How to install Telegram in Linux Ubuntu, Mint

Telegram installer for Ubuntu is straightforward, but new users often ask this question. This tutorial will walk you through, how I install telegram on my Ubuntu operating system. We will use a couple of techniques to accomplish this.

In the first case, we will use Snap to install Telegram from the app center, and in the second case, we will download and install Telegram from its website.

What is Telegram

Telegram is a messaging and cloud service that enables users to send messages and share media files. In particular, it is known for encrypting and protecting users’ personal information.

Almost all operating systems are supported, and the service is accessible via the web. The Telegram client runs under the GPL license and is open source. Despite being proprietary and close-source on the server-side. Telegram has the following key features:

  • All chats are stored in the cloud and accessible from any device.
  • Messages are encrypted end-to-end. Devices store history only locally.
  • 200,000 people can chat in a group chat;
  • Unlimited messages can be posted to the chat. The reader cannot leave feedback in the channel.

Additionally, Telegram offers bots for performing various useful actions, stickers, voice calls, and a photo editor. 

Installing Telegram using Application Manager

install Telegram from snap

In the Ubuntu repositories, the messenger is available as both a regular package and as a snap package, which allows you to install it in just a couple of clicks.

Three simple steps to install Telegram using Software Package

Step 1: Open Software from System tools

select software from system tools

Step 2: Type Telegram desktop in the search and select telegram desktop from the list

search for telegram desktop in search bar

Step 3: Select Install button to start the installation of Telegram Desktop. Enter password on prompt.

click install button to start the installation

Install Telegram in Ubuntu through Terminal

Install telegram on Linux terminal
sudo apt install telegram-desktop

Or snap package:

sudo snap install telegram-desktop

Download and install Telegram from official website

install Telegram from official site

You can download the the installer file from telegram official website using wget. Once the file is available, use tar to unpack and run the following commands to install the Telegram Desktop on Ubuntu using terminal.

## Download the archive using wget 

## Unpack the archive into / opt /:
sudo tar xJf linux -C /opt/

## To make the system see the executable file, make a symbolic link in / usr / local / bin:
sudo ln -s /opt/Telegram/Telegram /usr/local/bin/telegram-desktop

## Run the program:

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