Is it safe to clear cache from an android mobile device?

Learn whether or not you should delete cache files from android mobile, is this safe or not?

Such that every app you use regularly saves some amount of memory in the shape of cache files.

Apps like Instagram, Pinterest, candy crush, pubg mobile, all tend to build cache.

And it becomes tenacious when you have tried deleting it multiple times but again after a day or two, you see that folder is still there like a virus has taken a space up. 

And about safety regarding deleting cache files.

Yes, it’s completely safe to clean cache from any android mobile. There’s no risk associated with losing personal data, pictures, videos nor your device will have any security issues from deleting these files. As opposed to this, cleaning cache can free up some space and can boost up the overall performance.

  • Almost on every mobile device out there, either any model of Samsung, LG, Motorola, Oppo, come with this cache property. 

It has more advantages than disadvantages that we will explore here in this blog post.

What happens when you clear cached data?

When you delete cache from android mobile.

  • It frees up some space that definitely directly affects the performance only if your device is showing running out of storage notification and running slow due to this.
  • Clearing cache wipes out all the activities or reference data that are commonly built by different apps when used regularly.

As a result, next time when you run an app like Facebook for instance: it behaves as a newly downloaded app, and might take a longer time to reload.

Because there are no reference files anymore, therefore, the action directly communicates to the RAM to perform the task.

Then, it all comes down to how fast your RAM responds to the action and shows the outcome.

Overall, your device’s memory will be boosted by deleting these files if it is full and needs some free space.

However, you don’t have to do this if you’re able to use an SD card to move files.


  • Free up some storage to save some more pictures and songs.


  • Mobile may slow down depending on the RAM memory.
  • Because the cache files are no longer there which work as an assistant to increase the loading speed.
  • As long as the reference files are building up again, it may take longer to open tabs.

Why does cache build up?

In android mobiles, specifically, apps build up the cache so they can trace the engagements made using the app.

  • In order to perform faster because next time you open it up instead of directly communicating with the RAM it goes through the stored files to open a tab you had already visited.
  • On websites it’s different, many websites trade users their information of location, mobile device, IP address, behavior when someone enjoys their content and accepts the pop-up notification bar.

Then these sites use the data to track activities, mainly the ads companies such as Facebook ads or Google Adwords read that information in order to show them relevant ads.

How to Clear Cache Files from an Android?

There are two methods, depending upon which one is achievable you should proceed with that.

The first method- cleaning up cache from apps one by one.

You surely have installed multiple apps on your mobile phone. Navigate to the app you want to delete these files and it’s done.

  • To clear up cache from an app-only manually.
  • Open settings and then get into the folder named Applications.
  • From the list of apps, you will see there, tap on the desired app. Now from the settings choose the storage options and simply push the “Delete cache files”
  • You can repeat this method one by one with all the apps on your mobile device. 

Or to wipe out all at once. You can try this second method.

The second method- Delete all cache files at once from a mobile.

Many mobile phones now have self-created folder “cache” or junk files. You can file it under the file manager. And then simply delete the folder to clear all cache and junk files at once.

  • In case you cannot find the folder. A second option becomes available at that point.
  • Download any cleaner app from the google play store. Install it and allow storage access to the app. Now the app will find all these junk files, allowing you to delete them with just a single click.

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