that we do not waste a lot of it while searching for images online.

Searching for images to add in blogs, presentations, lectures, product descriptions, and whatnot is a very common practice these days. And Google’s set of search tools gives users a seamless process of doing so.

Advanced Google Image Search on Mobile

The use of mobile phones has been increasing with each day, and being the easiest and smartest way to surf the web, users mostly use their mobile phone devices to do all sorts of activities online. Images on Google are also easily accessible on mobile phones. The advanced Google image search option is also found in mobile phones so that users can save images and utilize them any time while they are on-the-go.

Advanced Google Search for Image Usage Rights

Google Advanced Image Search Usage Rights

All the images on Google cannot be used without permission due to copyright concerns. For making the search results user-optimized and without the restraints of licensing and copyrights, Google has introduced a special feature. It allows the users to directly locate the images that are specifically uploaded by the owners to let them be reused by the public.

Google Advanced Image Search Creative Commons

This search tool was created to nullify or neutralize the effect of copyright and licensing issues that users encounter while they are searching for images on Google image search. This category includes a large number of images, animation, music, etc. by different photographers, animators, and visual artists.

This platform allows these creators to give a permit to the users to reuse and redistribute their content. Their content is simply labeled for reuse and users can locate it easily from the advanced Google image search option. They just have to select the Creative Commons licenses in the ‘usage rights’ option there.

The creative commons allow six different kinds of licenses/permits that content creators can use according to the level of sharing, reuse, and redistribution they deem fit for their content. Most of the licenses require the users to accredit the content to its original creator but some of the licenses have additional restraints as well.

Under these licenses, users can redistribute, republish, redesign (inspired from the original content), and modify the content as long as they give credits to the original creator.

Google Advanced Reverse Image Search

Another search tool for the users to search images on Google is also provided which is very easy to locate and does not require much effort either. It is a camera icon found on the extreme right of the search bar on the Google Images webpage. If users want to search for images similar to the ones they already have on their devices, they can simply click this camera icon and upload the image file on Google. It will search for all the similar images to the one they have uploaded. Instead of the image file, users can paste the image URL in the given box as well. It will also serve the purpose and Google will search for the images that are similar to the one they are looking for. This process of searching for images with the help of other images/URLs is called a reverse image search. 

Google Advanced Search

Features of Advanced Google Image Search

The advanced Google image search has distinct features that allow the users to list down their specifications in order to provide them precise search results. This option can be opened from two different places. If any users already know about this feature of advanced Google image search, and they want to have a better experience of it; they can just type this in the search bar of their web browsers. It will direct them to a number of search results where the first one will be Google Advanced Image Search. By clicking this search result, the users will be redirected to the official Google website for advanced image search. There they will find a number of options that will help them search for the content they are looking for. The advanced Google image search page looks like this: –

Options in Google advanced search

If any user is already on the Images page of the Google after typing in the name of their desired image/picture, they will be seeing a lot of different images that may or may not be directly related to the content they were searching for. To narrow down and to get more refined search results, they can click on the tools button that is placed right below the search bar of the Google images search engine. 

Search image in Google advanced search

Clicking on the tools button will open a drop-down menu for the users. It carries a number of things that users can specify to get more narrowed down and precise search results.  

search image by size, color, type, time, usage rights

The first option is size, that lets users choose the size of the image they are looking for. This menu has four options, namely, any size, large, medium, and icon. The option users choose will be tick marked. The next option is color, it carries four options, namely, any color, black and white, transparent, and the last option carries displays of a few colors to choose from. The third option is type that allows the users to choose the type of images such as clipart, line drawing, and GIF. The fourth option time, allows the users to locate images uploaded from the past 24 hours to the past year. The fifth option provides a usage rights choice to the users. From this option, users can select the license of their choice, such as creative commons licenses or commercial and other licenses. The last option is clear, which allows the user to remove all the filters at once and choose different ones if they need to. 

The image search tools that are provided on the advanced image search webpage are more direct and precise as compared to the search tools given on the Google images webpage. On the main webpage of advanced Google image search, quite a few search tools are provided, such as aspect ratio, file types, sizes, search by words, region, site or domain, and colors, etc. 

The mobile phone devices give us a tad restricted experience of searching for images while we are on the Google Images webpage. The options are limited, especially, users cannot specify the particular size of the images they are looking for. Moreover, the usage rights option is also on the extreme left that might easily miss the sight of the users.

For better search results, users are advised to use the advanced Google image search from its official webpage. It is also easily accessible in the mobile phone devices and provides the perfect search tools for locating the desired images on Google.  

image search by copyrights usage

Having put forward all the pros of using advanced Google image search, the users’ attention will also be brought toward the cons of using it. Being a very harmless and accommodating service provided by Google, it does not have many cons as of what users have experienced so far. It pretty much satisfies the users by providing them the most precise search results as it could manage. Since nothing is perfect in this world, it might be a possibility that sometimes users are not satisfied with the search results even after using this image search engine. It is acceptable and users generally get alternative search results by shuffling the options they had previously filled in. Since keywords differ in every content, it might be normal that a thing does not show up in the search results when you provide a different keyword for it. Changing keywords always helps in getting better search results. 

Google Advanced Search Chrome Extension

Another thing worth noticing is the extension Google Chrome offers to its users, namely Advanced Image Search. It has all the options that are there on the official webpage of the advanced Google image search. The extension could be easily found on Google Play Store by typing its name. By clicking on its icon in the toolbar, it shows a very compact menu with quite elaborate filter options that we could fill in and start our image search promptly. 

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