Is there a Linux phone?

Because we have seen an increment in the number of Linux users, more and more people are shifting to Linux in this evolving technological world. 

People like you, or me, can sometimes have a question: is there any WORTHY Linux smartphone? Or will there ever be any?

It happens sometimes to us, the evolution of this technology scares us. No matter what we do on our personal smartphones, they are not personal to us.

 With this being said, we know everything we do on the web is being recorded, the places we visit are tracked, regardless of the activity, our smartphones are capturing them. 

It’s getting harder and harder to keep ourselves secure from being exposed to the world by these technologies, which are not focusing on users’ privacy- But Linux does for us. 

Many of us feel safe using Linux distros on our desktops, laptops, even there are some tablets based on Linux

There are Linux phones to be found these days. Based on Ubuntu touch, pureOS, and some runs android OS side-by-side. These Linux phones are doing pretty well for people who are more into Linux. 

For example, pinephone is there that’s fully based on Linux and can support beyond 15 Linux distros, including crowd-favorite ones such as Linux Mint, Debian, Ubuntu, and others. However, the specs of this Linux phone are not so great to be proud of yet still make a good deal for under $200.

For a higher price, you can find other phones that are not actually fully based on the Linux distros. Instead, they run one of the popular distro Ubuntu touch side-by-side of android OS. Shifting from android OS to Linux is possible in these phones.

Is there a fully-featured Linux based phone?

When it comes to a device that is completely based on Linux, for Linux users. The pink phone can be something that will fulfill your needs in the desired way.

The pinephone is capable of running any Linux distro you wish, ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, and other mainline Linux distros can be run. A fully open-source device where you can keep eye on things going on either in the background or in front of you. Near to zero risk of security threats.

Although the specs are not that great considering the market these days, for the price range of $149. This phone is sure to deliver average performance.

There are some folks on youtube who have already reviewed this unique device. If you wish to find out more. Here’s the link to one of the review-based video tutorials that I found, has done the reviewing job well. 

Some linux based smartphones


pinephone- linux based smartphones


  • Processor: A64 quad-core processor, runs at 1.152 GHz.
  • RAM: Available in 2 or 3 GB RAM LPDDR3 memory.
  • Storage: Available in 16GB/32GB memory (A slot for a SD card).
  • Other features: LTE, Cameras, Wifi/BT, and Microphones.
  • Extendability: Six pogo pins allow for future hardware enhancements.

Looking at the specs of this Linux smartphone, it’s obvious that it’s not made for this era as it got only16 GB storage, 3 GB RAM that runs on 1.5Ghz, and the camera quality is just 5px. And No super-viewing 4k watching experience. 

That all basic features are not enough to consider this device near to alternative devices we have these days.

One of the advantages that this device puts on the table is that this is fully based on Linux, OS support to default apps, all are placed differently. 

In simple terms, there is no need for you to create a google account since no play store is available. You get complete freedom to do what you always wish with a device like that. 

In terms of security, it’s for sure and understandable that this thing is based on Linux distros, which means, you can think how safe this could be. Repeating again… there is no interference between you and this mobile phone. With Linux powering this phone, your data will be in good hands.

This phone comes pre-installed with the latest version of PostMarket OS, even though you can install up to 17 operating systems of your choice. 

Librem 5


  • Processor: i.MX 8M Quad-Core processor (up to 1.5 GHz processing speed)
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Storage:  32 GB eMMC internal storage (Slot for a microSD card)
  • Camera: 8 MPixel, Back Camera: 13 MPixel w/ LED flash
  • Other features: 5.7″ IPS TFT screen @ 720×1440

You can already guess how thrilling this smart device can be for everyone. The high-fresh rate, with a vivid LED screen, surpasses this device from the Pinephone. One of the Linux phones, worth investing your money in.

It costs a bit extra, the $900 bucks is actually too much for such a device. Since we can get more than these features by investing the same amount in android devices. 

Anyways, the freedom and privacy the device puts together outclasses our traditional OS(s) in terms of privacy. 

Moreover, the main concern about our privacy can be the internet. Such that the popular browser Chrome knows more about us than we do, that’s the reason the device has integrated the DuckDuckGo browser, a browser that can run without overriding the user’s privacy and personal information.

As it’s based on one of the fan-favorite Linux Distro PureOS (A Linux distro based on Debian GNU). Focuses on users’ privacy as the many enterprises/IT appreciates the efforts made on this.

Despite a limited number of apps, you will have access to a wide range of essential apps in categories like video, music, internet, education, programming, and so on. 

Volla Phone


  • Processor: octa-core MediaTek Helio P23 with 2.3 GHz of processing speed
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 64 GB eMMC internal storage (Slot for a microSD card)
  • Camera: 8 MPixel, Back Camera: 16 MPixel w/ LED flash
  • Other features: 6.3-inch, V-notch display @ 720×1440

This mobile phone ships in two different OS(s). Volla OS is just an altered version of traditional android OS yet with so much influence on the privacy department. And the Ubuntu touch OS, a Linux-based distro that is purely based on Linux. So before making a purchase you will have to choose the preferred one.

The price of 359 euro is not reasonable for this device as we got a better option in terms of performance than other OS are offering. Like you can get a much better device made by Samsung under this price tag.

However, considering the primary purpose for which the device is made; The idea is what if the technology is secure for anyone? What if you are not being tracked? What if all the content on your device is actually safe and secure to you? These are the utmost benefits that the volla phone is offering by its open-source OS.

Pro 1 X


  • Processor: the Pro 1 X sports an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip alongside Adreno 540 graphics.
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Storage: 256 GB eMMC internal storage (Slot for a microSD card)
  • Camera: 8 MPixel, Back Camera: 16 MPixel
  • Other features: 5.99-inch, AMOLED Gorilla Glass 3 display

This device deserves some respect for allowing users to choose between, not 1, 2 yet 3 different OS(os) which are the Android, Lineage OS, and Ubuntu touch OS. Feel the experience of freedom you have ever wished to experience, just one tap and you will be jumping between OS(s) right away.

The benefits for the OS(s) are as follows.

Choose the android OS if you want to enjoy google’s product, mainly the google play store to fill up your device with apps of every genre.

Choose lineage OS, if you want to enjoy the benefits offered by Google but not only it spies on your activity. As this OS shelters your privacy, allowing you to see what apps can see what and what you can do to restrict the permission. Easily gets root access to your device for more powerful control.

Lastly, the Ubuntu touch OS, made by the Ubuntu canonical ™. Allows you to experience the convenience of using an open-source platform, just like the desktop mode. You can even make some changes to the OS to further customize it as per your needs.

Speaking to the device’s features, you get a fingerprint sensor, plus a foldable keypad which is definitely a big catch for many people (including me). When you have Ubuntu touch OS in your hands, working with the keypad feels wonderful. Due to the desktop-like feel, it’s a handy feature. 

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