How to write on a PDF in Mac

PDF is occasionally used to send files written for offices, schools, or other purposes. There might be a need to edit them, attach a note, do your signature at the end of a form, and do other related things. That is where the question arises, “How to write on a PDF Mac?”

Writing on a PDF Mac is simple enough to understand the steps involved. It can be quickly done by using the built-in software called ‘Preview‘ or installing software that can do the job. The various options are listed below for you.

Writing on a PDF Mac

If you don’t want to print a file out and do it manually, write on it and submit electronically, consider the following steps.

How to write on a PDF  in Mac

Downloading the file

  1. First, download the file somewhere on your computer and save it.
Download PDF file on mac
  1. Go to ‘my list of downloads’ and open up the file.
Locate the download folder

Editing the file

Preview makes PDF editing very simple for Mac users. You can follow these steps to add/remove text from any pdf file and then save it on your Mac.

  1. Click on the pen feature on the top left.
Open the PDF in editor and select pen
  1. Then click on the text box that has appeared.
add shapes in pdf
  1. You can draw the text box wherever you need the text to go.
draw and add text

6. Start typing and type whatever you need.

7. When you click on it, you can move it around wherever you want.

8. Fill in the data.

draw shapes in PDF files on Mac

You can easily add, rotate shapes in PDF, annotate PDF using the preview tool that comes with Mac.

  1. If you need to draw any shape or insert a circle, etc. then click on the circle shape at the far left on top.
draw shapes in pdf
  1. You can click on the color box and modify the color according to your choice.
  1. To choose the thickness of the line, click on the icon right next to the colour box indicating different thickness lines and choose accordingly.
add lines, boxes in pdf
  1. Then you can start drawing.
add tables in pdf

It is the basic way to edit a PDF document.

Saving the file

Once you have done it, you have a couple of options.

  1. First, you need to save this work. So go to ‘File’. It is on the top left.
save PDF on mac
  1. You can see the option ‘save a version’. If you choose it, it will not change the file’s name. The file has been edited.
  2. If you need to save the copy of the blank one and also want to keep the version with your new writing, click on ‘export’. It is going to make a copy of the edited file.
image 18 - How to write on a PDF in Mac
  1. You can rename it. Save it on the desktop by clicking ‘save’. It goes on to your desktop, and you can check it as well.

To upload the document

  1. You can use the Dropbox feature to upload the paper itself.
  2. You can also submit the second, third or fourth submission that includes the edited credibility checklist.
Upload the PDF file from mac

Wrap up

Writing on a PDF Mac can be done by using the built-in features that have been provided. By opening up the file, various options will be there for you to edit and make the desired changes. 

With this, we are super confident that we are successful in providing you with the easiest method of writing on a pdf mac. Still if you have anything unsorted in your mind, feel free to share it with us.