How to use Python in Kali Linux (WORKING METHOD)

Learn to run Python or python 3 on your Kali Linux operating system.

Python is preinstalled in your Linux operating system. You can simply use Python by following the below simple steps: You should update Kali Linux to the latest version.

To start a Python command-line or terminal program, open the terminal in your kali Linux, then type in python, or python3 depending on your Python installation. Press Enter. On Linux, you can do this by running $ python3 Python 3.6.

Using Python in Kali Linux

  1. By clicking Ctrl + Alt + T on the dashboard, you can open the terminal of your Linux OS.
  2. Download the python script.
  3. Use the cd command to navigate to the location of the python script in the terminal.
  4. Type python in the terminal to execute the script.
  5. If the script is python3, use python3 in the terminal command:python3

Or alternatively:

In case you find it tedious to write Python in the terminal every time you run the script, you can follow the instructions below:

  • Prepend #! /usr/bin/python with your script.
  • Run the following command in your terminal to make the script executable: chmod +x
  • Now, ​simply type ./ to run the executable script.

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So, to give all the details of the proper steps in a limited time, let’s get started!

How to use Python in Kali Linux – Multiple Ways

There are two methods for creating a python script. 

  1. Interactive mode
  2. Scripting mode

Both are explained below.

1# Interactive Mode

One of the methods of creating a python script is the interactive mode. The steps of interactive mode are given below.

Step:1 Open your terminal by clicking on the terminal icon in the dashboard. The window will open.

terminal on kali Linux

Step:2 Another method includes right-clicking on the mouse and choosing the terminal option.

alternative way to open terminal on Kali

Step:3 One other method of opening the terminal is pressing the Alt button, Ctrl, and T key.

Step:4 Depending on the version of python you are running on your computer or rather on the Kali Linux, try ‘python’ and the version you are using. For example, ‘3’. Then this will appear as shown below.

run python3 --version
run Python3 in Kali terminal

Step:5 Then you are ready to input your Python code. Like something simple, as shown below. 

Python is running in Kali Linux

Step: 6 If you want to exit it, use the exit bracket shown below and type clear. It will open a new window.

run exit() is command to close Python3 in Kali Linux

Scripting Mode

For the scripting mode details, scroll below.

Step:1 First, let’s make a directory for scripting mode where you can store the python file or the python script. For that, follow the python code and hit enter.

open Python in scripting mode in Kali

Step:2 Type cd and then the folder name you just created. Then create the python script.

image 7 - How to use Python in Kali Linux (WORKING METHOD)

Step: 3 An example script is shown below. ‘py’ is used for python. Then click enter.

create new file with py extension

Step:4 To exit it, you have to press down control (Ctrl key), and C. Then type ls. There you will have your script reading. in kali linux

Step:5 Depending on the input application you are running on your Kali Linux, like G edit Leafpad or simple Nano, go ahead and type mousepad Press enter.

python scripting in kali

Step:6 As you can see below, you will get your input code. Give the following code. Then press control S to save and then exit.

new python file in kali linux

Step:7 Come back to the tunnel and type the given code. It will show your python script on the terminal.

terminal in kali for python

Now go ahead and use whichever mode you want to apply. 

Video Links

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Concluding Thoughts

Hence, using python in Kali Linux is not as difficult as you imagine but just a piece of cake if you know the proper steps and the correct mode you require. In fact, running a python script involves just three simple steps, i.e., opening the terminal, navigating to the directory by the cd command where the file is located, and then typing the python script name and .py in the terminal to execute the script. Understanding them well will make your job a breeze. 

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