Is Python Better On Mac or Windows – [DEBUNKED]

It is rather easy to say that;

“Although Python may be learned on any sort of hardware, not all operating systems are appropriate for it.”

Mac vs PC 2022 rants are quite common these days, and as a Python programmer or a software developer, I am sure you might be curious to see who the real winner is.

That’s why today we will be going through an in-depth guide on finding whether or not python runs better on mac or windows. & In the end, you will be 100% sure if it is easier to code on a mac or if you’re better off buying a standalone windows PC.

Should I take Python on Windows or Mac?

The long and short answer is of course, Mac since it’s one of the most popular operating systems for Python developers up to date.

It’s a go-to platform that software engineers continuously recommend, and that’s for a number of reasons. First, its user interface is smooth and convenient, and everything is laid out nicely.

Secondly, a mac system won’t give you a whole lot of performance & compatibility issues since it’s been built on UNIX since 2007.

Just keep in mind that at the end of the day, it just matters what kind of technology your computer has and what your preferences are. A cheap mac will always be slower than a decent Windows device and vice versa.

Mac Vs. Windows for Python – Heads on Comparison

Below is a side-by-side comparison to determine whether it’s better to have a MacBook or a windows computer when it comes to programming with Python.

1)  Affordability

Now a major concern a lot of people have with MacBooks is that they are expensive. While on the other hand, Windows are much more affordable.

This was true until recent years, now that we have the M1 chip. It’s crazy powerful, which makes MacBook justify the price for the technology they provide.

This is why Mac OS is quite fast: it can get you through so many kinds of professional workflows. It’s perfect for mobile development or someone who explicitly works on python programs.

So, to summarize, yes, when it comes to price MacBook has become a bit more affordable, especially in recent years.

Although, for many (including myself), Windows is still going to win this round. It’s readily available in a lot of countries and provides almost the same features as a Mac at a fraction of the cost.

Winner; – Windows

2)  Compatibility

Many programmers online seem to have a preference for Mac since it’s extremely compatible. You can create many great programs without going through third-party apps, which might be malware driven. The only downside to it is that it doesn’t support game automation.

Mac OS isn’t compatible with many games compared to Windows, which can be bothersome for many.

So, although you can create games on both these operating systems, I definitely would recommend Windows since it allows you to automate games (Unity, etc.) with greater ease.

Nonetheless, you cannot produce Mac applications in Windows without having to go through a lot of impractical work.

That means creating something such as a Mac environment, which will not only take quite a bit of time but also give you a lot of performance issues. While with Mac, you can do the opposite a lot easier.

So, while one might be expensive, in terms of compatibility, you can archive the same results.  

Winner; – Mac OS

3)  Interface

The Windows UI isn’t really designed to accommodate the command line interface. Even for non-technical users, it can be annoying to use and can cause a bit of frustration.

The fonts are poorly rendered, and simple tasks such as copy and pasting code feel outdated. However, that’s not the case with Mac. Their command line interface is what python developers use all the time because of its simplicity.

MacBook also has one of the most beautiful GUIs, and it’s just created to look impressive. Their hardware is equipped with displays that are quite vibrant and easy on your eyes.

This means your going to have a lot less eye strain when working with Python because no matter how much you zoom in, it’s always going to be crisp and sharp.

Trust me; most Windows computers come with a standard display, which can be bothersome for creative work. It’s not something that’s going to stop you from getting your job done, but it can be annoying over long periods of time.

Winner; – Mac OS

4)  Ease of use

Generally speaking, there are more Windows users than Mac. This suggests that Windows will offer more tools and programs for developers to leverage than Mac OS.

You will have a bigger community that might have faced the same issues for Python, so searching for solutions can get quite straightforward. You’re also going to have a lot more resources online that are catered toward Windows users.

So, when it comes to programming on Python, Windows seems to be a better option as you get quality support. Mac can also give ease to their developers, but if it’s your first time using it, there is room for confusion.  

Winner; – Windows

5)  Security

Another great advantage of Mac over your traditional Windows device is that they can be quite secure. As you may hear, Mac OS is built on UNIX, which powers most of today’s web servers, programs, and sites.

This not only benefits multitasking but also improves the security protocols of computing systems. So, you’re less likely to be annoyed by hacking tools such as malware and trojans.

Seriously, no programmer wants their system to be attacked by a malicious virus and have their hard work ruined. This is when Mac OS and MacBook come into play, as they will provide you with flexibility in securing your device.

Of course, Mac isn’t 100% safe but your security being compromised is less likely.

Winner; – Mac OS

Is it Easier to Code on Mac or PC? – My Recommendations

Although Python is commonly supported on both Mac and Windows, there appears to be a notable difference between the two in terms of usability. Following are some of my own recommendations on why it is python better on mac or windows;

Why is Windows PC better for programming?

Although it pains me to say beginners in Python really need to consider a Windows machine as their first choice. Windows is still a dominant operating system in the market, which means its native application support for most programming tools is far greater.

When you start getting into more niche development, the availability of tools across the operating system becomes limited.

However, you can typically find that Windows is almost always supported. Secondly, Windows machines are available at a lower cost.

Browsing Amazon, you can typically find a hefty enough computer for Python programming workloads under just $500.

Check out my picks for the Best Laptops for Python Programming.

Why is MacBook good for programming?

Let’s say if this didn’t convince you and you’re still going to go with or continue to use a Mac. If that’s the case, then its really no need to shift to Windows.

I mean, diving into the application support on Mac OS might potentially be good enough for most beginners. Everything comes pre-built, and you won’t have to spend extra in terms of software licensing.

This and the fact that it doesn’t support most games will retain your productivity at an all-time high. Mac also has very good integration with GUI and the command line tools, so you can drag and drop anything without worrying about glitches.

It even has much better cross-platform compatibility, which means you can quickly run all the main operating systems within the machine.

Final Verdict

So, this concludes my guide on whether python is better on mac or windows. When it comes to software developers, a lot of work they do is going to involve a remote machine or even in the cloud, so the work they are going to do is to be accessed via a web browser or even a command line.

So, in that case, an operating system (mac vs. windows vs. Linux) isn’t going to matter.

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t concentrate on choosing whether you should have a Windows or Mac. Unless you really want to create native applications for Apple, you don’t really need a MacBook.

Whatever you choose, you’re going to have the same opportunities for building python programs.

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