Is Samsung iOS Or Android? (Answered)

This is quite simple to understand that Samsung uses the Android Operating system like other mobile manufacturers (excluding a few like iPhones which run on Ios). So, basically, Samsung mobiles are also called android phones. While the Ios operating system runs on all apple’s mobile phones and Ipads.

So why Samsung uses the android operating system not Ios is a different story.

Let’s get into that.

Samsung is one of the brands that build mobile phones. Well, building a phone requires assembling hardware parts, such as RAM, Motherboard, design, screen, and other things. After that, the main part is to install an operating system.

An operating system is the most important thing in a mobile phone. Because android phones can run only apps that are made for android operating systems. The same goes for the IOS.

Samsung uses the android operating system just because (Google who owns the android OS has allowed it to be used), it’s also popular, with thousands of apps and games available on the google play store.

While Ios is also popular but it’s officially owned by only Apple, and they do not let other manufacturers ship mobiles with their operating system due to their privacy policies. Moreover, apple has its own app store for downloading IOS apps on iPhones.


It may happen in the future that Samsung will launch a new Operating system just like Apple did. But, a big risk is involved here that’s why phone companies don’t come up with their own OS. As, with a new operating system, the users should be provided with apps compatible with the new platform. For example, the Facebook app is available for Android, and IOS, considering a launch of a new OS. There should be a compatible version of the Facebook app- it’s like coding a new app again to make it compatible. You may guess, why it’s easier for Samsung mobiles to utilize the android OS instead of coming up with a new operating system.

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